11 Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing a well large living area in a house, one has to put a lot of key factors during the planning of the house so that you can develop a spacious living room. Large formal living room featuring elegantly-designed walls and stylish carpet flooring. The room has an elegant couch and a stunning ceiling light to make the room look cozy. There are various living room ideas you can also check on mid-sized contemporary living rooms and many others discussed below.

1. Make Your Living Area as Cozy as Possible

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: The Couture Haus Interior Design

A large white modernized cupboard with well-put drawers just opposite to a well-decorated furnished sizable table with growing flourished pot of flowers. The wide curtains on the window regulate the illuminated sunlight glimpses that make the open living area look naturally elegant on a fine morning. A stone fireplace in a well transitioned brown wooden floor with the right idea of white, blue, and black mixed furniture.

2. Feeling the Outdoor Nature

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Offer and Associates

The design of a living room can be extended to a well simple arrangement of a good view in contained storage room, meaning the curtains stay wide to bring out the view from outside. It’s always inspirational well designed timeless ceramic tiled floor with the chairs and the tables pushed at the edge to create a visible space for the perfect spot for outdoor nature.

With white painted all over the wall makes a good view of the place and a beautiful glance with the surroundings.

3. Decoration of a Living Room

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: R.W. Jones Construction, Inc.

Whether your style is traditional or huge living you will need to relaxed or formal, bold or subdued, your living room should be a place where you can feel comfortable, let down your guard and spend quality time with friends, family, or just yourself. There’s an art to decorating a room that looks great and works well for you. So, before you dive into a living room redesign with your pro, arm yourself with a few designer tips and tricks from qualified stylists. Pillows are also a great place to start, especially if you’re decorating a living room on a budget. Look to other accessories and furnishings to add new materials to the palette, even in small doses. With that, you will have your living room looking extraordinarily appealing to your visitor’s eyes.

4. Large Beach Style

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: R.W. Jones Construction, Inc.

Having a coastal theme craving design for your living room is the best urge, and being situated alongside a beach that’s the climax sense of a large beach design. An incorporated low country coastal look using furnishings that reflect the area and painted the walls with hinting blue and used a mix of blue and green fabric tones for the furnishings is ideally the ultimate perfect home beach styled home. The designed and made all custom bed linens can be for the guest bedroom and are reupholstered with an existing chair with a fabric to compliment them. The bed has sisal weaving, and the shutter doors on the armoire reflect the coastal feel that no one can resist.

Large beach style l-shaped light wood floor kitchen photo in Charlotte with an undermount sink, shaker cabinets, green cabinets, granite countertops, multicolored backsplash, mosaic tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances are all you need for the ideal concept of a beach styled living room.

5. Lakeside Perfect Magical Room

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Ask Amy Interior Design

Classic lakeside homestead must be the ideal moment to instill and rebuild the living area by having a huge and enclosed wooden floor covered by a blue and white striped floor curtain with big furniture to bring out the absolute glamouring lakeside stuns for a well-kept living area. There is a bit well-known of the view just watching the lake shore and the water waves that make the whole living area looking all fancy just by watching the outside lakeview. Eat-in kitchen – large modern u-shaped medium tone wood floor and brown floor eat-in kitchen idea with recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, gray backsplash, stainless steel appliances, an island, and multicolored countertops that makes a kitchen look way more appealing. Beautiful connected chandeliers brighten the sleeky living area along the stairway that connects all the products that make the furniture look awesome from all corners of the house. With all the sophisticated wooden pairs of the dining chairs and the table too. Not forgetting the fire place that warm up the lakeside room during a cold night.

6. Use of Wallpaper in a Living Room

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Karen Kempf Interiors

The most classic use of wallpaper is to cover all the walls in a space. The key to making it work is to erase the memories of the garish patterns of the 1970s and the delicate florals of the 1980s and think in terms of contemporary colors, patterns, and styles. A bold, graphic paper can look fabulous, covering all the walls in certain rooms, while in other rooms, a simple pattern or texture can create subtle interest.

Having a different type of wallpaper on every corner of the room will enable the room to have an aesthetic and lovely outlook that will bring all the other features that make s the wall look pretty. Covering either the top or bottom half of a wall with wallpaper is a great way to get the look without overwhelming the space. This is another popular look in decades past, but it still appears regularly in rooms that lean towards traditional styles. A particularly popular approach is to cover the top half of the wall with paper and have paneling on the bottom half. It’s a very classic look that will never go out of style for whatever outcome.

7. Use Open Space living room

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Burdge & Associates Architects

The living room transformation to modern design is tricky, especially when you don’t know where to start. If you are reading this to find out about the living room idea, then you are in the right place. You will learn many enclosed livings design ideas to help you make your living room with the same design. From the living room entry, you will love the decoration of the house how everything is arranged. The beautiful viewing of the living room is super attractive, enclosed living design ideas to you. Keep reading to the end for more upcoming home decorations. If you want to change your house, this post is right for you. There is also a need for the contemporary layout whereby you can a pool table that is supposed to be ensuite on every single arrangement of the equipment in the living area.

8. Choose White Color

Credit: Systems Design & Integration, Inc.

The refurbishment of the interiors in a contemporary setup is an essential concept that involves fully mixing of colors in the counterpart view of the room that enables the owner to have the best tantalizing image of the living room. When looking for house decoration, there are many things you will need to consider, such as color to use. This wall is painted orange and has two windows for lighting and a mirror. Those sofas are comfortable and have been covered with grey color. The layer out of the house looks amazing inside, and this type of design is attractive. Table coffee is made of glasses, and you can place them on your flower, which is green and yellow. The lamp in the room adds beauty, and you will feel amazed at how your living room looks. This type of house also fits in the area with forest, which is easy for you to see outside and enjoy a cool environment from outside.

9. The Eclectic Living Room

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Candela Creative Group

This is popular in interior design parlance, meaning a decor that comprises heterogeneous elements and mixture of textures, periods, styles, trends, and colors. However, there is a fine line between a beautifully eclectic room and a room that is merely haphazard and chaotic, with no unifying themes or motifs. So, one has to watch for balancing all the needed diverse types of comfort that can be uniquely attached to an individual perspective.

The eclectic decor has some major innovative input to both the owner and the designer that will end up into a holistic plan in the living area compared to the other structural contemporary view.

10. Use Library Shelves

Credit: Dock One Studio

The alignment of a family library is the perfect and extra core that will put the living area in the mood to have a conducive environment for reading when exploring complete information. Another effective formation for the decoration in the well in the room output will make anyone else fall in love with the place.

11. Use White Color

Modern Large Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: RI Studio

Balance a glam statement wall with natural materials and elements in your furnishings. Designed by certified Studio

Large Tuscan open concept dark wood floor family room photo with a standard fireplace, a wall-mounted tv, and white walls

The interior design brings out the general outlook of the décor that makes the whole place have the magical appearance that made whole new furnished and well-decorated walls.


The above are some living space ideas you can get to make your living room look smart. All of them are wonderful, and it’s the best choice to select according to the place you want them and the size of your house.