Meet The Team

Ritika Shaw
Senior Author

Ritika Shaw serves as a senior author for the H&G interior design page. She loves designing and is obsessed with exploring emerging designs. Being fond of modern as well as vintage styles, she always finds ways to bring both components into work while writing about designs. Since 2019, she has written on multiple niches including interior designing, graphics, marketing, lifestyle. In her free time, you can find her searching for new concepts for her blogs to provide value to the readers.

Emilia Koley
Senior Author

Emilia Koley, a current BPharm student from Ramaiah University Bangalore, has been working as a content writer and blogger for her personal travel blog for the past 3 years. She has curated blogs in various niches in her brief freelancing career for numerous companies, websites, and blogs. With a keen eye for aesthetics and everything artistic, she loves working in decor and travel niches.

Vincent Ochieng
Senior Author

Vincent Ochieng is an award-winning house decoration idea writer and editor. Having more than 3+ years’ experience in decoration and working with big companies in the USA. He has written a dozen topics and ensures that you understand and are free from grammatical errors. He likes reading, watching TV shows, and playing football in his free time.