14 Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas

Living room on an open or closed interior- why not an idea for a country house? A house or a private urban-type house is a great opportunity to expand the space, acquire additional living space and enjoy beautiful views all year round while being in a warm and comfortable environment. A room you gather as a whole family.

The design of the fireplace in the room enables you with hot tea, chat, and watch the falling snow? Or in the warm season, stay late in the evening with a company of guests in the recreation area located in the living room and enjoy the sunset? Consider how to make a living and full-fledged restroom out of useless space. In this article, we discuss various types of living room enclosed ideas. Read on to find your favorite.

Where to begin?

Repair of a one-room apartment begins with drawing up a plan for the future room because, at the first stage, it is important to understand what you want and how much you are willing to spend on it. It is important to think over the details to install an arch before finishing or combining the room with a balcony in advance; think about the ceiling (hinged or regular), the floor (a single laminate or parquet board), and the color of the walls. If you plan to make a podium for the bed, it must also be created in advance.

If you prefer minimalism and choose a bed, a sofa, and a TV (and notables, chairs), it is important to think about where the rest of the things will be stored – on the balcony or in the closet in the corridor niche.

1. White Ceiling

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Seaside Builders Of Delray Beach, Florida

If you want to make your room memorable, consider a modern enclosed living room. It’s made up of the standard ideas for guest apartments. The wall for this living room is painted white and has cabinets shelves on the wall where you can store some of your items. The fan on the rooftop is essential to help you get cool during hot seasons. The wall is decorated with wallpaper and has a comfortable sofa and a round white coffee table.

2. Choose a Custom Area Rug

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Pulltab

Creating a room design of 18 square meters, it is important to determine whether you need a full-fledged sitting area or you can do without it and sleep on the couch.

If a room without a sofa is not a living room, place the largest furniture away from the entrance to the room – towards the window.

To protect the recreation area from the reception area will help the rack to the ceiling or almost to it. It is good if it has open shelves and is narrow. as massive bulky and valuable meters.

A sofa is a way out for those who prefer a minimalist design. The corner design occupies a useless corner, while its counterpart, the classic long sofa without corners, allows you to take up a window seat with a desk and chair.

3. Consider Using a Gray Carpet on the Floor

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: H3K Design

Enclosed is one of the best living room ideas you should consider and decorate your wall with pictures to give it a new look. Its sofa is in L shape with the same color as that of the wall.

You can change it with such ideas when you have a large room. The first thing is to look for the right design to give your beautiful house decoration. Upholding your furniture and table gives you comfort and interest in using the armchairs. The living room will give you the cozy and pleasant décor you want. You need to stay in a house you feel much comfortable that is why choosing a good carpet can give you desired beauty.

4. Large White Wall Cabinet

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Edgewater Contractors Inc

Using an imitation cabinet to decorate one enclosed wall is an excellent design move when decorating a country house. In combination with the wooden beams of the ceiling, the stone will look especially expressive, and the modern furnishings will acquire a touch of rural, country life. This room idea gives you comfort even though the designer did not put up a fireplace and tv, but the house’s looking interior looks beautiful. The white wall for the enclosed room gives you the brightness in your house. The floor is made of wood and has a carpet on it. Its window is made of glass to enable lighting in your room, and there is enough space inside.

5. Library in Modern Enclose Room

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Interior Trends Inc. Design & Remodeling

To begin with, it is worth determining what the purpose of creating a library. Check whether you want to have a purely functional library or one that gives aesthetic pleasure. Search the Internet for examples of architectural and interior design. Many sites and blogs offer photo archives of the best home libraries for review. Make sure the floor of the room you choose to house the library is strong enough to support heavy book-laden shelves. If dampness accumulates in the room and mold develops on the walls, your collection may be irreversibly damaged.

You can look for comfortable chairs and couch tables that will give you comfort when sitting on them. Another thing you should ensure is that your roofing has some of the lightings, and you place a tv somewhere when you are relaxing to watch something.

6. Living Room on a Glass Wall

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Peter Benjamin Surfaces

The brightness, of interior of the living room, located on the room, is obliged, first of all, to textiles. The colorful pattern of lambrequins, the original color of the upholstery of the chairs, covers for sofa cushions, and even carpeting – everything in the lounge works to create a positive and even festive atmosphere, which allows the household and their guests to be on the veranda always be in good shape.

The floor is that of carpet and is shining depending on the color and type of the floor you choose. It is create glass walls of the veranda with almost no ceilings with almost invisible frames. It is noteworthy that to soften the atmosphere in such a technologically advanced room with modern furnishings, a handmade fan was used, which will warm the room of the household and raise the degree of the interior of the recreation area. The sofa is smart like the beach recreational.

7. Classic Encloses Ceiling Room Idea

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Adolfo Perez, Architect

The interior design of a spacious living room of 35 m2 is always a difficult task but fascinating. A hall of impressive size most often becomes a concentrated and multifunctional place, in which several necessary zones are collected. The living room here is not only a room for watching TV, but also for relaxation, organizing meetings and celebrations. This room has a luxurious sofa, which is comfortable when you sit on it. Its ceiling is attractive with the color design used on it that will enable you to feel the beauty of your house. Consider how properly to design your wall with glasses to give you natural light in your living room. Having a standard fireplace in your room can provide you with warmth. Enclosed gray floor with ribbon fireplace gives your room a beautiful look.

8. Open Window With Curtains

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interior Design

Choose a single style for the design of the enclosed room. Many designers in the design of rooms adhere to the Renaissance, USA, and Victorian architectural styles. Experiment with design elements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match architectural details, even if you are planning to follow a single design style. Painting your room with white color is a basic idea and gives your house a clear looking from the inside. There is a picture on the wall as a way of decorating inside. The floor carpet with different shades is worth your money.

9. Modern Enclosed Living Room Idea

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: BoldForm Designs

The living room is the main room in every home. The whole family gathers here every day, friends meet, and the most solemn days pass. The atmosphere here should be as comfortable, cozy, and convenient as possible. Installing a fireplace in the living room will help you achieve this. Gone are the days when a fireplace served as a heating element. Now it has more of a decorative function. A modern fireplace can be not only wood-burning but also electric and gas. He was able to adapt to any interior of the room and warm the body and the soul. Consider the most modern living room designs with a fireplace. The advantage of the living room and consider looking for comfortable sofas like this one to give you the comfort you want.

10. Choose White Color

Credit: The Hudson Company

The enclosed living room with the white painting on the wall gives a clear picture of what you want the interior of your house to look like. It’s worth spending money on the material that will give you value and a clear picture of your house. The natural origin of such material indicates its environmentally friendly origin, which means that it is safe for children. Styles of wooden furniture for living room interior decoration All furniture made of solid wood is divided into certain styles. The use of medium size cabinet on the wall enables you to keep your items inside. There is a carpet on the floor which matches with its sofa. Choosing a good designer for your ceiling is good and gives your house a perfect and attractive looking. Another thing to ensure is to have natural light inside your room.

11. Modern Enclosed Studio Design Living Room

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Orren Pickell Building Group

If you want to convert your living room into a studio, consider having this idea. The wall is enclosed and painted red and black. Its ceiling has a nice decoration which makes your room look beautiful. The natural origin of such material indicates its environmentally friendly origin, which means that it is safe for children. Styles of wooden furniture for living room interior decoration All furniture made of solid wood is divided into certain styles. Having such a couch sofa gives you the comfort you want in your home.

12. Medium tone wood floor living room design

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Laure Nell Interiors

The interior of the house is supposed to have as good looking as this one with good chairs. For relaxation, high sofas give you the comfort you want. This room is designed with a standard fireplace, giving your room a beautiful inside. The ceiling is stylish and painted with white color. If you use glass windows and have curtains on them, it gives you a clear vision. There is an efficient space inside for your family and children to play around.

13. Classic living room with glass window

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Cobalt Interiors

Decide what kind of living room shape idea you want to comfort you. The space in your room matters a lot, which is why this room is designed specially. It has a classic sofa that provides you with warmth and comfort. Its coffee table is made of glass and has some decorative equipment on top of the table like art. The carpet used here looks beautiful and soft. With the wood floor used mostly in the USA, it gives you a better look for your housing. The use of lamps also decorates the interior room.

14. Living room soothing ceiling idea

Modern Enclosed Living room Design Ideas
Credit: Mauricio Nava Design, LLC

Choosing enclose living room idea is best for a living room with family. Ceiling is especially important in small spaces. It is important to use every free square meter rationally. But if your apartment or house is multi-room, then it is better to leave the living room simple, dynamic, and spacious. Consider how to zone a room when decorating an interior properly. Choosing a red sofa and a black chair in your room is a good combination, and that is why you will feel comfortable. You need to make sure that your ceiling is designed with modern styles.


A modern enclosed living room gives you the comfort you want with beautiful decorative house ideas. In this article, we have shared house ideas for your family with you, and we hope this list will help you get the ideas of your choice. Consider the budget and materials you want to use.