9 Mid-Century Nursery Room Ideas for Boys

In this 21st Century, with the advancement in technology and a handful of opportunities, everyone wants to have the best and be the best! With the word ‘best’ being used for every object and place, it becomes very difficult to make the ‘right’ choice regarding everything. The same goes for the parents while taking major decisions for their babies. Right from the moment of birth, the parents grow all the busier in deciding what is the best for their little ones. In such a time, designing the nursery for your precious little guy is one of the basic steps toward making the right choice rather than the best one. Among the various themes of designing the nursery, there are Modern design, Transitional Design, Victorian style, etc. One of the most decent, affordable, and classy themes is the Mid-Century theme. It involves having tidy, fine lines, delicate designs, beautiful motifs, graphic designs, muted and neutral tones, along with several other features. Let us directly jump into the various Mid-Century nursery room ideas for your little boys.

1. Semi-Glass View Modern Aesthetic Nursery

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Credit: Z+ Interiors

This room is perfect for your little guy who loves glass windows and wooden furniture. Getting into the perfect blend of man-made and natural elements, this room showcases the ultimate mid-century style of interior design. With a dark teal grey wall to the glass roof window over the wall and one on the wall, the otherwise white room gets a sudden grade up of sophistication. The wooden bar and the wooden ladder in the room give an addition of natural elements to the nursery. The white traditional crib, the hand-woven grey rug, the soft toys, and the sofa chair are some of our favorite elements in this mid-century nursery room.

2. Fine Lines Nursery Room

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Credit: Livettes wallpaper

If your baby boy loves to be in a tidy atmosphere with a hint of closeness to nature, then this is the room for him! Your baby boy will love it here in this cozy nursery room. Filled with several elements of Mid-Century design, this room will fill up your boy’s senses. Our favorite is the use of the fine and clean lines on the upper half wall of the crib. The other half of the wall is constructed in a beautiful manner. The indoor plant in a jute plant holder radiates the effect of being closer to nature and encourages the baby to understand everything around him better. The medium tone wood floor and the jute textured chandelier make the room a bit Bohemian, therefore adding the Bohemian style to the Mid-Century decor of the nursery.

3. Fun with Twins Nursery Room

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Credit: Desjoconception

The title aptly justifies the nature and essence of the room. With the classic decoration of celebration banner flags hung across the room diagonally along with a classic circular khadi cloth chandelier, the room showcases the symmetrical patterns and neutral tones. Both of these are classic Mid-Century elements. The colors white and pastel green as the two cribs for the twins are a beautiful Mid-Century color palette choice. The motifs on the wall of one of the cribs with colorful pictures and the name of the baby crafted on it are another example of fun baby elements being combined with the Mid-century element of motifs and pastel shades. Our favorite would be the black and white rocking horse. The huge windows and pastel-shaded furniture are other features that make the room fun and cozier for the little babies to enjoy themselves.

4. The Jungle Book Mural Nursery Room

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Credit: Houzz

Let us get to the title of the idea of the room a bit later. What most fascinates us (and will fascinate the baby too) is the pop color combination of mellow yellow and faded pastel blue. The combination of pastel and pop color is doing rounds of amazement among every parent. The pop yellow crib, chair, and lion mat mixed with the faded blue walls, and the glass windows seem to add effect to the Mid-Century palette mix-up style. The symmetry and fine lines of the steel yellow crib and chair are other examples of perfect use of the Mid-Century idea of the nursery room. Coming to the title, your precious little baby will adore the beautiful jungle mural on one of the walls. The black and white jungle mural with different animals on the faded pastel blue wall creates a different mystery to the baby. The baby boy will surely fall in love with the animals on the wall and will develop curiosity in nature.

5. Little Stars Nursery Room

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Credit: Paule Bourbonnais Design

This room is for the guy who loves stars and is mesmerized by the galaxy and its wonders. The room has a relatively smaller size and makes the baby feel cozy. The neutral tone of the walls gives off a major Mid-Century style vibe in the room. The dark wooden floor mixed with a light wood shade furniture does a beautiful texture mix-up. The texture is also a part of the Mid-Century style of the nursery room. Most parts of the walls have shiny golden stars painted on the neutral tone base. The Mid-Century style of the chandelier creates warmth in the room that is suitable for the baby boy.

6. All White Nursery Room

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Credit: Livettes wallpaper

Each of us has a favorite color that we strongly prefer while selecting a dress or room shade or furniture shade. Well, in this case, this room is fit for the baby who prefers the faded white crumble neutral shade. As much as the shade brings out the Mid-Century nature of the room, it also enhances the coziness and warmth of the same. The combination of bright wooden floors with white walls and window panes adds a hint of simplicity to the room. The pastel-shaded sofa chair set or the traditional crib or the bookshelf add to the traditional beauty of the room and nobody can say otherwise. Our personal favorite is the beautiful rope-bound chandelier.

7. Everything for the Stylish Nursery Room

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Credit: Zoltan Construction LLC

The nursery room is perfect for your stylish little boy. If your little guy likes to be well dressed at all times, this is his room! The room has a few pieces of furniture arranged at an appropriate distance from each other to bring out the sophistication of the room. The Mid-Century design of the room has sophistication and cleanliness as some of the biggest elements. Our personal favorite is the all-white Mid-century style rocking horse set in the middle of the room on a brown macrame rug. The ash blue walls and the typical modern light attached ceiling fan provide warmth and comfort in the room.

8. Fun Lantern Nursery Room

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Credit: Liv Companies LLC Design + Build

The nursery is filled with funny lantern hangings. This room is perfect for your little boy who loves to be surrounded by DIY-crafted Chinese lanterns. The room is designed and constructed keeping in mind the classic Mid-Century style. The room has a pastel cream shade with blue dotted curtains on a white base that has motifs and patterns that are influenced by Mid-Century design. The Chinese lanterns are of various colors, and designs (our favorite one is the Fuschia pink fish lantern) and add a fun element to the room.

9. All Elements Nursery Room

Mid-Century Nursery Room Ideas for Boys (9)
Credit: Mend

As the title quite aptly justifies its nature, the room has several elements of the Mid-Century style of a room as well as the elements required for a baby boy’s nursery. The rocking cane chair is our favorite. The baby could rock in it for several hours and never get bored. The classically patterned wallpaper in the shade of blue on the wall of the traditional white crib is a classic element of using fine lines and patterns under the Mid-Century design. The pop sunny yellow hanging boat from the ceiling invites bright and sunny energy in the room. The glass doors and windows are a bonus to the beautiful decor.