30 Large Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

Large kitchen- What to expect?

You will see large kitchens mostly in ancient houses. It is difficult to build big kitchens in today’s era as space is limited. But it doesn’t mean that it is totally out of trend. Many people dream of large size vintage-styled kitchen. The benefits of using a large-sized kitchen are

  • the freedom to experiment with multiple patterns in a single room
  • a lot of space to keep kitchen appliances
  • styling a statement wall
  • freedom in choosing multiple spots for sitting
  • No congested space so you can enjoy cooking
  • adding multiple islands and cupboards
  • getting a lavish feel
  • track light and multiple lighting setups will enhance the look and will reflect better in large spaces
  • You will not be messy while cooking
  • False ceiling looks better in larger rooms
  • If you plan wisely, large kitchens can be built under budget

As you can see there are many benefits of choosing a large-sized kitchen. If you are a person who likes working in large open spaces and have a big family, these thirty large-sized kitchen designs will inspire you. Large kitchens are always a sign of luxury and beauty. There are multiple designs for you to choose from based on the concept you want to design your kitchen. But, some cons come along with large-size kitchens.

  • These types of kitchens are difficult to manage
  • Take a long time to clean
  • You have to remember where you keep essential kitchen items, if you forget-it will be like searching for a needle in an ocean!
  • Renovating kitchen will not be easy
  • Off-course, it will be expensive as you need to cover a large room
  • You will be messy while cleaning
  • a lot of the kitchen space will be unused most of the time

Overall, it depends on the preference of an individual to go a particular size or concept of kitchen. Below are some interesting large kitchen design ideas and you will notice most of them are transitional or rustic kitchen types. The rustic kitchen is all about decorating the kitchen with wood and dark wooden shades. Using wooden beams in ceilings and robust wooden islands are its components. A rustic kitchen will make the kitchen look organized and well-furnished and thus all vintage kitchens you see have rustic designs.

Transitional kitchens are a mix of modern and old styles. You can see some images like the one in image no 11, it is a transitional kitchen design. There are flat cabinets and wooden beamed ceilings.

1. Wooden kitchen

A wooden kitchen with wooden walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture is depicted in this photograph. It’s entirely made of wood and gives the impression of being within a cube. An L-shaped kitchen with a white countertop can be seen within this wonderful interior. Above the stovetop, a stainless steel chimney is installed.

A large window beside the sink provides a glimpse of the outside world. Near the sink, there is a glass door that goes to the grass. The vaulted ceiling features a steel beam in the middle. You’ll notice that there are fewer top cabinets. On the walls, there are many drawers and separate wall cabinets.

At the other end of the kitchen, there is a separate refrigerator compartment. In the center, there is a lot of space. There is no island in the kitchen, but there is a dining table. This notion may be used in the design of a huge kitchen.

Large Kitchen Design 1
Designed by – Tulip Hardwood Floors

2. Beige kitchen

Beige kitchens have been increasingly popular in recent years. It was considered a luxury. The space in this kitchen has been well used. Even though the kitchen is large, it does not appear like much of it is wasted. There are large shaker cabinets in the classic style.

Above the stone wall, there are many higher cupboards. Vertical lines have been put over the panels to distinguish them from other panels in the bottom cabinets. Near the farmhouse sink, there is a half-height glass wall. A 4L bifold window with dark bronze twin point locking hardware is also included.

Through these wonderful glasses, you may enjoy the outside view. It grabs the attention of the audience. The countertops are likewise beige. In the center of the kitchen, there is an island with seating. The backsplash is similarly beige and has some designs on it. The ceilings are dark wood with wooden beams, while the flooring is a medium-tone brown.

Large Kitchen Design 2
Designed by – Vista Pointe Architectural Systems LLC

3. Gallery kitchen

A huge kitchen is depicted in this photograph, which has a beige wooden tone ceiling and wooden glass frames. The beige-toned walls complement the beige-toned wooden cabinets well. It’s set up in a gallery style, with the stove near the wall. Above the cooktop is a stainless steel chimney.

On one end, there is a large refrigerator section, and on the other end, there is a large wooden cabinet for storing kitchen items. Beige stone is used for the backsplash. The island has two sides and ceramic-tile counters. It has a longer length and an undermount sink. Near the glass divider walls, there is a separate eat-in kitchen table. The kitchen has beige tiled floors that give it a trendy appeal.

Large Kitchen Design 3
Designed by – JW Architects

4. White marble

When you add vaulted ceilings to a kitchen, it appears more appealing. The ceiling and walls are both completely white. Below the ceiling is a large window. It’s a kitchen with one wall and a large island. There is no backsplash in this room. A sink is conveniently located beside the contemporary stove.

On the other side of the room is a refrigerator area. Instead of a backsplash, a glass window is employed, which adds to the room’s visual appeal. Upper cabinets are absent, and many drawers are supplied in their place. For cabinet doors, flat panel doors are employed. A white marbled island with marbled faces and a sitting place may be found. The floor is also tiled in white.

Large Kitchen Design 4

Designed by – Contemporáneo Cocina

5. Stone statement walls

It’s a U-shaped kitchen with an open concept. The classic style is enhanced by the presence of stone statement walls. The ceiling is mostly made of wood and is rather high. The cooktop area is located in the center of the statement wall. Above the stove are stainless steel and upper cabinet piece. Wooden flat-panel doors with a black marbled tabletop adorn the lower cabinets.

There is a seating space on an island with an undermount sink. One side of the room includes a U-shaped bottom cupboard for storing kitchen items. A wooden refrigerator and microwave are located on the opposite end. The beige-toned flooring matches the beige-toned ceiling walls.

Large Kitchen Design 5
Designed by – WoodCase Fine Cabinetry

6.  Black backsplash with wooden cabinets

This image shows a wooden kitchen with a grey backsplash and black countertops. It has an L-shaped layout with wooden cabinets. An Upper wooden cabinet with flat panels is provided. A stainless steel chimney is present above the cooktop. The other side is a glass-partitioned window that has a sink near to it. Separate cupboards are provided near the sink area. An island with a black countertop and sink can be seen. Floors are medium wooden in shade. You can see the ceilings have a shiny beige shade surface.

Large Kitchen Design 6

Designed by – Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc.

7. Grey kitchen

The color grey provides your kitchen with a neutral feel. It can assist in stress relief and relaxation. This kitchen has glossy woodwork and white marble tiles in a contemporary design. First and foremost, the ceiling appears to be basic and attractive. Because there are a variety of furniture finishes, including matt, glossy, and marble, there isn’t much work done on the ceiling. There are two islands in this gallery-style grey kitchen.

White marble countertops adorn the tops and sides of the islands. The first island has a sink, while the second island may be used as a sitting space. There are several storage drawers available. Glossy silver flat-panel doors adorn the upper cabinet. The lower cabinet has a matt surface, as you can see.

For storage, there is an undermount wall cabinetry with a matt grey finish. The backsplashes are quite interesting, and the overall design is very well-aligned. Because it is such a spacious kitchen, two islands may easily be accommodated.

Large Kitchen Design 7
Designed by – Sterling Development Corp.

8. Traditional kitchen with granite countertops

Because of its design and furniture arrangements, the conventional kitchen always takes up a lot of room. It has a lot of detail in the cabinet design and ceilings, and it looks great. Inside this kitchen, there is a vaulted ceiling and an old-style window. Inside the kitchen, there are several cabinets and drawers.

Inside this U-shaped kitchen, there is a separate microwave and refrigerator portion. The cooking area is partially enclosed by walls on both sides. The chimney, which has a wooden cover, is located above it. It has a beige hue to it and is quite lovely. The backsplash tiles are very stunning.

As a countertop, a beige tone ceramic tile may be observed. In the center of the kitchen, a sturdy island design with a dark oak foundation can be observed. Overall, it is a nice look for your large kitchen setup. You can pick any one element of this kitchen for your next kitchen design.

Large Kitchen Design 8
Designed by – RKI Interior Design

9. Farmhouse kitchen

It is a farmhouse-style kitchen with the usage of big, wooden beams at the ceilings. There is one statement wall that contains a raw brick-patterned design. It is a one-wall kitchen set up with white and grey cabinets. The ceiling is also painted white. The appliances like the cooktop, chimney, and refrigerator are sky blue.

Other walls are white in shade. A lot of dark wooden furniture has been used in the kitchen. A black countertop is used for island base cabinets.  It is a farmhouse-style large kitchen design where you can bring different colors into use. White, blue, and grey are used perfectly and they properly align with each other. The floors are in medium tone.

Large Kitchen Design 9
Designed by – Moses Construction, Inc.

10. Farmhouse kitchen in L-layout

Another wooden-toned kitchen and the rationale for selecting woods is their ability to make the room appear larger. The ceilings are made out of massive, old-style wooden beams. For the chimney, a separate wooden piece is built. The microwave part is visible behind it. White base cabinets with high doors adorn the lowest part.

Instead of using an undermount sink, many farmhouse sinks are used. Other kitchen supplies have been stored in various wooden upper cabinets. In the center of the room is a large white island with a black surface. A separate table serves as a prep area. The off-white backsplash walls go well with the rest of the decor.

Large Kitchen Design 10
Designed by – Peter Zimmerman Architects

11. Transitional kitchen

Transitional kitchens are a great way to keep your kitchen looking fresh throughout the season. This image includes both classic and modern kitchen design ideas. Large oak beams run the length of the ceilings. The kitchen is connected to the outside world through a series of windows. You can soak sunlight in the morning and gaze at the sky at night. It’s a wonderful spot to interact and host house parties.

The interior has green-tinted top wall cabinets and a hearth. The hearth gives the kitchen a rustic feel. Raised panel white cabinets with black counters make up the lower cabinets. On top of it is a black farmhouse sink. There is a square island with brown wood counters and black painted wooden cabinetry.

Large Kitchen Design 11
Designed by – Village Handcrafted Cabinetry

12. White farmhouse design

White is a natural color. It will appear to expand the space. It’s an open kitchen with an L-shaped arrangement. Raised panels and many drawers ensure that you never run out of storage space. The ceiling is painted entirely in white, although a few orange wooden beams added flair.

The focus of the audience is drawn to the wooden kitchen hood. The cooktop is made of stainless steel. An island in the middle with a white tiled countertop serves as a place to relax and eat. A wooden slab area is located near the refrigerator part and is used to store plates, coffee cups, and decorations.

Large Kitchen Design 12
Designed by – Kirby Walls Custom Builders

13. Traditional Kitchen

There’s a lot to like about this kitchen design. It provides a nice atmosphere for hanging out and hosting house parties. Essentially, it is a one-wall kitchen. The island’s L-shaped configuration adds to its uniqueness and appeal. Your friends and family will enjoy spending time in your kitchen. It is also a fully working kitchen at the same time. A single-wall kitchen has many kitchen cabinets installed on it. There is a white hearth with a white backsplash.

A white multi-drawer island with a black countertop can be seen in the center. A separate space near the window is designated for proper eating while admiring the scenery. The walls and ceiling are also beige. We have a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams once more, and it feels like we’re in another room. Again we have a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams and feels like designers like it a lot!

Large Kitchen Design 13
Designed by – THINK Architecture, Inc.

14. Blue Vintage Kitchen

It appears to be quite stylish and appealing. The bright turquoise color scheme in the kitchen evokes feelings of being near the sea. It is simple and soothing to the eyes. The kitchen has an L-shaped arrangement with a peninsula. The windows are large and attractively framed in white.

The use of open kitchen shelves helps to make the space appear more dynamic. Here’s where you’ll put your matching kitchen supplies. Lower base cabinets in turquoise with white marble counters can be found. Above the cooktop is a gorgeous white kitchen hood. There are two sinks in the peninsula, one in each corner. The ceiling is white, with horizontal white beams.

Large Kitchen Design 14
Designed by – PB Kitchen Design

15. Yellow L-shaped kitchen

Yellow is a vibrant hue that symbolizes youth, pleasure, and optimism. Simple yellow tones may be seen throughout this huge kitchen. The ceiling is plain and white. A set of higher white cabinets for holding kitchen necessities. Near the sink, there is a window. Lower cabinets feature an L-shaped configuration with many drawers.

There are doors with flat panels. In the center of the room is an island with a black surface. The stovetop is visible in the center of the kitchen, with a chimney on top. The floors are a light hue of wood. It’s a really simple design that you may use as inspiration if you’re on a budget.

Large Kitchen Design 15
Designed by – Lane Williams Architects

16. Industrial kitchen

In business settings, industrial kitchens are widespread. However, some individuals now utilize it in their homes to give their kitchens a more professional appearance. Ceilings have exposed pipes, and a raw design is desired. You’ll notice exposed brick walls or rough-textured walls. A more shiny and warm wooden color contrast will be present. As you can see, the kitchen walls are covered with exposed brick wallpaper.

In this L-shaped kitchen, you’ll be able to cook more efficiently. A stainless steel refrigerator is set on the wall, and beyond it are a series of higher cabinets with raised black panels. At the corner, there is a simple open-shelf cupboard. The focus of the Industrial kitchen was on making it utilitarian.

A wonderful large island with wooden seats is available for munching. The pricey glasses are kept on a wooden platform underneath the higher shelves. Overall, it’s a lovely design for large kitchens because the industrial pipe ceiling requires a lot of space to avoid looking crowded.

Large Kitchen Design 16

Designed by – Dura Supreme Cabinetry

17. High ceiling in Large kitchen

It’s love at first sight in this kitchen! Extra-high ceilings give the room a more beautiful appearance. Larger windows can be accommodated, allowing for continuous natural light exposure throughout the day. There will be additional décor alternatives, such as accent walls or glass-partitioned walls, to bring attention to the space.

A high wooden ceiling with tiny beams runs throughout this kitchen. The walls have a rough texture to make them appear more aesthetic and natural. Furthermore, all of the cabinets are orange-colored wood. Lower cabinets have a shorter height than standard cabinets.

Cabinets include flat-panel doors and a streamlined design that makes working with them a breeze. Wood has been used to cover the chimney. Covering the chimney was necessary to maintain the design integration. In the center of the room is an island with many shelves and the same wooden design pattern. Finally, the flooring has antique, rustic design patterns.

Overall, it’s a beautiful design. The design’s only flaw is that it is difficult to maintain. Because the ceiling is so high, you’ll need to have it cleaned and maintained on a monthly or yearly basis by specialists.

Large Kitchen Design 17
Designed by – Murdock Solon Architects

18. White modern kitchen

White kitchens are quite popular, and because of their versatility to any style or pattern, it is the most popular wall color. White will provide the idea of extra space in bigger kitchens. A modern kitchen with a streamlined design may be seen here. The tops of the upper cabinets have light green flip panels.

It features a peninsula and an L-shaped configuration. The cooktop is in the center, with a chimney on top. Between them is a white island with an undermount sink. White is also the color of the counters. You don’t need any windows because it’s an open kitchen. A glass panel is used to fill a tiny gap between the bottom of the top cabinet and the bottom of the lower cabinet.

Large Kitchen Design 18
Designed by – Krista + Home

19. Green backsplash

As you can see, the area appears to be more open. It’s ideal for holding parties and fits in well with the residential decor. In a white-washed living room, this kitchen is set up. The olive green backsplash tiles may be seen within this open kitchen. Dark hardwood flat-panel cabinets are present.

On the wall side, there is a stainless steel cooktop. There is a peninsula with a sink. As a prep space, an island with grey cabinets and white counters will be used. The kitchen’s components are complimented by the modest ceiling and light hardwood floor hues.

Large Kitchen Design 19
Designed by – Signature Custom Homes

20.  Contemporary kitchen with wooden ceiling

This kitchen has a warm, inviting atmosphere. The kitchen is open to the living area and is connected to it. A beige-toned faux hardwood ceiling creates a pleasant ambiance. This is a large kitchen with a one-wall design. Between the other beige-toned cabinets is a large chimney.

The refrigerator and microwave are housed in a separate portion of wall-mounted cabinets. A big peninsula serves as an excellent location for meal preparation and snacking. A sink is present within. Furthermore, the floor is tiled in beige. Outside, there is a large grass. Outside the kitchen, there is a beige-colored dining table. A stunning beige monochromatic appearance was achieved in the kitchen.

Large Kitchen Design 20
Designed by – Ascaya

21. One-Wall Kitchen

We have beige-tinted walls once more, but this time with the addition of black cabinets. It’s a kitchen with a single wall and a spacious island. Near the stove, there is a light beige backsplash tile. The room is completely engulfed by black cabinets on all sides. Soffits are used to fill in the spaces between cabinets and the wall. From both the sides and the top, these soffits encircle the cabinets. It has a beige hue to it.

The kitchen is adorned by an island with beige tinted shelving and flat-panel doors. Above the base cabinets is a white countertop. The wooden flooring is beige. The design incorporates both black and beige elements. As a result, it’s a fantastic design!

Large Kitchen Design 21
Designed by – Martine Paquin Design

22. Double Island

A lot of room is unused when you build your kitchen according to contemporary standards. This is because current designs are basic and take up less room. You may take advantage of this. Adding numerous islands will aid in the process. Pergola ceilings with a white tone may be found in this kitchen. The walls are white, and there are windows at counter height. It’s designed in an L shape with stainless steel counters. At the foot of the cabinets is a sink. Induction stoves are located in the window area and do not have a chimney.

Two white islands with broad white marble counters complement each other well. One island may be used for meal prep, while the other can be used for vegetable washing. On the other wall, there is a wooden cabinet with wooden upper cabinets for storing necessities.

Large Kitchen Design 22
Designed by –Specht Architects

23. Skylight ceiling

It’s a large space with a skylight and wooden beams. A vaulted ceiling with furnished beige hue wood has given the area an attractive charm. You’ll like cooking in this enclosed kitchen since it gives you personal privacy and comfort. It’s U-shaped, with the sink near the window.

White counters go nicely with white walls. A tiny cooking portion with a wooden cover chimney is located at the kitchen’s entrance. Multiple cabinets are installed in the kitchen to ensure that you never run out of storage space. An island with seating looks fantastic.

Large kitchens with open designs contribute to the attractiveness of the area and make it appear more inviting to the spectator. If this plan had been built without the skylight, it would not have looked as well as it does now.

Large Kitchen Design 23
Designed by – Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom by Bradlee

24. Open-Concept Marble Kitchen

There is an idea to accommodate small to medium to kitchen layout into big rooms. It helps to create more space for socializing and multi-tasking. Here, white color is used for cabinets and grey marbles for countertops and backsplash. A glass partitioned window helps to get direct sunlight into the kitchen.

The ceiling is high and the floors are pale wooden in shade. You get a modern cabinet design with flat panels that goes well with other kitchen components. The refrigerator has a sleek design with white panels. It is a one-wall kitchen and thus cooktop and sink are placed simultaneously.

Large Kitchen Design 24
Designed by – AbbyElle Style

25. Ceramic Tile kitchen

There are ceramic tiles used entirely in this large-sized kitchen. Black ceramic tiled cabinets with grey islands look unique and aesthetic. There are wide cabinets with flat panel doors present in L-layout. The backsplash wall contains grey ceramic tiles. The lower cabinet has a sink, a cooktop.

In the middle, you will find a sink too. The island has a wooden slab attached to its end that act as a dining area. The ceiling has a wooden surface with a skylight for getting direct sunlight. A metallic hanging shelf increases the overall beauty of the kitchen.

Large Kitchen Design 25
Designed by – Carte Blanche Studio

26. Blue kitchen

The kitchen has seaside vibes and is extremely modern, with a sleek, polished appearance. It is an open kitchen with a plain white ceiling and wall-mounted cupboards on the other side of the wall. There are also white upper cabinets and an island. The island features a broad white countertop, a sink, and a stove. A stainless steel chimney is located above the cooktop.

The bottom cabinets are blue, matching the other tall wall cabinets. The floors are white tiles, which give the kitchen a clean appearance.

Large Kitchen Design 26
Designed by – Amandine Tosello

27. Light Blue kitchen with Peninsula

This is yet another example of a vibrant blue kitchen. The island body and two of the walls have a polished light blue tint. The lighting beneath the shelves and islands adds a fantastic touch.

A peninsula with a graphite countertop can be seen in the foreground. Lower kitchen cabinets are white coated with a graphite countertop. It is a U-shaped kitchen with an unusual design since the refrigerator and microwave are separated by a short piece in the middle. Designers have given the kitchen a lot of room and comfort without making it appear uninteresting.

Large Kitchen Design 27
Designed by – Mal Corboy Design

28. Rustic and traditional kitchen

It is a traditional kitchen design with a touch of thick wooden slab attached to the entrance to give it a bit of rustic look. There is traditional coffered ceilings design with conventional cabinets.

It has a L-shaped layout with cooktop at the wall region. The island contains a sink. Furthermore, the refrigerator is present at the corner and the microwave section at the other corner of the wall. Islands have thick white marble countertops and a black base cabinet.

Large Kitchen Design 28
Designed by – Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

29. Vaulted ceiling

The style is best suited for farmhouse-style kitchens. It has a completely beige hardwood shade. The vaulted ceiling with wooden beams adds further strength. This kitchen has an unusual design with open cooking space and no cabinets near the stove or eating area.

The cabinets are either wall-mounted or positioned separately outside the curving lower cabinet part. This style of kitchen allows you to experience the true joy of cooking while also providing extra room and the ability to host home parties.

For storage, the u-shaped cooking table contains a variety of compartments both inside and outside. A seating space beside the stove is available for eating.

Large Kitchen Design 29
Designed by – Caddis, PC

30. Modern Grey kitchen

Last but not the least, we have our last large kitchen design with modern design kitchen. It is white and olive grey in color. There are multiple white cabinets surrounding the walls in L-layout. There are lower cabinets with white, sleek panels. The backsplash has light greyish walls. There is white plain ceiling with wooden floors.

The islands have a olive grey cabinetry and white tiled countertop. It contains a sink too. This kitchen is a good example of fully functional kitchen.

Large Kitchen Design 30
Designed by – Paradisa Homes & Commercial