11 Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas

Today, we continue with decoration ideas and examples of modern living room designs. We have prepared unique ideas for your tv. Beautiful pictures are equipped with corner sets, 2-seater sofas, TV stands. If you like floor cushions or want poufs, there are gorgeous designs made with pillows and poufs. The TV is an often essential object in the living room, and we find it in increasingly large formats in our interiors. Another alternative to hanging directly on the wall is placed on the furniture, which takes up valuable space. The corner cabinet becomes an appropriate option since we know how this space is particularly complicated to invest in. Read below for more ideas.

1. Match Your tv Stand With Floor

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Spaces By Juliana Linssen, Inc.

The corner TV cabinet is one of the most common choices for interior design. Different versions can be found all over the house: living rooms, dining rooms, parents’ bedrooms, and even children’s rooms and modern playrooms. Here are our 50 ideas for solutions for interior design with furniture of this type. The round coffee table made of leather is the best fit in your house you should consider using when relaxing.

2. Keep the tv Inside the Wall Cabinet

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Whitestone Design Group, LLC

The modern corner TV unit also has an original version with a fireplace. Thanks to modern technologies and built-in fireplaces, you can easily integrate a fireplace into a wall piece of furniture, something unthinkable in the past. This kind of TV stand, an example you can see in the image above, is an excellent solution for homes with living rooms or bedrooms with limited space. It takes up little space and offers the functionality of a corner TV cabinet and a fireplace with, in addition, storage for books or DVDs.

3. Be Creative With tv Stands

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Judge + Associates

A series of modules from the same collection makes it possible to create a corner set for placing the TV—a total look in light wood that brings a beautiful natural touch to the living room. Numerous storage spaces and shelves offer practical and aesthetic spaces. The design for the tv fits perfectly with the living room wall. The floor is light and made of wood with a ceiling painted white.

4. Mount tv on the Wall

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: IRP Architects Pty Ltd

If your wall is white and has a corner interior, this is the right choice for you to consider when looking for a way to design your room. Specially designed to combine all devices connected to the TV, this solid oak corner unit offers plenty of practical storage. Its open space at the back allows you to hide all the cables. Its geometric wood design integrates a beautiful decorative dimension into the living room. The designer for your tv looks unique, and most of the styles are impeccable for golden shape. When you identify the best corner to fit your tv, it becomes easy to look for a tv that is well designed for the condition of your room interior.

5. Give your Room a Stylish Designer Look

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Nicoletta Bertolissi

This designer corner TV stand is an excellent find for those who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. With its hidden storage and discreet cable routing, this white piece of furniture makes it impeccable in all circumstances. Practical, it is designed with three open compartments which discreetly accommodate small technical objects—a nice look for an always impeccable living room. It would be best to use the curtain on your wall to match your tv color with the same design.

6. Vintage Style tv Corner Unit

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Joïa

The small corner cabinet is an ideal solution for small spaces and studios. Much of this furniture has storage and shelves, open or closed. These offer the possibility of storing magazines, books, and decorative objects. Even when they are small, corner TV cabinets are a popular accessory for cinema lovers: they allow you to install elements of home theatre systems and transform a living room into a real cinema lounge. The large living room will give you visibility views of the interior, and you need to place the position of your tv in a precise place that you see.

7. Corner tv Cabinet Design With Wood

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: undos Arquitectura Cooperativa

If your room is large like a whole, you will need to look for the modern design of placing your tv design in a way that is easy to watch. Having your tv at the corner can significantly impact your family because they get access to see it. Make sure that the stand for your tv matches with furniture to make interior design look unique. The good space in your living room can give you comfort when you are at home relaxing.

8. Mount tv Simple

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Mezcla Architetture

Looking for the tv corner stands, check out this picture above and implement the same to your room. If the room is medium in size and you want your tv to be in a place where it is straightforward to watch, a wall is the best place. You need to ensure that you look for a comfortable and well-relaxed sofa in your house. There is no need to look for the stand if you don’t have that amount for your farmhouse. With hand drilling on the wall, it can give you a better viewing in your living room.

9. Optimize Your Space

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design

If you have a small space, don’t worry. This idea will make things work for you. It would help if you looked for s standard fireplace for your living room that will fit your tv design. Making your house beautiful with some of the fantastic colors on the wall will result when you look at a suitable type of tv, and it is a good position. You can have shelves on the wall and below it put your tv next to the sofa so that you don’t struggle much when watching. The standard fireplace for your living room with some bulb ribbons will give you a better house design.

10. Tv stands for Narrow Corners

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: Studio Design Stevan SRL

If your place is limited and is near the window, the best option is to choose the tv that will fit that space perfectly. For the above picture, you can place it on the ward cabinet. You can combine the white color and brown for your living room. The light brown color on the ceiling makes your house look more attractive inside. Modern exposes for your house outlook, and you need to try to make your space fits with the items you have in your living room. The mix of your room color creates the loft-style universe for your house. The living room is unique, with excellent relaxing chairs like beaches. Another thing to consider is to look for a sizeable tv for your home.

11. Install Your tv in the right Place of Wall

Modern Living Room with a Corner TV Design Ideas
Credit: A Creative Touch Draperies & Interiors

Generally installed in the living room, the television must be placed intelligently on a wall. Indeed, it is essential to respect the distance between the sofa and the tv so that the viewing of films remains comfortable. In addition, do not place your TV facing the windows; otherwise, you risk having reflections on the screen and distorted contrasts. To avoid glare, don’t put it on the side of windows either. Then install it perpendicular to the light. You can then take full advantage of it.

Tv Cable Hiding Tips

Arguably, the cables trailing around the TV aren’t a pretty sight. This is why, before any decorative project, it is crucial to think of alternatives to hide this entanglement. For this, there are a lot of tricks. Here is our list of the most accessible and most popular ideas to test:

  • use transparent cord clips to secure cables to the back edges of furniture
  • transform a free-standing tv stand into an intelligent cachet or make one yourself
  • if your tv is hung on the wall, you can use the wall behind to store the cables therein recessed plates
  • or at least assemble the cables in a tubing.

Camouflage the cables around the TV for a more aesthetic and refined look

What are the Alternatives to a Small Space tv Stand?

Restricted or insufficient space is a well-known concern in our daily lives. And it is an even more unpleasant situation when the inconvenience concerns a busy room like the living room. We do not hesitate to rely on different space-saving solutions to face such a challenge. Therefore, the installation of a compact and practical TV cabinet is to be considered in a living room with a limited area. When it comes to the suitable model, you are spoiled for choice. Furniture with integrated storage, for example, in the form of shelves, is undoubtedly the preferred option. To make the most of the space around the TV, you can even opt for a living room TV cabinet set that dresses the wall in a library style.

What if we Decided to Set up a corner TV Corner?

Another nifty approach to maximizing space in a small room is to set up the TV corner at an angle. What to do? Choosing the right piece of furniture depends on your needs and aesthetic preferences. The classic variants are certainly either to put the TV on a tv bench/corner unit or to fix it on feet and leave it on the floor. You can also consider hiding it in a closet or sheltering it in a wall niche.