17 Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Boys

If your heart still craves a flawless assortment of modern and minimalistic decor elements, you’re clearly into contemporary room decors. While some might argue contemporary styles are too boring, that’s exactly the opposite if you have a knack for an artistic blend of modern art, clever use of color, a mix of textures and elegant elements, or chic shapes and crisp lines. Contemporary styles encompass both natural elegance giving a house its homely warmth while a vivid touch of modernism completes the space. Here are some brilliant ideas out of the box for a jaw-dropping contemporary nursery makeover. If you are parents of a baby girl and looking for a beautiful nursery room design, You can also check our contemporary nursery room design ideas for girls.

1. Vacay Mood Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Houzz

For the baby boy who never wants to turn down the ‘vacay mode’! This room has some cute little baby elements set in a backdrop of a classic contemporary design. The use of various textures of wood and jute creates a fascinating backdrop for contemporary design. The beautiful light wooden shelf differs in texture from the simple wooden rocking horse. The little owl-style grey jute storage bag adds cuteness to the room. The idea of hanging travel spot pictures on the wall of the crib showcases the idea of vacation mood and the baby surely will enjoy dreaming about his upcoming fun travel days in this room.   

2. Quirky Elements Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: La Casa Azul Design

If your baby boy is a cute little weirdo who loves quirky stuff, check out this room! For the naturally curious, quirky, pop minds, this room has a basic contemporary design patterned rugs and slightly open blinded windows. The quirky art of photos of safety pins on the wall or the cute little animal wall hangings is some of our favorite elements of the room. Other than that, the classic dark wooden crib looks pretty in this cozy little nursery room. Another favorite item has to be the huge stuffed giraffe toy beside the crib. The use of dark wooden furniture in a peach-colored room creates a beautiful contrast that in turn creates a soothing effect on the baby.

3. The Royal Treatment Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: House of Style & Design

This room is everything that your little angel would love to have in his initial years. The super-comfortable sofa chair and pouf add warmth and style to the room. The contemporary use of patterned carpet and patterned alignment of the photos on the wall describes the design of the room. The Victorian style of wall décor and the pale furniture of the same style showcase the royalty of the room. The little soft toys in a jute basket or the colorful stuffed toys hanging from the knobs of the chest of drawers are the major baby elements in this room.

4. Everything Statement Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Larette Design

If your baby boy has an eye for iconic furniture and a bold sense of fashion, this room is for him. The otherwise pale pink walls have the wall of the crib being designed with a black and white wallpaper that shows dense woods. The classic contemporary design of the cylindrical chandelier adds class to the room. As for the part of sophistication, the beautiful statement wooden armchair with fuzzy cushion does magic. The table set has a pair of solid-colored iconic chairs with an iconic table. Thus, every corner of the room is blessed with statement furniture that justifies the title of the room. 

5. Contemporary Artistic Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Touijer Designs

This room is for the matured baby boy who has an innate sense of art. Right from the beautiful printed blue and white bedding of the multi-functional sofa to the colorful beaded strings on the crib wall to the beautiful pictures on the wall, the room is filled with simple art. All the features of the room exhibit contemporary style. The off-white walls, as well as the off-white furniture, are a beautiful combination. The cute little rocking horse and the faux white deer head add the baby elements to the room.

6. Windowed Tent Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Natart Juvenile

The little room has been constructed with a semi-circular structure and a ceiling like that of a tent. To add to the tent theme and to showcase the classic contemporary element, one of the walls of the room has striped peach and pastel blue. That wall also has a characteristic of four small windows built circularly. It is the wall of the crib and therefore the most interesting one. The presence of a sharp textured wooden wall also adds to the rustic nature of the room. The off-white furniture adds class to this contemporary tent-like room.

7. Into the Woods Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: DeZignsByD

Do you think your little champ is an adventurous one? Well, then this room is perfect for him! We assure you, the first glance at this room will remind you of poems by Robert Frost, but the room promises your little one more adventure and thrill than these great poems. The use of contemporary style can be witnessed in the room from the colorful striped rug and textured dark wooden crib. The dark wooden furniture also matches the theme of the room. The Dodger blue wall adjoining the crib has tall trees with little leaves on the branches being painted on it. To add to the effect, the name of the baby is written on a piece of light-shaded wood. The dark wooden rocking horse is another personal favorite.

8. Cozy Modern Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Blue Door Painting

This nursery room gives off a more modern art look than a contemporary one. The dominant shade of the room is Yale blue. The other colors that form a striped wall with a big window on it include orange, peach, medium brown, and blue. The stripes show a traditional contemporary design of the nursery but the neat utilization of the space with simple brown furniture makes the room look highly modern. The idea of the brown barred cream false ceiling with warm lighting makes the room cozy and warm for the baby boy to rest and enjoy himself. Overall, this room is a safe and minimalist one.

9. Closer to Nature Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Urbanology Designs

This room is definitely for the little guy who loves being near nature. The elements inside the room will make him admire nature more and keep him busy throughout the day. One of the most interesting pieces of furniture in this room is the half-glass wooden crib. This contemporary style crib is worth the mention. The beautiful grey wallpaper of forest and flowers on the off-white wall of the crib adds to the theme. The green indoor plants in jute holders give a hint of bohemian touch to the room. The little wooden chair with bedding looks cute. The baby will get the fresh air of nature and will get a chance to interact with it as much as possible.

10. Blue and Grey Swatch Everywhere Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Porter Barn Wood LLC

Some might say that this room seems too much for the baby, but we would like to argue. This room is a perfect example of textures and colors getting a neat mix-up, that results in a classic contemporary style room. The room has grey colored walls except for the one with a crib against it. That one wall has stripes of different shades of blue, grey, and brown. The stripes have various sizes and cover the entire wall. There’s a window with white open blinds on that wall. The wall and the window add a mid-century pop art to the room other than the usual contemporary look. The addition of a medium-sized blue sofa chair compliments the entire setup of the room. The grey furniture helps play along with the color combination of the nursery for the little boy.

11. Cozy Flight Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Turner Design Firm

This cozy little room features a wonderful play of colors and imagination. It is in such rooms that your baby boy’s creativity and imagination will grow and they’ll know no bounds. The cream-colored walls seem to match with the semi-soft cream flooring. This is contrasted by incorporating the ocean blue iconic chair and ocean blue portrait on the wall of the crib. The traditional white and dark wooden crib lies still on the floor. This entire play of colors is a typical element of the contemporary style of rooms. Another feature that makes the room extremely suitable for curious minds to spend their initial years is the addition of wooden planes hanging from the ceiling. The planes are mostly dark-colored and of various sizes. It helps the baby to think, focus and gives off a major modern art vibe.

12. Modern City Center Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Henck Design LLC

This room has industrial colors that bring out the classic contemporary style. The semi-soft cream flooring and the beige walls add a tint of baby softness to the room. But the black sofa and pillow set along with the white doors and windows bring out the contemporary vibe in the room. The cream soft walled crib and the beautiful floor lamps add warmth to the medium-sized room. This room will make the baby boy feel safe and cozy forever. The high ceilings and the use of pipes or vents gives a modern look to the room. The use of modern art in pictures on the wall is another example of such design and it is widely appreciated.

13. Animals in Stripes Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Interiors by Maite Granda

This cozy little room has the two most important elements that your angel face would want in his room; stuffed animals and his favorite color ‘blue’. We know that blue is the most common color loved by every baby. But it is also a major contemporary design color. Another element of contemporary design is the use of patterns and textures as much as possible. What better way to incorporate this idea in a nursery than creating a bundle of stripes on the walls of the room? Each bundle has vertical stripes of blue in different sizes and patterns. The white tiles and white furniture complement the walls of the room. We personally love the soft rocking horse, the big stuffed giraffe, the fuzzy teddy, and other little soft toys.

14. Little Travel Guide Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Mark Pinkerton

The title seems perfect for the look. This room is not solely based on the contemporary design; it is based mainly on the theme ‘World and Travel’. The room is quite spacious for the little guide to roam around. The bed of the little boy has been designed like an airplane and the wall of the bed has a huge map of the world. There is a beautiful wall décor hanging of all the planets that would keep the baby engaged. The clever use of blue color on the medium-shaded wooden floor, the colorful painting of planes and planets on the wall, and the off-white ceiling add to the contemporary look of the room. The huge white bookshelf has books containing all the information about the world. Overall, your little boy will thank you years later for building this room for him.

15. Black and White Patterns Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Brock Lane Mettz Design

You don’t need to worry if you have a small space for your baby’s nursery. The contemporary idea of room designing has several elements and one of them is constructing cozy loft-like arrangements. This room is for the artistic lad. There is an interesting combination of colors and patterns in the room that will keep the baby engaged for hours. The beautiful half and half carpet on the wooden floor has done wonders with the room. With one half of the carpet having black-white patterns and the other one being ocean blue, the room showcases a perfect contemporary match. The symmetric black lines on the white wall of the crib add class to the room. The use of white furniture makes the statement silver chair stand apart from the rest of the furniture. Another complementary part is the black-white patterned photo on the white wall.

16. Play with Spaces Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: Gehan Homes

Ideal for the little guy who has difficulty staying put in one place, this spacious room has all the elements that fit for a nursery room that maintains the contemporary setting. The contemporary theme focuses on textures and patterns. One of the walls has sky-blue stripes that make the otherwise shabby white-walled room a charming one. The construction of the big window with a seating arrangement on the side gives a major contemporary and sophisticated look. The idea of using fossil grey furniture that looks more modern style along with grey soft flooring is a great way to build in a boyish vibe in the room. The little wooden mid-century chair, teddy bears, and little interesting elements scattered in every corner of the room add to the look of the same.

17. Shades of Skyline Nursery Room

Contemporary Nursery Ideas for Boys
Credit: HSH Interiors

This room is ideal for the baby boy who knows that sky is the limit. The specialty of the room is the presence of the attached balcony with a sliding aluminum door. The balcony preserves the natural element ‘sky’ and the shades of blue-white preserve the industrial element in the room. Both these industrial and natural elements give rise to the perfect art of contemporary look to the nursery. The beautiful textured pearl white wallpaper on the wall of the traditional white crib adds to the contemporary theme of the room. The teal blue wing armchair and the round wooden side table create a classic contemporary mix-up that would be loved by your baby boy. The baby elements like a little wooden truck and a white faux fur mat are other attributes of the room.