30 Distressed Kitchen Cabinets- Add Accent To Your Kitchen

Generally, we have a concept that old and weathered appearance of any object is not appealing to eyes and cant even think of utilizing it in our interiors. But the fact is that if used moderately, it can enhance the look. We called this old and weathered appearance in interior as distressed look.

Nothing is done without a purpose! It was mostly used in old architecture but even in today’s modern kitchen setup, you can easily see one or two distressed furniture or kitchen components inside it. Though a distressed cabinet may seem like an odd choice, it can be the perfect addition to a modern kitchen.

A distressed cabinet can add character and personality to a space that might be otherwise cold and sterile. It can also help to break up the monotony of all white or all black cabinets. If you’re looking for a way to add unique style to your kitchen, consider using a distressed cabinet.

Distressed look is also easily achievable as you just need to remove the shine and smooth finish of the furniture. You can easily get this look for your kitchen without any professional help.

Below are some of the examples of distressed kitchen look-

1. Green Distressed Cabinet

Designed by – Key Resident

This is a lovely green color distressed cabinet setup that gives an old yet aesthetic vibe to the entire kitchen. The countertop has sleek white tiles that made the entire look balanced. The floors are wooden and the ceiling has exposed beams that make the entire look classic and the colors add warmth.

2. Forest green distressed cabinet

This is a rustic kitchen with huge and robust furniture where you can see the wooden and white distressed cabinets on the upper wall. It has a low ceiling with exposed beams and distressed furniture in the other corner.

The eye-catching part is the island that has bright forest green paint with a slight appearance of getting weathered. It looks awesome with the beige marble tiles as its countertops. The entire look is just amazing and you can incorporate this green island look into your modern kitchen and will not disappoint you!

3. Blue and light grey distressed cabinet

This image shows a light greyish cabinet along with a dark blue cabinet that adds balance as well as variety. It has one light and one dark color that creates a good contrast. The weathered appearance of the furniture makes it look quite rustic.

Not all the cabinets are the same, at the corner there are well-polished beige cabinets but the majority of them have rustic effects. The ceiling is also wooden and unpolished which matching with the dining table region.

4. Vintage furniture

Designed by – KPD Interiors

Here, the furniture looked like it is extremely bleached as it lost its color in some areas and looks pale. The designer has used this design with stainless steel dishwasher and sink to avoid extreme luster.

Furthermore, backsplash tiles are multicolored and set well with these cabinets. You can see the ceiling has wooden with an orange tone that emits brightness. The floor has concrete tiles. Overall, it has a balanced look that looks unique and adorable.

5. Beige distressed cabinet

Designed by – Anonymous 

With beige distressed cabinets, the kitchen looks fantastic. The cabinets, as you can see, have some black markings that are forming patterns. The counters are the same color as the cabinets. The lower cabinets offer a distressed cabinet style with many drawers. The countertop is topped with a beige marble finish. This style adds a great sense of heritage to the kitchen.

6. Aesthetic distressed cabinet

Designed by – Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The grey cabinet has a light white tone and a rough texture, which makes it seem appealing. It appears nicer this way since the glossy finish gives it a more polished appearance, and it’s also more soothing and pleasant to the eye.

To give it a genuine hand-painted look, it has a gentle touch of white with some unpainted wooden sections. It has a classic style and is appropriate for your kitchen furnishings since it provides a touch of class to the space.

7. Rustic vintage furniture

Designed by – chas architects

All of the furniture in this kitchen has a distressed appearance, giving it a rustic feel. The lower cabinets are dark brown, while the above cabinets are caramel color with a distressed effect created by mixing black paint.

The island is the focal point, with a completely worn look and a beige countertop above it. This is an example of a fully distressed kitchen cabinet that adds a rustic feel to the area while also making it appear vintage. You may experiment with this at home and see how it appears in your environment.

8. French blue distressed cabinetry

Pictured by – Peter Lyons Photography

The hue French blue was popular in the 1990s, and we often forget how restful and soothing it can be in the kitchen. The faded French blue cabinets look fantastic in this kitchen and are well-suited to the space.

Wooden beams adorn the ceilings, and the counters appear to be made of the same material. The faded French blue cabinet gives a touch of chill to the kitchen. The cabinet does not look to be completely worn out, but it also does not appear to be polished. It has a typical distressed appearance.

9. Green and Blue light distressed setup

Pictured by – Shutterstock

The faded blue and green cabinet gives a retro vibe. It appears to be even better and more beautiful. The upper cabinets are dark green in color and have a little weathered appearance. The lower one is entirely worn, and the wooden sections are visible. The appearance of the cabinets is balanced with a wooden backsplash.

10. Turquoise distressed cabinetry

Designed by – color theory Boston

Turquoise is a color of charm, and the ragged effect adds to its aesthetic appeal. White spots go all the way around the frame of the door cabinetry. Lower cabinets feature a gleaming turquoise finish that complements the distressed aesthetic.

Because of its balanced appearance, the entire area exudes a refreshing atmosphere. This transparent glass cabinet is ideal for storing pantries or cutlery. White patches go well with white worktops and a farmhouse sink.

The raw brick aspect of the wall beside the ruined cabinet is also noticeable. It also contributes to the look’s enhancement.

11. Light wood distressed look

Designed by – Rachel Mast Design

Distressed cabinets cover the entire kitchen. The off white distressed cabinets with white distressed island is the focal point. The vaulted ceiling is entirely constructed of wood, as you can see. The island region has fading white paint with black streaks. In addition, there is a beige countertop that completes the design.

12. Monochrome beige distressed look

This is a beige-toned, totally distressed kitchen. It has a rock carving feel to it and gives the area a warm atmosphere. It features unpolished light-colored wood cabinets with beige backsplash tiles. A beige unpolished hardwood hood is present.

The doors on the top cabinets feature vertical linings, and the drawers are worn. The chairs, too, have an antique style that goes well with the kitchen. The island also has a polished hardwood countertop.

13. Simple distressed look

Designed by – Karen Lane Designs

This is an open kitchen with wood cabinets that is slightly distressed. There are light and dark brown cabinets with black streaks to give them a distressed aspect. In the center, there is a conventional island with a beige countertop. The chairs, too, have a streaky appearance.

14. Lime and Red distressed cabinet

Designed by – Ourso Designs

The red island base cabinet has a distressed appearance. Due to white streaks, the faded red cabinetry has a subtle pink look. Thus even if you incorporate this cabinet in a modern kitchen it will look slightly distressed and will complement the other components.

The lime hue distressed cabinets in the other section of the kitchen blend wonderfully to give the kitchen a lovely vibe. In this gallery-style kitchen, the ceiling is entirely made of wood. Because there is an open kitchen in the living room area, it appears to be a great spot to gather.

15. Light Blue distressed cabinet

Designed by – Period Architecture Ltd.

Inside this stone wall interior, light blue kitchen cabinets looks fantastic. This distressed cabinetry goes well with the stone and wood in this room since they complement each other. Glossy or glossy cabinetry would look out of place in this room.

The stones add warmth to the room, which is balanced with cold blue colors. You can notice the hood that features a rock arch and a white tiled backsplash.

16. Distressed Copper look

Designed by – Herbert William Limited

In terms of interior design, a distressed aesthetic is not restricted to wood; any material with a worn appearance can be termed distressed. Copper has been used to produce a distinctive design with a rustic touch that blends nicely with stone walls.

This effect is achieved by removing the polish from copper, and it is used on the lower, upper, and island base cabinets.

17. White distressed cabinet

We’ve seen faded white paint cabinets before, but this one doesn’t have any streaks or appear to be worn out. However, it falls into the distressed cabinet category, with minimal staining and a conventional door style. The black marbled countertop contrasts with the beige backsplash tiles. Overall, it’s a beautiful cabinet that you may use in your home.

18. Dark Blue distressed cabinet

Designed by – Kylie M. Interiors

This cabinetry has a cool blue grey color with a semi-polished finish. It looks fantastic and blends in seamlessly with the kitchen’s decor. Inside this u-shaped kitchen, there is a black countertop. There is a portion with stainless steel sinks and equipment. With a metallic handle and a raised panel style, the cabinets have a great finish.

19. White distressed cabinet look

Designed by – KR paint effects

This is a white destressed cabinet with black streaks, unpolished and weathered look. It looks vintage and the color combination of white with beige countertops make it more believable to be the kitchen of 20th century.

There is beige countertop with round edges and a two level island design. The base cabinet of island has a sink and the raised level act as a dining table. The cabinetry has raised traditional doors with multiple drawers. Floors have cement tiles that looks great on this kitchen.

20. Raw unpolished wooden look

Designed by – TEM Photography

This raw, unpolished kitchen appearance is ideal for a farmhouse or rustic kitchen. The rustic kitchen is given a soul by the distressed cabinets. The whole cupboard section in this room is composed of wood with black streaks.

Raised hardwood panels with a metallic handle are included. The drawers on the island and the sink cabinet are made of unpolished wood. On the black marble countertop with the stove, it looks fantastic. Small vertical wooden slabs are arranged in order to create the cabinet panel.

This design stems from the 1920s and is fairly simple.

21. Light green and white distressed cabinetry

Designed by – BG studio designs

Distressed cabinets in two distinct colors can be seen in the kitchen. The first is white, whereas the second is pale green or lime. With elevated cabinetry, the white cabinets feature yellowish and black streaks.

The cornice is decorated with a typical brick wall theme. Green base cabinetry with black countertop and curved edges can be seen on the island. The island has its own stove area and a wooden floor.

22. Pastel green distressed cabinetry

Pictured by – Na-dache.pro

The stone wall kitchen is enhanced by a stunning pastel green cabinetry with a somewhat distressed aspect. The ceiling is covered in wooden slabs. And the hood is constructed entirely of stone.

Multiple see-through glass styles can be found on the upper green cabinetry. The base cabinet has a number of worn-out drawers. The island features a big cabinet region with a wooden surface, as you can see.

23. Olive green distressed look

Designed by – Kristen’s Creations

It has a charming olive green cabinet with white streaks and a raised panel door design. The thick marble countertop finish with round corners gives it a distinctive appearance. For ease of use while opening the door, there is a metallic handle. It is a compact moveable cabinet that may be permanently installed in any location.

24. Washed Grey cabinetry

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

.This grey-washed cabinetry design is quite different from anything we’ve seen before. It has a calm tone and is a uniform mid-tone grey. This subdued shade creates a subtle, sophisticated statement. It is a true statement color that has found its way into modern homes.

The cabinets in this kitchen have a conventional design with subtle ornamentation on the top. The island has a solid white marble countertop that complements the cabinetry. The washed grey cabinet gives the kitchen a lovely texture and mood.

If you’re looking for a beach home kitchen design, the mix of grey washed cabinets and blue cabinetry will look fantastic. Here, the countertops are marbled and the backsplash tiles are white tiled too

25. Dry Brush Technique

Designed by – Salvaged Inspirations

Even without polishing or decorations, this cabinet is hand-painted and looks pretty stylish. Pink and blue are the color coatings used here, and they are so cute that you may make them a part of your kitchen. It exudes a feminine vibe while being neutral. The kitchen has wooden door panels with subtle color tints that provide beauty.

26. Hand painted mixed color cabinet

Designed by – The Turquoise Iris

This cabinet’s traditional color contrast will provide vitality to your kitchen. It features pink, blue, purple, and bluish tones that work well together to create a pleasing motif. It’s old, distressed, yet brightly colored. It would be ideal for your space if you enjoy color and want to add a bright accent to the kitchen.

27. Black distressed cabinetry

Photo courtesy by Houzz

This is a lovely black kitchen cabinet with a distressed look from the wood streaks that give it a rustic character. It’s all black with a few adornments. There’s a framed door with a doorknob. At the top, you can see the beige countertop. It gives your kitchen a retro flavor without being out of place or out of style.

28. Brown and Green distressed cabinetry

Designed by – Salvaged Inspirations

This is a lovely black kitchen cabinet with a distressed look from the wood streaks that give it a rustic character. It’s all black with a few adornments. There’s a framed door with a doorknob. At the top, you can see the beige countertop. It provides your kitchen a vintage feel without being out of place or out of style in your current kitchen.

29. Beige distressed cabinetry

Designed by – Hunker

This is a minimalist distressed kitchen appearance in which all of the kitchen components work together to create the intended effect. The rough texture of the wall complements the off-white damaged cabinet well.

The kitchen features cabinets with a single door and a countertop with the same texture as the rest of the house. There’s a farmhouse sink in the kitchen, and the floorboards are beige as well. In essence, it’s a great kitchen.

30. Bluish and greyish distressed cabinetry

The damaged cabinet with a beige and blue hue that is preserved side by side captures our attention. It appears to be attractive and easy on the eyes. The blueish cabinet has a bright black streaked framed door.

The beige cabinetry has the same pattern as the white cabinets, and they both look fantastic in this kitchen. Both cabinets have the same beige surface, with the beige cabinet having a cooktop and the blue cabinet serving as a prep area.