10 Car Themed Nursery Room Ideas for Boys

As a parent, it is in our nature to care for our children for as long as time permits. This caring nature almost gets instilled in the parents’ genes from the moment you get news of the arrival of the little bundle of joy! The baby’s arrival marks the beginning of a new journey for the parents in terms of both living their lives together as well as making some important decisions for their babies. One of the most important and difficult decisions a parent makes is choosing the appropriate theme for their nursery rooms. A nursery room is an environment that your baby would get in their initial years and it is from here that they will learn several new things. Let us particularly talk about the handsome little guys. The little guys love it when they have warm blue or orange shades on the walls with a Scandanavian Modern or Transitional style of decor. One of the recent additions to the existing sub-themes of nursery rooms for little guys would be preparing rooms that are car themes. Cars are like air to the little guys who cannot think of anything else valuable enough to replace that sentiment. This blog is an ode to that sentiment and without much discussion let’s jump into the series of car-themed nursery rooms for the baby boys.

1. Cars in shades of grey nursery room

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The room has walls painted in a tint shade of grey and the rectangular work on the walls makes this transitional nursery look classier than normal. The furniture has a tint of grey and redwork which is a perfect transitional color palette blend. The use of fuzzy white mats on the soft floor. The room brings out the transition between the modern and mid-century design of the room. The use of various shades of grey is a typical modern decor trait whereas the checkered sofa chair and the patterned curtains are typical mid-century elements that one would love to incorporate in a nursery room decor. The colorful little portraits of different cars on the wall of the crib properly bring out the theme of the room. The red ribbons, modern style of lampshades, and little tools are too cute to ignore. The little toys add to the baby element in this room and we are sure your little guy will fall for this room instantly!

2. Cars on the wall Nursery Room

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This nursery room also has a transitional type design. The room is medium-sized and has a modern minimalistic approach to it. The transition between this modern approach to that between the typical Scandinavian design of using light pastel shades is a beauty to behold. The minimalistic approach of the room is brought in contrast with the design of several little cars on the walls of the room. The white furniture and the pastel blue floor of the nursery are brought to sheer contrast with the red little sofa chair for the baby. The stylish cars on the wall do justice to the theme of the room the attempt perfectly to make this room a modern and minimalistic car-themed one.

3. Busy Street Nursery Room

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This modern style of nursery room is perfect for the guy who likes being around others. This nursery room will make the baby feel as if he is a member of one of the busy streets on a busy little day! The modern nature of the room is highlighted through minimal decor ideas and the use of dim light settings in the room. The car theme of the nursery is brought to justice through the idea of painting the walls of the room an image of a busy street day. The cars parked in a row on one of the walls between two windows is a classic depiction of art and theme. Other than that, the signal on the other wall and the buildings painted on the wall of the crib bring out the chaos of the road. The large windows are another characteristic of a typical modern room. The printed sofa and pouf set, the dark wooden floor and the light-shaded furniture are among our other favorite elements in this room. 

4. All in white Nursery Room

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Which kid does not like a bit of contemporary touch in the fun car-themed room? The color shade and design elements in this room make it appear like beautiful icing on the cake. All the walls have a shade of white except for the wall of the crib which has a patterned wallpaper. The art hanging on one of the white walls is of a cluster of white and red-lined flights. This room is a perfect fit for the baby boy who shares a common interest in traveling and vehicles. The use of sleek white furniture is a classic contemporary style of art. The incorporation of everything white on a medium wooden floor is another contemporary design that we are drooling over.

5. Fun Timezone Nursery Room

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This room is a true blessing for the little guy who loves the idea of playing games on large screens. This modern nursery room does absolute justice to the room’s car theme by keeping several racer enthusiast elements. This huge modern room has the basic shade of salmon pastel which could be regarded as one of the sweetest modern textures. The soft grey floor and the greyish pink furniture bring out the calmness of modern decor. The little car chair marks the video game playing zone for the little rider. The BMW pillow on the sofa chair, the helmet decor on the little side table, and the stylish car on the floor are some of our favorite elements of this room. Overall, the room is airy and has enough space for the little tough guy to play around and enjoy the cars.

6. Minimalistic City Approach Nursery Room

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This room has our hearts in several ways. The Scandinavian-style room brings out the warmth and calmness needed for the baby to feel safe and loved. The use of pastel shades and incorporation of large windows are two classic Scandinavian style elements that we simply adore! The other element of surprise is the use of a few red elements contrasting the usual white or light pastel shades. The semicircular sleek white crib again brings out the typical Scandinavian design. The red car and red rocking horse are among our favorite elements in this room. The little grey cloud bursting with rain on a pink background image is a cute baby element that nobody can overlook easily!

7. Festivities around the Corner Nursery Room

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This room is a ride of joy for the baby boy who loves carnivals and riding vehicles. The traditional style room is a beautiful one that incorporates several festival elements in vehicle corners. From a spooky Halloween ride to a breezy spring fest, this room is everything your little crazy-pants would want! The decoration of the room with classic banners and lamps and shimmery carnival balls makes the room fun always. The dark wooden fireplace and the Vintage style of a car parked right beside the crib are the best traditional elements one could ask for in this room. The car also does justice to the car theme of the room and we couldn’t be more thrilled for your baby to move into this room!

8. Classic Car Nursery Room

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This room is a contemporary style of the nursery that brings out the fun London culture of a car enthusiast. From going on long drives for the night city tour to going for tough races at night, London knows it all! Your baby boy would love it here, among the night lights and cool city air. The bed has been designed in the form of a red sleek car and the wall of the same has a huge UK flag painted among the city buildings. All of this aptly bring out the hidden fun and thrill for car enthusiasts, especially one like your handsome fellow. The wall-to-wall furniture and grey brick wall finish bring out the contemporary nature of the nursery room.

9. Modern Buzz Nursery Room

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This room is painted in red and grey; red for the car theme room for the little guy and grey to stand as a modern element of decor. The room has race tracks for a simple platform and a car designed for a bed. These are our favorite elements in this room. The idea of keeping the furniture mostly red with shades of white helps in leveling up the color contrast game. The large windows and the lighting arrangement gear up to modern style. Overall your baby boy will love spending his time in this racing track nursery room! 

10. Disney Cars World Nursery Room

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There is not one little guy who loves riding vehicles who have not watched the famous Disney movie series, Cars. The room screams the car theme through various elements from the Disney Cars movie. One of the best elements in this modern nursery room is the wallpaper of a scene from cars on one of the walls. The walls have been painted dark blue by a boy’s room. The use of different base materials in furniture brings out the modern nature of the room, from a wooden study table to sleek steel chairs to comfortable bean bags, the room has it all! Overall, this gorgeous room highlights the car theme in every way possible!