How To Clean Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have become a very popular choice among homeowners today. The main reason behind its popularity is that concrete floors besides being versatile are also very durable. But that does not mean it does not require maintenance. In fact, it is a porous material and hence getting rid of superficial dirt and dust every few days is recommended. The good thing is the cleaning methods are very simple and do not take an awful lot of time but they do vary depending on the type of concrete flooring you have.

We are going to get into the details in our today’s article. So, if you are interested to learn how to clean the concrete floors, keep scrolling below.

How to Identify What Kind of Concrete Flooring You Have?

There are many types of concrete flooring which include stamped, polished, painted, and metallic/stained. However, for choosing the right cleaning method, it is more important to identify whether your concrete flooring is sealed or unsealed.

To determine that you can follow a simple trick. Drop a few drops of water on the floor. Wait for about 20 minutes. If you find the water remains beaded, then your concrete floors are sealed and if the water has seeped below, you can assume that the concrete floors are unsealed. You will notice the concrete getting dark in the latter scenario.

If you have confusion even after this, it is suggested that you take professional help.

How to Choose the Right Cleaner?

Choosing the right cleaner is crucial in order to avoid damaging the concrete floors. Below is mentioned four most widely used category of cleaning solutions. You can choose depending on the purpose you want them to serve.

  1. Acidic- This type of cleaner is great for getting rid of dirt, stains, and rust from exterior concrete floors.
  2. Alkaline- You can use this as a degreaser. It also acts as the perfect neutralizer post strong acidic cleans. It’s good for both interior and exterior floor cleaning.
  3. PH neutral- This type of cleaner is mild and is perfect for cleaning interior decorative concrete floors.
  4. Bacterial- This is best if you have to deal with soil matter, animal droppings, and plant stains.

If you are not sure which cleaner to use, you can take expert help.

How to Clean Your Interior Unsealed Concrete Floors?

Unsealed concrete floors are highly porous and hence are more prone to stains. So, the minute you notice the stains, spot treat them immediately. However, if the stain has already penetrated, then you need to deep clean it.

  1. Sweep the floor.
  2. After that, make a solution with baking soda and warm water. 3 tablespoons is enough for 1 gallon of water.
  3. Then take a mop, and soak it in the solution.
  4. Wring the extra water out and clean the floor. Start mopping from one corner and work outward.
  5. You should change the water once it gets dirty and mop the floor again.
  6. Once you are done, let the floor dry completely before you step over it.

How To Clean Your Exterior Unsealed Concrete Floors?

Cleaning unsealed exterior concrete floors is a lot of hard work. You can scrub the floors with a brush. As for the cleaner, go for bacterial or acidic cleaner depending on the type of stains you are dealing with. Do the follow-up with an alkaline cleaner as that will neutralize the effects of the strong acids and help prevent degradation.

  1. For general cleaning, trisodium phosphate is a good alkalizer.
  2. Mix the alkalizer with water.
  3. Dampen the floor and then spread the mixture.
  4.   Scrub using a hard-bristled broom with pressure.
  5. For pressure washing
  6. Fill the machine and start from the edges close to your home.
  7. Use sweeping strokes to push the liquid out of the garage or towards the grass.
  8. In both cases, you should finish by rinsing off the solution from the floors using a garden hose. 

To avoid the floors getting excessively dirty, it is recommended that you deep clean on a monthly basis. A hot water pressure washer is advisable once a year in order to maintain the unsealed concrete floors.

Simple Tricks to Clean Sealed and Polished Non-Decorated Concrete Floors

These floors are already protected against most stains. However, if you notice any sticky marks, use the following tricks to deal with them.

  1. Take a damp dust mop or rag to get rid of the superficial dust from the floor.
  2. Now make a cleaning solution by mixing warm water with pH-neutral dish soap or detergent. You can use vinegar as well.
  3. Soak the mop in the solution, wring out the excess water and mop the floor. Always start from one corner of the room and continue mopping the rest of the space.
  4. The water must be changed after that.
  5. Use a clean mop to get rid of any remaining soap residue from the floor.
  6. The floor must be completely dried before you step over it.

Steps For Cleaning Stained And Painted Concrete Floors

The method of cleaning these floors is similar to that of the non-decorated floors. However, in this case, you got to be more selective about what cleaner or chemicals you are using for cleaning the floors. This is because many ingredients react with the paint and lead to peeling or bubbling.

  1. Get rid of all the surface debris.
  2. Then remove the excess dust using a dry dust mop.
  3. Make a cleaning solution using warm water and mild dish soap.
  4. Take a microfiber mop, dip it in the mixture and then wring out the excess water.
  5. Start the mopping from one corner and move to the rest of the space.
  6. Repeat the process after changing the water.
  7. Finish the cleaning by using a dry soft towel. After that, let the floor air dry.


Cleaning the concrete floors is easy with the right techniques and the right ingredients. We hope the information we provided proves helpful for you.