How to Clean Your House Perfectly in Just 60 Minutes

Our home is our fortress, which has also become a workplace, a gym, and a school. Now you need to clean the apartment more often and spend more time. Here we are sharing tips on how to clean up in just an hour. Find out how to create coziness in your home quickly and without stress from our material.

As we say, it takes just 60 minutes to get your house in perfect order. To correctly calculate the time for each cleaning stage, we advise setting a timer and not being distracted.

It is best to start cleaning your house in the morning when you are full of energy and motivation. Tune in the correct wave by drinking a cup of tea or coffee before the start, So as not to be interrupted during the process. Put on comfortable clothes, turn off the sound on your phone and turn on your favorite music.

Start cleaning from the bottom floor if you have a bunk apartment: this is usually where most of the work is. Place an empty basket near you to collect unnecessary things in it. Keep the kids busy, so they don’t distract you. Use a certain amount of time for each zone, keeping an eye on the timer.

Kitchen – 10 Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

In the evening, mix a one-third glass of water, a one-third glass of vinegar, and half a glass of soda. Apply the solution to the oven’s walls, avoiding the heating elements, and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning with soapy water, and your stove will be sparkling clean.

Then put dirty dishes and rags in the dishwasher. Wipe down kitchen surfaces and stovetop. It is best to do this with a soda and citric acid solution – it will help remove all stains on faucets and metal. If you don’t have time to mop your floors, vacuum them up to pick up the dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up crumbs in cabinets. Run a special vacuum cleaner nozzle with a brush on the curtains to remove dust.

Living Room – 10 Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

Put everything you don’t need in a trash can and take dirty cups and plates into the kitchen. Fluff up the pillows and rearrange the sofa bedspreads. Thoroughly wipe the tables so that they do not leave dirty marks from the dishes. Remove pet hair from furniture by wearing rubber gloves.

Before vacuuming the room, apply baking soda to the carpets: it will help remove all the dirt. Open windows to air out the living room. Don’t forget to vacuum thoroughly near baseboards and behind sofas.

Bathroom – 15 Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

The night before, apply vinegar to the shower head and wrap it in a plastic bag, leaving it overnight. The next day, you must wipe the nozzle down, and it will sparkle like new. Toothpaste will help get rid of streaks and stains on the sink. Just apply it and then wipe the sink with a damp cloth right after brushing your teeth in the morning.

Spray the bathroom surface with a cleaner and leave it for a few minutes while you clean up everything else. Don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning the toilet! First, wipe the tank with an old sponge, and then brush the toilet from the inside with a brush. This way, harmful bacteria will not spread with each rinse of the sponge.

Wipe the walls of the shower stall with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Wash it off with warm water. Then wipe the surfaces dry. Vacuum the floor and wipe it with a rag. At the end of the cleaning, replace the towels in the bathroom so that everything is clean and fresh.

Children’s Room – 10 Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

Get the kids involved: let them clean their room with you. Have them put toys, books, and clothes into closets and boxes within a specific time. For example, 60 seconds for books, two minutes for toys, etc. This playful approach will captivate them and free you from some of the work.

If the children are still small, always sit them down to play on the blanket. This will make it easier for you to collect the toys and put them together in the box. Don’t forget to wash plastic toys: you can do this in the dishwasher. Try to wipe off any smudges and crayon marks from the walls with a sponge. Finally, make the beds, remembering to check the sheets.

Bedroom – 10 Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

Collect all the clothes that are in the room in a basket. Then proceed to the bed: fluff up the pillows and blanket to give them a beautiful shape and ventilate. To make the bed look neater, tuck it into the edges of the bed. If bedding needs to be changed, gather it together in a duvet cover.

Open windows to ventilate the bedroom. Wipe mirrors and windows with a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. If you still have time, dust off, and don’t forget to vacuum the floor.

Last Five Minutes

How to Clean Your House Perfectly

Vacuum up the stairs if you have one. Wipe down the railings and remove any marks and stains from the walls and baseboards. These little hacks will make your home look much cleaner and cozier. After cleaning, throw out the garbage from the basket and relax with a cup of tea or coffee.

How to Clean Your House Perfectly in 60 Minutes