10 Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas

The living room in the house can be separate or combine the functions of a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or office. But whatever the purpose of the space, I want it to be functional and beautiful. In the article, you will find new ideas and valuable tips for arranging the interior of the living room and photos of ready-made solutions. You can also check out large living designs to see if you may like the idea. The concept of an open plan room in one spacious room and area for family recreation, receiving guests, and everyday activities, while the private parts of the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, and an office – are isolated. Usually, the layout and design of a room intended for family and guest entertainment follows specific rules based on tradition. Modern architects and designers offer creative solutions and create unique interiors that express homeowners’ individuality and take into account their tastes and lifestyle.

1. Consider the Use of Lighting

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Builtwell Group

It is worth having a light in your house to help you get what is needed inside. Such ideas can be used as a basic concept for designing your own home, emphasizing the architectural advantages and features of the room with accents. The design ideas of a two-level house show another option for zoning the interior of the open-plan living space. The difference in floor height in interior design provides many benefits. It can be used to solve a variety of internal design challenges. Still, most importantly, layered formats excitingly work with space, and there are many variations of this technique in modern interiors.

2. Ensure Your Open Plan is Fit Your Belonging

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Paradigm Construction Company

Will your open plan for the living includes dining? The way you décor your house matters, and everyone will like to stay in a beautiful house and relaxed environment. The wall cabinet painted in black is another advantage to add your living room a better look. You will need to check out some of the essential things for your living room. The decoration for your house ceiling with ribbons light makes the interior house more attractive. You need a healthy living room like the above pictures and look for comfortable sofas as a family person. Today, most modern homes are made using wood floors, which is more affordable, and it makes your house look beautiful. With a modern enclosed living room, you will enjoy sitting with your family.

3. Create Space in Your Living Room

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Drewett Works

If you are looking for unique housing that is open and well ventilated for Lighting, this is the right option for you to consider. The open room gives you fresh air and helps you in maintaining orders. The huge living room can serve you with the rest of your family well. If you are thinking of home ideas, this can be the right option. Its wall is made of bricks and fits with some glasses making it more attractive. The role for the zone living room may have a sight for living room cohesion ideas. The comfort of your living room will depend on various things, like looking for the number specialist in the natural finishing of your home. Look for good material for your window and choose a better solution for your living room.

4. Keep Your Furniture Center

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Life Deck Coating Installations

If you are looking for an open living room design, you should consider having many other things like spacing. The use of the white sofa in your house is essential to make it brighter and attractive, and another thing is your floor can be made of concrete design. Having a spacious living room like this one can be best for your children to play inside because of space and Lighting. When looking for living room lighting ideas in an open area, you have to check out the above picture of how it is remodeled. There are a few things you will have to check out for your room layout. You are perfectly decorating the house and adding some green flowers inside to make your home décor. The fireplace design with some of the beige walls and art in front of your home makes it more attractive for you to consider. An open spacing for your living room with all those designs can keep your living room beautiful.

5. Use Good Strategy in Small Space

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Cure Design Group

To make the space look harmonious, you need to decide on the interior design style. Duplex interiors look best in Scandinavian, industrial, modern or minimalist styles. Ethnic elements can be used as accessories to give the internal character and personality. Experts do not recommend classic decors in an open-plan living space, as the style is associated with aristocracy and sophistication, and the kitchen should not be open to visitors’ eyes. Like the above picture, one side of the wall is a transparent glass window for Lighting. The tv wall side is designed with wallpaper, making the house’s interior attractive inside.

6. Choose White Ceiling Roofing

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Fresh Start Contracting Company

If you love the color white, you can consider using it in your living room. This room has enough space for you to room. The background interior of the living room plays a significant role, and you will need to ensure it looks smart inside. The use of white furniture results from making sure everything in your house has matched, and it looks fantastic. You can as well look for the white carpet making your home cool. The use of stands in the living room will enable you to sit comfortably.

7. Separate Dining Room From the Main Room

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: By Design Interiors, Inc.

The modern interior of the hall in the apartment is designed, taking into account the current trends of 2022. There can be quite a lot of options. Still, at the same time, you need to take into account several ideas that are exceptionally well suited at the moment and allow you to get not only an attractive but also a functional modern interior of your living room. If the living room will be used for different purposes, such as an office, a place for sports, etc., it is essential to zone the space correctly. At the same time, you should not use traditional heavy partitions; it is much more reasonable to use transparent sliding structures or folding screens, which, if necessary, can be removed to the side. An open room with Lighting inside will give you an overview of what is happening inside your living room, and you will need to get some of the material that will make the interior house attractive.

8. Choose Open Shelves in the Available Living Room

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Regal Construction & Remodeling Inc.

When looking for a house design like the one in the photos above, you should consider various things like open space. Having an available left room is essential for your family and you. You can have a standard fireplace and with it get some of the wall shelves designed on the wall so you can place some flowers.

9. Add Lighting in Your Living Room

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: BA Staging & Interiors
If you are looking for a better way to make your house more attractive, we have you covered with this type of open living room. Inside the room, there is enough space to keep your items together. The medium size for your living room can have fantastic Lighting that will give you a chance to design your house beautifully.

The ceiling for this house is well designed and has a beautiful color with white color on the wall and ceilings. The curtain used on the window will allow you to see clearly inside your house.

10. Keep Your Ceiling Simple

Modern Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Houzz

An open living room is supposed to be designed in a unique way that will enable you to sit down inside and enjoy the cooling of the environment. Check out the standard of your house material made with it; this will give you enough strength for making your house attractive. This living room in the picture above is made of a colorful design and painted white. Its sofa is well made and comfortable to sit on them. Another beautiful thing is that the wall for the fireplace is built, and you can place below it something crucial. The room has Lighting because its division is made of glasses and transparent to see through it.

Choosing a Style for Decorating a Living room

Living room styles

Before starting the design process, it is essential to determine the living room’s look. In its interior, you can embody any style, but you need to proceed from the dimensions of the room and its location in the apartment. Notable fashion trends characterize our time, so it is worth considering how to decorate the living room in a modern way.

High-tech living room interior

In the improvement of a small living room, different variations are possible. If space expansion is required, the room must be filled with light shades, and a minimum of furniture should be used. In this case, it is possible to use high-tech or minimalism style, or, if there is a desire, you can create a box room with antique furniture and things, heavy curtains, and other attributes typical of the classical style.

Loft style living room

You may also be interested in designing a small living room, made in the loft style, which creates a bright space that is not overloaded with furniture. The expansion of space is achieved through a minimum of decoration and simple furniture suitable for this room.

Loft style requires the elimination of all unnecessary – furniture and decor elements. Modern young people will appreciate such urbanism, for whom space and the absence of restrictions in everything, even in the interior, are above all.

Retro style

The most unpredictable shades characterize the retro style: pink with black, green with yellow, red with orange. These color schemes are also used in finishing materials, accessories, furniture upholstery.


The choosing of a modern open living room with all the design you want have been discussed in this article. You can decide to pick the type of design you want. Today the world has advanced, and everyone will need to stay in a comfortable environment and beautiful housing. When you have a beautiful living room like the one in this picture, the rest of the work becomes easy for you. Check through each of them and identify the type of design that will fit you best.