Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lights

Light chains provide bright spots on dark evenings – both in the garden, on the balcony, and in the apartment. They can be arranged in vases, bowls, or even simple flower pots to create incredible Christmas decorations with a bit of imagination.

Natural materials, such as those found on walks in the woods or bought at weekly markets, are very suitable for beautiful decorations. These include, for example, pine and fir cones, branches with beautiful berries, or even box tree branches. They can be easily combined with small Christmas tree balls or Christmas pendants. With fairy lights, atmospheric Christmas arrangements can be put together in glass vases, flower pots, or bowls.

Fairy lights for indoors and outdoors

A large selection of fairy lights is available in stores – from delicate wire chains for small vases to long chains with several hundred lights for the garden. Most of them are now LED fairy lights. These are particularly energy-saving and are therefore recommended.

Safety features for fairy lights

Whether the chain is suitable for both inside and outside is stated on the packaging: The abbreviation IP44 means that the chains are suitable for outside. A water drop symbol also indicates that the product is weatherproof. The GS seal (tested safety) can often be found, indicating that statutory safety standards have been met. The CE mark, which is also very widespread, on the other hand, only corresponds to a voluntary commitment by the manufacturer that the product complies with EU directives. The product itself is not checked.

1. Illuminated clay pots

Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lights

For many, the best thing in the run-up to Christmas is decorating. These illuminated clay pots, for example, are atmospheric and create a Christmas atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Fill clay pots with boxwood, fairy lights, and decorative material and set them up or hang upside down in a tree. To do this, pull a string through the hole in the pot and secure it with a clothespin.

2. Painted cone sparkles in the glass

Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lights

As a soloist, this white painted cone sparkles in the glass, wrapped in a chain of lights. The branch with the red berries is a nice contrast and at the same time hides the cable of the fairy lights. The glass can also be placed in the planted balcony box, for example. Use fairy lights with waterproof battery boxes that are “hidden” under some moss or small branches. You can collect finds in the forest for this decoration, such as moss, acorns, and cones. With a pine branch and a star-light chain, a great decoration is created in the glass.

3. Decoratively arranged on a beautiful plate

Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lights

Simple, sleek, and beautiful: pine cones painted white, a small chain of lights as well as a few red balls and fresh fir green – decoratively arranged on a beautiful plate.

4. Glass floor vase

Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Lights

A glass floor vase, branches, and silk pine are the material for the luminous object. The cable is hidden behind pine branches and can be attached to the bottom of the vase with adhesive tape.