9 Farmhouse Nursery Ideas for Boys

A typical maternal instinct for their babies is naturally caring for them and wanting the absolute best for their children. This nature in a parent starts even before their precious ones see the light of the world. The initial caring and worrying part of their angels include designing the most suitable nursery room. Each parent designs the perfect nursery room for their children by adding their little ones’ favorite elements, some fun elements for the baby to entertain in general, and a certain theme that would suit the parents’ as well as their kid’s taste. For the extremely royal and luxurious ones, the classic Victorian age theme is the most appropriate. For the ones who love the beach and seaside, the Coastal theme nursery rooms are the best. Similarly, for the babies and parents who love the rustic idea of farmhouse-style decor and the barnyard simplicity, then your best fit would be the Farmhouse theme nursery room. Without conducting a much-faded discussion, let us directly jump into the sea of Farmhouse ideas for your little boy’s nursery rooms.

1. Sudden Corners Nursery Room

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Yes, you read that right! This medium-sized nursery room has been constructed in a very clever manner. The room is being painted a clear sky blue that speaks of the natural rustic air. The fun elements like little plushies and the colorful number banner add life to the room. The sudden elongation of one of the corner walls creates a modern aspect of style in this farmhouse decor. The beautiful chandelier fan emits the ray of warmth needed by the baby boy in the room. The dusty shaded sofa chair brings out the farm aesthetics that we crave. Other than that, the white traditional furniture combined with the colorful pictures stuck on the walls is a beauty to behold!

2. Reclaimed Wooden Streak Nursery Room

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This room is an absolute stunner for a farmhouse design nursery. This is a cozy room that doesn’t have much furniture or too many elements. There indeed lies a great deal of sophistication in simplicity. To enhance the simplicity of the room, the practicality of modern elements is introduced in the room. The room is filled with wooden furniture, wooden pieces of decor, or storage on a typical wooden floor. The classic wooden crib lies on the floor and brings out the rawness of the barn. The rustic charm is enhanced with a piece of wooden decor on the wall of the room that has the name of the baby boy written on it. The cream-shaded sofa chair or the soft rug add to the look of the nursery room.

3. Blend of Modern and Patterned 

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This room showcases most of the elements of farmhouse-style decor. The room gives off a hint of a modern vibe in a cool airy barn atmosphere. The huge carpet on the dark wooden floor is in the shade of blue and comes with heavy patterns. The heaviness of patterns continues in the curtains of the window on one of the violet-blue walls of the room. The incorporation of the symmetrical lines in the room is a Modern theme effect. Acknowledging the modern nature of the room brings out another farmhouse-type element. The beautiful and royal chandelier along with other ceiling spotlights radiates warmth in the room. The archaic nature of the wooden furniture also enhances the farmhouse nature of the room and we are in love with this beauty.

4. Textured Mix up Nursery Room

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If you’re wondering whether the title of the room makes sense, well we can confirm that by the end of this passage you will understand the essence behind the title of the room. What we mostly love about the nature of the room is their genuine love for the farmhouse theme by incorporating a mixture of various textures used in the same. Let us begin with our favorite element in the room, the wrought iron crib. The incorporation of something in wrought iron is the greatest signal of texture mix-up. The Victorian-age black wrought iron crib is perfect for your little angel. The name of the baby boy is written on a piece of structure with a wooden frame bringing out the farmhouse simplicity. The incorporation of a classic cotton sofa chair in a  warm color is another texture mixup that we are proud to introduce in the room. Hence the title of the cute little nursery room is justified!

5. Stars and Sailing Nursery Room

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What are some of the things that any baby boy would love? The glittering stars, the beautiful moon, and the sailing ship. The wooden structures on the wall of the nursery room are a beauty to behold. In an otherwise dull shaded room, the wooden structures perfectly bring out the farmhouse style of the room. The room speaks of the extreme farmhouse aesthetics. The wooden ship sailing, the stars, and the little wooden rimmed mirror that hang on the wall of the traditional white crib give a  supremely sophisticated look. The wooden floor is another classic farm element that brings out natural simplicity in the nursery room.

6. Little Koala Feels Nursery Room

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The title aptly describes the nature of the room. This little room is all about the cute Koala vibes and your overloaded cute little munchkin. Your munchkin will love it in this sweet room filled with simplicity and the rustic air of a farmhouse. A few stunning fun elements promise to keep your baby busy for a long time. The gray blanket filled with white stars is a dream for your little guy. The gray furniture in a nursery with white walls enhances the farmhouse’s practicality as well as adds a charm to the Koala theme. The furniture has a farmhouse aesthetic look. The fuzzy white rug adds to the warmth in the room. Other than that the use of barn-style wood is another classic element of the farmhouse theme in the nursery room. Our favorite is the cute little picture of a Koala on the wall of the crib that justifies the title and amount of cuteness in the nursery.

7. Warm Attic Farmhouse Nursery Room

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This room is perfect for your little guy who loves to spend most of his time in an attic-style room filled with farmhouse elements. The classic use of warm and light shades as wall colors is a farmhouse element that everybody loves. Other than this the tapering ceiling that gives an attic feel is a warm feeling indeed. However, our favorite would be undeniably the contrast of a series of white furniture on a textured wooden floor. The single window with a wooden framework at the middle of the wall is another favorite. The wooden element gives a farmhouse vibe along with an air of simplicity and practicality. Overall, this room is a wonderful choice for your baby guy.

8. Little Ladder Fun Nursery Room

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This little cozy room is a beautiful example of a typical farmhouse look. The warm blue color of one of the walls is a perfect way to say it is a little guy’s room. This room is a renovated style of farmhouse decor. The construction of beam structures on one of the portions of the ceiling is a barnyard look and the portion is used as a trunk storage area. The cream cheese shade of the wooden ladder is carefully constructed to add a fun element to the room as well as facilitate the entry path to the inside of this super cozy room. The warm-colored furniture brings out the classic farmhouse style of the nursery room. The traditional crib is another suitable example of typical farmhouse architecture. Other elements of fun and farmhouse style are the quilted sofa chair, the cute key-holder, the handwoven rug, etc.

9. Classic Modern Farmhouse Nursery Room

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We welcome you to the typical modern nursery room with classic farmhouse details. Your baby boy will fall for the neutral shade of blue on the walls mixed with the incorporation of the various shades of blue in it. What we love most about this spacious room is their beautiful play of rustic architecture that brings out the farmhouse decor in the same. The contrast of dark black rustic furniture in the warm blue shade of the walls is a beauty to behold. The beautiful farmhouse-style patterned curtains and rug on the light Barnwood floor speak of the coziness of the farm in this room. We love the warmth from the ceiling light attached to the fan.