9 Minimalist Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

Quite a buzzword right now – minimalism – or should we say less buzz?! Debatable! But these 9 minimalist nursery room ideas are undebatably in for a treat to the eyes and hearts. Close to nothing – that’s what minimalism means. But we have put in a little something more than just that to transform your mid-sized bedroom into a dapper playroom for the minimalistic lovers! Investing in versatile, multifunctional furniture/decor is a quick tip and the only one you need for minimalism, saves you the clutter! Coming to the rescue are these 9 minimalist decor ideas to cut short the heavy decor planning and enormous brainstorming in curating your baby boys’ paradise from scratch. We talk white and just a bunch of cool decor (promise, just a few) to give your little angel the chicest space of the era! 

1. A Pastel Dream

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (1)
Credit: Chango & Co.

This soft pastel nursery room has our heart with its simplicity, grandeur, and authenticity. The simple oscillation between just two color choices from the coolest pastel palette roots for the perfect minimalist angle you wish for your kid’s nursery. The simple white shelves, effortless modern crib standing next to the cloudy fur keep the eye out of the clutter. Decently arranged within just a few decors, this nursery room cuts all the contemporary drama neatly. Jute bin bags are a perfect accessory to include – both look neat in the soft color shade and bags together all the junk load of toys from the scene.

2. Lala Land

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (2)
Credit: By Carrier – Harvest Village of Newington

An all-blue boy’s decor anyways doesn’t need too many decorations to speak loud. This one effortlessly does all the magic with an all-carpeted floor and just three tiny pieces of furniture for your tiny angel. White pastels are a classic element and cannot be missed. The wardrobe seems to be proving the point. The brown, high-rise crib complements rightly and is placed perfectly to gather just enough sunshine for your little boy. Overall, this is also an excellent transitional nursery room idea for a smooth transition into the toddler and teenage years, without calling for too many renovations.

3. A Soft Corner

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (3)
Credit: Anchor Builders

This soft pastel dreamy home decor is one of the easiest modern options to choose. With a gorgeous farm lying right outside the window, this minimalist farmhouse room plan features an open-concept floor plan with a cool mid-century vibe on the inside! Right from the ceiling to flooring, the space is draped in dreamy pastel hues wherever you look. Abundant natural lighting heightens the glamorous arrangement of the space, set in a cohesive color palette. The grey couch, fur rugs covering all over the floor looks as chic as the spotless pastel crib in a minimalist, modern design. This room could be a very elegant choice for a modern nursery room decor for girls too!

4. Golden Minimalism

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (4)
Credit: New Leaf Custom Homes

Sporting a modern glamour from top to bottom, this spacious nursery decorated in chic pieces of room decor gives an excellent mid-century set up for a kid’s nursery. The gleaming modern piece of candelabra and wall lights paint a chic picture of this room within just three color combinations. Teal blue carpet and window drapes complement each other heightening the soft pastel shade of the floor cover and walls overall. Very few antique decors are chosen to elevate the elegance of the space and are placed creatively over the crib wall. The brown shades pop up every now and then pulling the decor together taking it to another level.

5. The Artist’s Canvas

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (5)
Credit: Concepto MV Inc

An artistic touch is seen in this minimalist space within a modern house. White is an overall common choice that minimalism stands for but you can always play with colors to paint a cheery vibe of your kid’s nursery. This nursery room has depicted this concept pretty smoothly through a creative, artistic piece featured on the vibrant wall. The choice of colors complements each other stunningly. The vibe is kept minimal using only a handful of modern elements that catches attention, like the candelabra. The antique thrift rug is irreplaceable and speaks volumes about the high taste in this modern space.   

6. Digital Era Nursery

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (6)
Credit: Niche Interiors

In this era of digital art and illustrations, DIY room decor is rapidly shifting towards these creative outlets following the digital revolution. And what’s better than incorporating digital illustrations for minimal nursery decor?! A pop of colors through wall decor shines bright in a minimal space elevating the decor. This one is perfect for a tiny bit-sized nursery room with just a plain crib. The wallpaper is extremely light, enough to eliminate the monotonous touch of minimalism while elevating the two wall posters at the same time. Blue and white are an excellent choice for a cozy boy’s nursery decor and the cute bow decor and the blue crib is just too cute to resist.

7. All-White Treat

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (7)
Credit: DesignbyRuchi

Are you in for a jaw-dropping all-white decor?! Nothing can replace the glamour of a modern nursery space draped in pure white. The modern high baby closet is perfect for the transitional years for your baby boy to accommodate all his new additions. The Milky white couch, crib, and wardrobe desk solidify the minimal decor. On the other hand, the crib design, tiny side window, and vase give a modern touch to the decor. A handful of colorful or pure pastel-toned toys can do magic to elevate the decor with proper placement. This works elegantly as a contemporary nursery or modern nursery for girls too!

8. Mid-Century Turned Minimalist

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (8)
Credit: Alexander and Co

An utterly tiny and simple place that talks ‘elegant’ at first look. The window design is definitely what catches attention. Although given a modern touch with plain white paint, this is quite a mid-century nursery element found in aristocratic houses. Thus, this simple decor element infuses a spirit of rich taste and history through the decor. To finish the minimal space, a fur rug is chosen to cover the entire floor space – an excellent element to cast away the monotonous tone and also eliminate daily maintenance. The cot is perfect for the transitional years of your baby and can be easily transformed or customized into a crib if needed. 

9. The Beach Fever

Minimalist Nursery Room decor for boys (9)
Credit: Neelam Interiors

For the beach boy! A treat for the wanderlusting parents and to infuse the fire of travel from an early age, this minimalist nursery space is ideal. With only a few handfuls of elements depicting sea life, this blue-in-white (or vice versa!) traditional nursery space infuses a love for travel, especially beaches. A really cute whale pouf is seen decorating the corner, a rare find elevating the aura of the space. The other elements also vibe equally well together like the built-in modern wall closet in pastel white paint, cozy floor rug in nude pastel, a jute candelabra, and a few storytime books for the little angel. The crib stands tall in the perfect place reflecting the abundance of sunshine through the window next to it.