Create A Perfect Reading Corner For A Summer House In 7 Steps

If the first thing you put in your suitcase is a good book, all you have to do is create the right space to enjoy it during your next vacation.

The summer season is the ideal time to cultivate hobbies, especially reading. All you need is a good book, and follow a few simple steps to prepare a comfortable space in the summer house where you can relax, disconnect and devour pages and pages of those novels that you want to enjoy so much. Finding the right place, good light, and a good seat are keys to achieving this.

1. Find a nice place

Reading Corner For A Summer House

Although the idea is to immerse yourself in reading for a long time, it is always nice to look up and contemplate a beautiful landscape such as the garden, the sea, or the mountains. It will help to disconnect from the daily routine to be greater.

On the other hand, good natural light is equally desirable, so locating the reading corner near a window is ideal.

2. Choose a comfortable seat

Reading Corner For A Summer House

It is somewhat difficult to immerse yourself in reading for a long period of time if you are uncomfortable. For this reason, and to avoid subsequent muscle discomfort, it is recommended to choose a comfortable seat in which, in addition to the back, the well-being of other areas such as the neck, lower back, and legs are taken into account. In any case, cushions are great allies for this.

Light curtains will also help create the perfect reading corner by softening the force of the sun’s rays.

3. Place a side table

Reading Corner For A Summer House

It is interesting to consider adding a particularly comfortable divan or chaise longue style seat if space allows. The side table will be your perfect complement to have the book at hand, a refreshing drink, or glasses. The seat and table must be at the right distance, close to reach the objects but facilitating the passage between them.

4. Add color

Reading Corner For A Summer House

When decorating the summer house, light colors are usually chosen to compensate for the sensation of the heat outside. Using bright colors in cushions, rugs, or the Egg chair is an excellent way to refresh the space visually. On the other hand, natural materials are usually preferred for this type of home.

5. Add a footrest

Reading Corner For A Summer House

After sitting for a long time, fatigue and pain show in the lower limbs. A footrest is solution 10, whether it is a different model from the seat or combined with the chair and the turned stool, as in the Lounge Chair model, designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra.

6. Reinforce lighting

Reading Corner For A Summer House

Even with excellent natural light, it is essential to have another light point to avoid straining your eyes, especially in the late afternoon. In this sense, floor lamps allow you to create an intimate space while freeing up space on the side table.

7. Add plants

Reading Corner For A Summer House

Whether on the beach or in the mountains, the summer house is usually in tune with nature, both for its marine decoration in the former and for the presence of flowers and plants typical of the season in the case of the latter. Adding a sample of them in the reading corner adds color and refreshes the environment. Green is always a good option.