10 Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas with Library

In modern life, reading is essential, and during leisure time you must take a book and start reading something. Instead of looking for a library in your area nowadays, you can make your home a library and buy all books that inspire you. If you have children, it is also suitable for them because they can study comfortably. It would help if you got different ideas on making your living room look smart with a library inside. You don’t have to worry anymore; below this article, we have explained the library’s top 10 contemporary living room ideas.

1. Add natural light into your library

Reading is a passion for everyone, and for you to focus on your study, you will need to sit in a clean environment. Having enough space for your living room is essential to design it well with shelves. Consider dividing your shelves into three rows and arranging your books according to the title. How you plan your room and library area can motivate you to read, and when sitting in your living room, you will feel much more comfortable. Design your living room with a large window and transparent for natural light.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Katsura Onoe Design

2. Library with Ladder

When you have a significant height in your contemporary living room, you will need to check on the higher library shelves. So, even have a ladder in your living to arrange your books or pick the type of book you want to read. Then, make your library clean and design shelves sizeable to keep other things inside. A wall design with glass allows natural light inside your room. When reading during the daytime and you are off from your job, you need to sit in a relaxed environment room and read your favorite book.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Spaces Design

3. Black and white library

The color of your living room and library area also matters a lot, and that is why getting a combination of black and white makes a change in your living room. For example, your sofa with white color matches with library shelves with black color. And the wall and roofing painted in white color make the living room beautiful, and when reading, you feel comfortable since a clean and relaxed environment is best for a library. The type of library is suitable for the living room, which is spacious it can fit well, and you still have space for the sitting area.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Reed Design Group

4. Arrange your books properly even for small space

Even if you have a small space in your living room, you can still design an excellent-looking library for yourself and your kids. You don’t have to walk long distances looking for a library, and you turn your living room into one of them. Designing your room with a wall cabinet is perfect to create shelves to store in your books. Blackwood is the best one for making library shelves, and you can close it when you want or leave it open. White paint on the fireplace area makes the living room look attractive.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Barbara Brown Photography

5. Choose two different places to design your library with woods

Woods can make your living room look beautiful and is a unique design. The ceiling is made of wood; some bulb decoration makes your room appear attractive and cool. The sitting area is arranged in white color and sofa red. The room has spacious to make different shelves for your library inside. In this type of design, you can have two separate areas for your library for your kids and yours. In addition, an extensive library with red and white color makes it an excellent study area for you.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library

6. Display library books in open room

A big living room with a library makes it look beautiful. Reading in an open space with natural light is fantastic for everyone. As you arrange your living room sofa with a grey color, make sure your library is well designed to give your living room a good look. Designing shelves on the wall is the best idea. You can have a medium-height library that everyone can reach on the book they need to pick. Good designing for your library and you have a fireplace in your room during your leisure time, and you will feel comfortable sitting in your room as you read.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Floisand Studio

7. Orange color room and store books under cabinet

The color of your living room plays a vital role in your living room with the library. Orange is a beautiful color for a floor and ceiling. This room is spacious and fits well with a library idea. The base is painted white and has a picture on the wall. If you don’t have shelves in your living room, but you need a small library in your living, then a cabinet is the best choice. You can design a small library cabinet to store in your books. A fireplace is a basic idea for the living room to give you warmth and ensure a transparent window for lighting.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Kaplan Architects, AIA

8. Add picture to your library arts

Oversize shelve can help you to keep inside many books. Shelves painted in black can arrange. Your room can look simple, but you need a library if you love reading. The picture also makes the living room look beautiful. Each book has a cover color that matches your sofa, which will make your living room super unique, and when you sit in a relaxed and well-organized room, it gives you the ability to continue reading.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Elizabeth Krueger Design

9. Featuring colorful modern library room

When you have wanted to design a library in your living room, the first thing you will need to consider is space. If your room is big, you can choose an excellent shelve design for your living room. The white color of your living room makes it look cool. You need to arrange the living room in a better way, like L shape sofa facing in front of the tv and behind your couch is where you design a library to keep books inside. Your room can have different curtains on the window like purple to add decoration. Remember, a beautiful cleaning room for your library is beneficial for you to consider.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Dart Decor

10. Round wall shelves library

Do you know you can make your living room into the extensive library of your choice? It does not matter the space of your room. You can still get the design that will fit your library books inside. Make a wall cabinet with shelves to store your books inside. You can have a wardrobe to close inside some of your essential books to avoid children touching it. Paints your library shelving with white color to make it look clean.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Library
Credit: Jarrett Design, LLC


If you are looking for a living room library design, then in this post, we have included various ideas for you to choose from. So now you don’t have to struggle to search for a library, and your home can also design like any other library you see out there. It is your choice to pick the design that will match you.