9 Coastal Nursery Room Decors For Boys

Every parent loves to plan their baby’s first nursery room! Although it might sound like a fun activity, the job is pretty tough. The parent has to figure out their little angel’s favorite color and theme and put them according to their own design. Today, there are several designs for a nursery room. Starting from the stunning Scandinavian decors, to the chic modern theme, nothing seems impossible to fit in a nursery room idea anymore. But if your baby boy loves bright colors, likes his atmosphere being airy, loves sea animals and beaches then the Coastal decor of the nursery room is perfect for him! Go for the bright blue colors and mix them with classic coastal elements to build your baby guy’s first-ever room and he will thank you guys later for sure!

1. Royalty at its Best Nursery Room

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This room is a perfect fit for your little prince who loves royalty! This nursery room is a mix of two major designs, the Coastal theme, and the Victorian theme. The royal coastal treatment in the room begins with the crystal chandelier in the shape of a ship that emits rays of warmth in the room. The wall of the crib is beautifully decorated with sky blue and ocean blue coastal effects. The classic Victorian black sleek crib is designed as a sailing ship. The constant mix of royalty with coastal effect makes it a special nursery room. The table and chair set are in the mid-century style but keep the ship theme in mind. The coastal art on the carpet is one of the many coastal elements in this extravagant room! The curtains and the dolphin plushies in the corner are our favorites. This luxurious room is perfect for your little prince who loves sailing!

2. Hexagonal Everything Coastal Nursery Room

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The room is in a hexagonal shape that tapers from the upper corners and the white crib is classic for a bath on the coasts. The colorful curtains of the huge window impart a vibrant and eclectic effect. The floor lamp with a wooden decorative tripod stand base is a classic element that enhances the look of his fun room. The room showcases every coastal element. Right from the airy room to the bright shaded furniture, every element gives a major coastal vibe to the room. The crazy patterned sofa chair is a beauty to behold. Overall, this fun room makes you wanna dive into the sea and run around the beach all at once!

3. Map with Coastal Fun Nursery Room

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This cozy room hints at a major nerd alert! If your little guy loves nerdy things and is curious about the world, then this room is perfect for him! The map on the wall of the crib is a big example of such. The ocean animals blanket in the traditional white crib speaks of the coastal element in this room. The cloud and flying seagulls hanging over the crib are another major coastal vibe in the room that we love!

4. Patterns and Wood-Blue Nursery Room

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This room is for the baby boy who loves to keep it casual. The color combination of blue and brown in wooden texture brings out the coastal vibe of the room. The symmetry in blue patterns on the wall of the crib enhances the coastal effect of the room. The white traditional crib on the peach floor has a handmade fluffy rug over it. The black chest of drawers with a golden handle brings out the wonderful color combination of the room. The coastal effect of the room is added with the wooden mirror and other pieces hung on the wall of the drawers. Overall, the baby will surely enjoy himself in this casual little coastal nursery room.

5. Coast nearby the Woods Nursery Room

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Don’t get confused by the title of the room. This nursery has a coastal theme but with a base of wooden texture. The entire room seems to be built in a wooden texture giving it an appearance of being in the woods. The warm yellow lighting reminds us of the coastal theme. The coast could be viewed from the little window that permits enough light and air to fill this tiny little room with natural light and breeze. Nature’s elements are minimalistic yet shine brightly into the toughest hearts. The brown and black boat figure on one of the walls brings out the coastal vibe of the room. Our favorite is most certainly the beautiful intricate work on the cane and wooden textured crib. The sofa chair and pouf add to the look of the room.

6. Careful with the Baby Nursery Room

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Yes, you read the title right! This room is built for the baby who loves the coastal design but is very restless and needs to be kept under strict surveillance. The ocean animals hanging over the crib give a major coastal theme vibe in the room. The traditional crib has bedding that is cozy and coastal enough for the baby to rest in. The white base of furniture in the room invites a light color idea of the coastal design of the room. The single bed in the room is for one of the parents to rest and keep an eye on their little one at all times.

7. Coastal Animals Nursery Room

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This room practically screams ‘Coastal Fun’. The sea blue walls of the room are just complementing the coastal design of the room. The big windows make the room airy and breezy and establish a suitable coastal design. Our favorite is the deep sea blue tent where the little guy would love to be other than the crib. Speaking of the crib, the dark charcoal gray traditional crib lies on the textured wooden floor. The mix of texture and the sea elements make the room feel more coastal than ever. The ocean animals like octopuses, whales, colorful fishes, and turtles fill the rug of the room and thus fill our hearts! The beautiful octopus outline on the wall of the crib is a beauty to stare at!

8. Cozy Cool Coastal Nursery Room

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The alliteration in the title perfectly describes this nursery room. If your baby boy has the habit of always playing it cool and loves being cozy all the time in a fun environment, this room is for him! The coastal elements of the room include wide windows to let in maximum natural energy, light colors, and rich texture. The abstract addition of bookshelves in the corners just brings out the little funny nerd in the boy. The multi-utility crib and light-shaded sofa against the huge window are our favorite elements in the room. Other than that, the beautiful portrait on the wall of the crib seems to be a real showstopper.

9. Fun Blue Palette Nursery Room

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This room gives off the typical modern look mixed with a somewhat rustic environment. The white walls of the room are decorated with beautiful jute storage bags and wooden artwork hung from one of the walls. The light colors and jute textured materials bring out the classic coastal decor in the room. The symmetrical play of different shades of blue in the room adds an effect of coastal design in this nursery. The truck loaded with the toys for the baby boy is as fun to see as to play with. The little bundle of joy will enjoy every bit in this coastal nursery room.