9 Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

Bringing a subtle touch to the space, Scandinavian nursery decor comes in simple design elements like texture, shapes, geometry, etc. It features a fresh white setup with wooden floors that are considered a hallmark of this clean, natural decor style. Scandinavian nursery rooms are on the hype right now and emphasize neat and clean design elements, eliminating unnecessary clutter mostly within a light-hued, naturally illuminated wooden space. Essentially, natural lighting plays a critical role in letting the design shine through. Inspired by the gorgeous wide natural landscapes of the Scandinavian land, here’s some glamorous baby-friendly decor to turn the tables for your color game.

1. Neutral Wood Tone Decor

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (1)
Credit: Livettes wallpaper

A mid-sized boho nursery decor for their baby boy is a dream for many DIY lovers and this cozy little space makes it true. Just the right amount of colors placed in appropriate spaces give an instant glow to the room. Brown in the jute hanger and a brief wooden touch to the otherwise modern crib play gorgeously in the clean white decor. The decor is minimalistic featuring the simplest of bohemian elements, making it subtle yet eye-catchy. Playing with shapes is a hallmark of Scandinavian rooms, depicted stunningly by the wall but even more by the elegantly embroidered white carpet. A lot of wooden elements are to be seen here – a correct description of this type of decor.

2. White Base Room

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (2)
Credit: Tulip Juvenile

A traditional nursery can seem boring at times, especially if you have a keen eye for the art and culture of distant lands. This compact nursery space is a remodeled version of a traditional nursery for boys, transformed to match a Scandinavian vibe through careful choice of decor elements. Firstly, the wooden textures spread throughout the space correctly depict the natural tone of the Scandinavian style. In addition, a glimpse of modern nursery elements can be seen through the utility closets and ultra-modern lamp shades. The crib placement is also very strategic to offer a holistic appearance pulling the vibe together.

3. Dreamy White Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (3)
Credit: Michelle Reichel Interiors

Pretty white and pretty bright! Culminating a gorgeous Scandinavian backdrop of the Scandes valleys, the mirror’s reflection is placed strategically to fill up the void placed by the plain white decor. Little, brief shades of green enlighten the clean white look. The crib has a traditional look to it bearing wooden legs and a high-rise design. The crib is also adorned with yet another traditional blanket in grey white tone bearing tassels. The white fur rug is a classic choice in this beautiful white Scandinavian setup as it strengthens the ‘play with shapes’ vibe that this decor is all about.

4. Fit Your Greens

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (4)
Credit: Parlour & Palm

Not only eat your greens! A peaceful animal-themed minimalist nursery in the making for your little angel to grow up within a natural environment! Filled with a unique warmth that fills the hearts, this cozy and minimal setup is beautifully decorated with glimpses of greens that enlighten the bright white space. Large windows giving way for an airy, well-lighted space adds the much-needed natural tone to the space, a classic of Scandinavian decor. Oscillating between only two color tones – white and jute brown, the pouf and cute jute planter adorns the decor, giving the finishing touches to the space.

5. Blue Love Bug

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (5)
Credit: Rehabitat

Set in a vibrant blue artistic rug, this room radiates a different kind of glow among the others. Primarily for the rare find carpet, but the natural, homely decor is a much-loved setting for a kids nursery. Bright touches of color pop up here and there through the base white decor and add glam to the vibe. The airy and well-lighted nursery ticks the box for a good-old Scandinavian room. There’s a cute DIY wall decor up on the left wall that is super easy to make and incorporates well in the room giving that personalized touch to a baby’s nursery. The white fur rug is a classic element of modern nursery decors while the minimal wooden crib is a Scandinavian touch.

6. Playing With Shapes

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (6)
Credit: Pilar Román Design Services

Giving your traditional nursery room a sophisticated transformation is as easy as this nursery room shows us! Playing with geometry and some variations in texture spread evenly throughout the space gives an excellent result as this nursery clearly depicts. Although it is predominantly made to be a Scandinavian sight as seen through the wide window and antique antler decor over the walls, it also packs some spontaneous modern elements. Some modern elements like the boutique candelabra and high-rise transparent twin cribs serve as a game-changer for this mid-sized nursery room for boys.

7. Gorgeous White Cozy Decor

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (7)
Credit: Aeon Design

Featuring a gorgeous farmhouse nursery room in a compact space, the interiors of this compact nursery portray a classic Scandinavian decor sporting a vibrant countryside outdoors through a wide window. The elements of texture and geometry have been wonderfully incorporated throughout such a small space. The slanting attic design is quite an age-old element usually seen in mid-century decors. Warmly surrounded by planters and cute trees, the cozy couch right by the window is the perfect spot for some grandma story sessions. 

8. Dark Deep Thoughts

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (8)
Credit: Studio Fortnum

A darkish tone to the space is something new not everything would easily try to experiment with. Rightly so, not everyone can live up to the glamour of this matchless decor. An excellent choice for even a Scandinavian girl’s decor, the deep, cloudy woods of the Scandinavian landscape give the much-needed depth to this dark, blue-themed decor. The dark color has been balanced off by the right proportion of play with lines and dots and other geometric elements. This mid-sized child’s nursery room bears a quite intriguing and difficult decor yet soothes the soul for those who deeply love a natural and artistic lifestyle. 

9. Green Eclectic Decor

Scandinavian Nursery Room Decor For Boys (9)
Credit: Up For Grabs Interiors

What’s better than an entire wall depicting the grand Scandes painting a quaint picture of the great Scandinavian landscape in gorgeous green throughout the room. This simple yet eclectic decor is something you could try for a vibrant decor for your boy’s nursery. The right combination of geometry is also incorporated into the decor in an organic way to match the overall green setting and complement the wooden crib and rare wooden flooring. Overall, this decor calls for a high taste in art and is apt for any compact nursery room for boys.