Why Minimalistic Kitchen Designs are Popular -18 Ideas to Prove That!

What is a Minimalistic kitchen design?

The simple answer to this question is a modern design, that takes less space and feels luxurious. Color patterns found in this type of kitchen are either monochrome or wooden. Minimal kitchen as the name suggests has a minimal design with a sleek look, eliminating the broad cabinet sections or multiple thick island sections. It is a modern concept and you can see many celebrity homes designed so beautifully and minimally without affecting the design quality.

Many people think minimal kitchens are compact kitchen designs, but no! A minimal kitchen design can be part of a huge kitchen room or even be a small section inside your living room. What separates it from other designs is its features. It will be a one-wall or L-shaped kitchen with a shorter and laminated cabinet design, Fewer cabinet sections that are mostly above the cooktop, a monochrome concept, etc. These features combine and make a minimal kitchen that does not feel heavy and rustic as a vintage kitchen design.

It feels light-weighted, easy to use and maintain, and adorable to your eyes for years. This will always remain in trend and will never get out of style. Below, is the reason why!

Why minimalistic kitchens will be futuristic kitchens?

Probably you have seen many celebrities’ house tour videos on YouTube. They all have all thing common is the minimal kitchen concept. Their interior designers have incorporated some other elements of rustic, modern, or Scandinavian but it was minimalism that they focused on mostly.

The kitchen will remain in trend as people want more space for living and thus they want proper utilization of spaces. Wall-mounted cabinetry with multiple drawers and a smart set of kitchen appliances is the need of the current era. It also gives space that you can utilize that space by having glass doors or windows leading you to the lawn.

Secondly, it gives a tender touch to your furniture making it look effortless and one of its kind. Even, it is easy to renovate as its design items have fewer varieties and material is needed. Less material does not mean low-quality material. It simply means high-quality material in less quantity so you don’t need to renovate it often, thus it gets a better one-time investment thing.

Finally, people seek pleasure in simple things with a less sophisticated look that can yield productivity. You can add extra items, furniture, books, Pots, and when you save enough space. Many people use their space wisely by keeping herbs and flower pots that add to the beauty of the kitchen.

Below are 18 recommendations on how you can enhance the look of your kitchen-

1. All white with vaulted wooden ceiling

Most of the minimal kitchen designs follow light colors to make it feel more spacious and luxurious. A  vaulted wooden false ceiling steals the show. It has wooden beams attached to it to give a rustic wooden vibe. The space is quite compact and easy to work in. These types of kitchens are well-suited for apartments for bachelors. The walls are white and the upper cabinet is wall-mounted with laminated white panel doors. It is an L-shaped kitchen with slabs attached to the corner walls and an undermount sink above the lower cabinet.

There is a modern cooktop region along with a microwave section for comfort. Instead of an island or peninsula, there is a wall-mounted white dining table that can be used for preparation as well. The wall-mounted dining table increases the productivity of the kitchen.  You can use it according to space requirements. Floors are plain white-tiled to give it a clean look.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 1
Designed by – Pura Arquitectura

2. Greyish minimal kitchen

Detailing can be seen throughout the cabinets and furniture. It is dramatic ridged detailing on the face of tall-mounted wall cabinets with interior shelving. The ridged design on the other side of the wall contributes to the room’s feeling of spaciousness. In the upper half, there are tall wall-mounted cabinets. There is a grey marble backsplash and a cutlery holder. The countertop and backsplash are made of the same material.

There is a dining table and a one-wall kitchen. There is a stainless steel island for food preparation. The flooring is Ebony-colored wood. There is track lighting on the white wall ceilings, and the entire design is tiny and basic.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 2
Designed by – Robert Kopylov

3.  Play with Beige shades

With rigged detailing on the face of the island. The quality of kitchen cabinets and countertops is outstanding, with an out-of-the-box design. The use of various beige tones will give you the impression of a wealthy existence. Lower cabinetry parts are light beige with a flat-panel style. There is a stove and an undermount sink. The backsplash is finished in the same beige tone as the island countertop. Upper cabinets are made of driftwood-colored wood. For additional storage, there is a series of double-stacked cabinets in a neutral beige tone.

An island with a beige-toned countertop and clean lines in the middle adds vitality and interest to the room. A set of orange-colored chairs is provided for seating. A separate eating area with plenty of room may be found in the other corner. The floor is a brilliant wood color that accentuates and contributes to the overall elegance of the kitchen. The basic design makes it so easy to merge the living room and dining room that no other concepts can function as effectively here.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 3

Designed by – Anna Savarin

4. All white with laminated cabinetry

Uniform color adds the illusion of more space and luxury. The high-quality laminated white cabinetry design along with an white polished island is all a part of this minimal kitchen design. There is an unconventional, sleek, white chimney design. A set of tall wall cabinets are present for some extra storage. A modern cooktop is present above the base cabinet along with a microwave section.

This is a gallery-shaped kitchen with a glass door leading to the lawn. Floors are wooden. The ceiling, as well as the walls, are white.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 3
Designed by – Paul.M

5. Charcoal Black statement walls

Charcoal black walls are an unusual concept for a kitchen. But don’t worry, it won’t let you down! Color has its charm, and with the right cabinet and shelf lighting, you can generate club vibes in your kitchen. On the statement wall, you can see a brick-patterned wallpaper design that catches viewers’ attention due to underlighting in bookcases. These shelves will come in handy for displaying your imported dishes and coffee cups.

There is a concrete ceiling that gives the space a raw appearance. In the middle, there is an island with seating. The flooring is likewise concrete, and the cooking area is located right below the shelves. Because there are no cabinet sections, the island with the inner shelf functions as a storage area.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 4
Designed by – S.O.D Architects

6. Beige Cabinetry and marbled island

This time, we can see the charm of Beige and orange-brown timber hues once more. The kitchen is small and simple. This kitchen is suitable for today’s houses due to its sleek style and even more room availability. It’s a one-wall kitchen with double-stacked cabinets on either side of the top cabinets. The double-stacked cabinets are greyish-beige in color and house a microwave and oven. Glasses and coffee pots are kept under a clear pane with an interior shelf.

A white backsplash with lower wooden cabinets and a greyish-beige peninsula with white worktops help provide variation via design integration. Inside the one-wall kitchen, there is an eating space. The floors are a luxurious beige-toned color that complements the color of the ceiling.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
Designed by – Osome Studio

7. All wooden and black

It is a completely wooden layout with dark wood cabinets and islands. On both sides, there is a hardwood backsplash and glass doors. An undermount tall, wooden wall cabinet with flat panel doors is on the left side. The oven component is integrated into the wall cabinet.

Because millennials prefer wood, a minimalist kitchen with a wooden motif would be ideal. You can see the gallery wall kitchen arrangement, which includes an extra-base cabinet and an island for sitting and dining. To balance the design, there are wooden floors with a beige tone.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 7
Designed by – Ekaterina Kiraidt

8. Ultra-luxury feel

Minimal designs will always create a premium look while being unobtrusive. With high-quality greyish woodwork, there is a graph-patterned backsplash tile. The beauty of this design is that it incorporates the oven, undermount sink, cooktop, and prep space into a single base cabinet. There are white flat panels in cabinets. It is for storing kitchen items like your favorite coffee cups and plates.

You can create this arrangement in the corner of the hall with no pain or space constraints. Large concrete grey tiles complement the hue of the cabinets. It is created at a lower level than the ground level to differentiate it from hall space. As you proceed down the stairs, you’ll switch into chef mode!

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 8
Designed by – Shovk

9. White and wooden island design

The design feels more like a spaceship, futuristic kitchen design. It is a big kitchen with flat-paneled cabinets. There is a long unmounted wall cabinet section painted in white. A wooden island with an undermount sink is present and the island connects well with the glass framed walls. The floors are white-tiled, having a polished look.

You will not find any false ceiling for the kitchen area as it combines with the upper floor ceiling. There is white all around to give it the illusion of space and comfort.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 9
Designed by – Residence Freundorf

10. Closed kitchen

The kitchen looks aesthetic because of the proper color combination of beige and wooden tones. It is a U-shaped kitchen with a long beige island in between. This shade of beige is pleasing to the eyes and brings neutral emotions to the viewer. Furthermore, the ceiling is also beige-toned that connects with the wall cabinets.

A series of under-mounted wall cabinets contain a microwave and oven section and a preparation area. There is base cabinetry with an undermount sink and cooktop region. An island with a sitting area makes the space looks more convenient to work and enjoy snacks. At last, the beige-toned floors are a shade closer to tall wooden wall cabinetry. It has a simple design with a lot of space for keeping your kitchen decors.

And since it is a closed kitchen, you get a window that allows sunlight to enter the kitchen.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 10
Designed by – KUOO Architects

11. Black Wall-mounted cabinetry with white island

The white paper hanging lampshade ceiling, which generates a wonderful lighting effect with a 3d vision, is the most eye-catching feature. It’s as though you’re floating in the clouds. White cloth in a variety of colors such as blue, green, and beige is utilized to create attractive themes. This artificial ceiling encloses the eating area and the island area.

In terms of kitchen design, the under-mounted wall cabinets saved a lot of room. Cabinet doors in black, flat-paneled, matt-finish provide an easygoing, premium kitchen atmosphere. In the middle is a white island with an under-mounted sink and burner. There is white tiled flooring that matches the black cabinets. Overall, it is a large kitchen with easy installation and maintenance benefits while maintaining a luxurious feel.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 11
Designed by – KUOO Architects

12. Black and wooden minimal kitchen

This kitchen has black cabinets with a matt finish and a neutral concrete ceiling with a glass window. It does not appear to be a typical kitchen setup. The design appears to be both strong and elegant. The backslash on the undermount cabinets is grey tiled. There is no additional cabinet part in this case. The wall blends seamlessly with the cabinet part. The wooden island has a contemporary stove with a strong hardwood surface and graphite facing. There are wooden seats for sitting and dining.

The design appears to be bold and rough. The concrete ceiling and a large wooden island give it a rough appearance. Overall, it is a modern idea that incorporates wood to balance the aesthetics and avoid the over-matt aspect. It is also a one-wall kitchen with a glass door leading to the lawn.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 12
Designed by – KUOO Architects

13. Only Beige

Again a beige! Why do we see beige dominance in minimal designs? Do you have any idea?  The answer is it feels natural, neutral, and aesthetic. Since beige is a neutral color, it adds the illusion of space and luxury. It looks pleasing to the eyes and particularly light beige shades never disappoint us.

The entire kitchen is in a beige tone. The walls, cabinets as well as countertops, and backsplashes share the same hue. Upper cabinet open-shelving with lower cabinet section is present. There are flat-panel doors inside this L-shaped kitchen layout. A cooktop region is present on the left side. It has large cabinet sections but small cooking space.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 13
Designed by – KUOO Architects

14. Wooden ceiling in gallery-shaped kitchen

The hardwood ceilings provide a sense of liveliness to the overall aesthetic. A galley-style kitchen with white cabinets and counters is visible. The wall behind the sink is white marble that acts as a backsplash too. The kitchen has a gallery-style arrangement with a big island featuring a contemporary burner.

The microwave and oven are located in the wall-mounted cabinetry part. Several shelves are made within the island for convenience. It also has a seating space and a glass panel behind it. The floors are graphite tiled, which helps to balance off the gleaming appearance of the kitchen.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 14
Designed by – Brainfactory

15. Minimal kitchen with attached dining area

Again we get a minimal, galley-shaped kitchen design in a big space. Usually, gallery-shaped kitchens have limited space and mobility while cooking, but here you can enjoy working at any of the sides of the table.  It feels like a miniature kitchen setting inside a space.

You have white ceilings, lights, and a peninsula. The peninsula connects with the cabinet section. Peninsula has a cooktop region with a modern chimney at the top. The microwave and oven section is present near the sink region. Glass panels are installed on the other side to separate it from the living area. A small, wooden dining space is present inside the kitchen. A unique design of cream cemented tiles with a terrazzo effect is used for floors.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 15
Designed by – Brainfactory

16. Japanese wooden minimal kitchen

This is far-most unique kitchen design. It is entirely wooden with blue walls. There are wooden cabinets as well as an island. There is an industrial pipe ceiling design with a track light installed above the island. The island contains a cooktop. Floors are also wooden and you can say it is an old design, wooden minimal kitchen theme. This design is a mixture of conventional and modern design.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 16

17. Minimal kitchen with industry pipe ceiling

It is fairly small and can fit into any room’s corner. It is ideal for students who live in small flats for some time. It is simple to set up and inexpensive. A raw, weathered hardwood ceiling with pipes is present. The upper cabinets are white, and there is a chimney. A white island with white counters is in the lowest part.

Both the sink and the stove are located on the same countertop. For your convenience, the microwave portion is located beneath the stove. Because only the essential kitchen elements are employed, this kitchen is a good example of minimalism.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 17

18. Wooden Beige kitchen with detailed ceiling

This is a monotone beige kitchen that seems unusual and fairy-like. It is similar to image 13, but there is a lot more detail in the ceiling and cabinet design. The ceiling allows natural light to enter the room in a variety of ways throughout the day. There is the wood decoration on the walls, as well as open shelving areas. Above the stovetop is a lovely, little wooden chimney. A metallic countertop is present on the island. Inside the island, there are several open shelves for storing kitchen necessities.

It’s simple and simplistic, with an old design concept mixed in with natural components. It provides us with a fundamental idea of how to combine current design with historical notions.

Minimalistic Contemporary Kitchen Design 18
Designed By – MA Style