25 Traditional kitchen Designs That Are Still Relevant!

Traditional designs are not boring and can amplify the look of your kitchen even in the 21st Century if used wisely. Traditional kitchens feature a strong design pattern with lots of architectural details and patterns. These characteristics distinguish it and have been acknowledged till now. They have greater room and a more functioning kitchen.

Even in this day and age, some individuals prefer classic kitchen designs or combine traditional kitchen elements with a modern concept. Especially, warmer tones are prevalent throughout, from cabinets to backsplashes. Above the stovetop is a bespoke wood hood with unusual patterns that contrast with today’s contemporary kitchen style.

The core pieces of each kitchen design will be the same, but the alignment, style, and material will differentiate them. The neutral color trends in classic kitchens will last for a longer period. You will have the impression of quality countertops and cabinets with excellent leg designs and boundary details.

Cabinets will be substantial, with plenty of room for recipe books and other culinary goods. Cabinets with raised panels are a must-have. Several cabinets are conveniently accessible here. Fascinating lighting is a feature of a classic kitchen design that gives warmth to the space.

Let us look at some of the designs below-

1. Traditional Kitchen with Gray Stone Tile

This kitchen is an excellent example of a classic kitchen with a modern twist. It’s an open kitchen with a stone wall on one side. The stone walls give it a touch of boldness that you will find in old-style kitchens. The top and lower cabinets also feature elevated door panels. On the island, there is a beige-tone granite countertop. All of the island’s cabinet region doors are made in one piece. This island is functional and offers enough storage space, in addition to serving as a stove and prep area. Dark wooden tiles cover the floors.

Traditional kitchen design 1
Designed by – The Kitchen Company

2. Traditional Kitchen Remodel

This is a kitchen remodeling project done by Michels Homes where he made a 1970s kitchen more functional and modern without losing its essence of a traditional setup. The Kitchen features Dura Supreme Alectra Cabinetry, new oak flooring, granite countertops, and Wolf / Sub-Zero Appliances. As you can see the entrance features an arch that goes into the kitchen. The space is beige and appears to be monotone. Inside this open kitchen, a decorative hood over the cooktop is provided along with classic raised door panels. Lower cabinets have raised panels that are in U shaped layout.

Traditional Kitchen Design 2
Designed by – Michels Homes

3. Simple & Traditional Wooden Kitchen

A lovely open kitchen with wooden slabs installed in its ceiling gives it a rustic kitchen vibe. Inside this gallery layout kitchen, you get an old-style hood that makes the cooking area seem like a fireplace. A black backsplash is installed near the cooktop region. There are multiple raised panel doors in the lower cabinet region whereas the upper cabinet has see-through glass doors.  An Island with a thick black countertop and dark wooden base cabinet give it an antique look. The walls are white and the floors are wooden.

 Traditional Kitchen Design 3
Designed by – Managers

4. Traditional with French Influence

This is a luxurious vintage kitchen with shiny marble countertops and beige colored interior. The ceiling has a curved beige tiled design that adds to the beauty of the kitchen. The hood that lies above the cooktop is huge and has raised design patterns that fit well with other doors and drawers. It is a sit and dines kitchen with an island that works both as a preparation area and a sitting space. The floors are beige tiled. It has an L-layout design that features a huge window and sinks side by side at the right corner.

Traditional Kitchen Design 4
Designed by – EARTH AND IMAGES

5. Medium-Sized traditional Kitchen

This is another beige-toned kitchen with white cabinets and marble countertops. The walls are light beige in shade and it has a great decorative lamp setup. Talking about the hood, again we got a hood with some carvings done on its border to add grace to the design. You can see a metallic, shiny backsplash tile near the stove. The corners are utilized by creating custom size upper cabinet doors with a design at their top. The microwave and refrigerator are housed in a separate cabinet portion at the entryway. A farmhouse sink is present near the window. An island with a recessed drawer design and marble countertop is perfect for preparing or enjoying your evening snack.

Traditional Kitchen Design 5
Designed by – Lewis Contracting Inc.

6. Truly Traditional Kitchen

It is a large kitchen with a completely different shade of beige but this design is a lot more different from what we have seen in previous images. Look at its island where the island has a strong, functional, and aesthetic design. The cabinet doors have raised panels combined with a graphite tiled countertop. The wall with the hood features a beige tiled backsplash. A wall-mounted black wall cabinet is useful to keep other kitchen items.

Traditional Kitchen Design 6
Designed by – Erotas Custom Building

7. Light colored kitchen

This is a good example of a traditional kitchen with cool color tones. It has light purple or lavender color tone combined with white furniture. It is a gallery-shaped kitchen open kitchen that has multiple upper cabinet sections. Their multicolor tile backsplash is neat to the cooktop region. The island has a traditional built design with a sink.

Traditional Kitchen Design 7
Designed by – Kent Moore Cabinets

8. Multiple Islands

This is a large-sized kitchen that features multiple islands and upper cabinet regions. The left corner of the room has curved upper and lower cabinet regions with granite countertops. One wall has a door patterned hood design above the cooktop. The backsplash tile is white and shiny which gives a luxurious feel to the interior. It has one island with an inbuilt sink and robust base cabinet design that looks giant and fulfills the storage demands.

Traditional Kitchen Design 8
Designed by – Kelly Gravitt Payne: Kitchen Design and Sales

9. U-shaped traditional Kitchen

It feels more like a contemporary kitchen that has both traditional and modern aspects of design. The space is designed as per modern standards but the hood and the upper cabinet design make it feel vintage. The cooking region is distinguished because of the hood that lies above it. It has a simple design with no extras. A farmhouse sink and raised panel doors give a more vintage feel. A white-tiled modern island is present in the middle of this U-shaped kitchen. It is a lovely kitchen!

Traditional Kitchen Design 9
Designed by – Alexander Design Group, Inc.

10. Bright Colored

Your kitchen will come alive with bright hues. The vibrant orange walls in this kitchen have provided warmth and vibrancy to the space. The colors are a mix of green, orange, and grey. The blue tones in the seating area help to complement the overall effect. We can observe the wooden slabs in the kitchen design in the ceiling. Furthermore, a massive hood reaches the ceiling’s peak and houses a contemporary stove with grey tiled backsplash tile.

A pastel green cabinet with no door is added to hold glasses while maintaining beauty. A green and orange cupboard is located in the opposite corner for storage. There is a green island with a sink. This style of kitchen is uncommon in today’s metropolitan areas. This theme is more suited to beach houses because it has a quirky 80s interior.

Traditional Kitchen Design 10
Designed by – Glen Alspaugh Kitchens and Baths

11. Small Kitchen with low-height ceiling

This is a traditional small kitchen with a low height ceiling that was commonly found in apartments back in the 90s. It is easy to clean and maintain as now the focus has shifted to creating more space and removing the extras. See the hood design, it is a lot more like what we use in modern kitchens today. There is a beautiful window near the sink.

The island has a black marble countertop with an undermount sink region and a lot of storage options. There is a pantry region inside the island where you can keep rice and pulses as you can see in the picture. Sitting space is provided in the kitchen or sits and dine.

Traditional Kitchen Design 11
Designed by – Martin Perri Interiors, Inc.

12. 1940s Inspired Kitchen

This is a classic kitchen design influenced by the 1940s. It is both traditional and elegant due to its compact size and lack of crown molding designs. A sink is located on one side of this galley kitchen, while the stove is located on the opposite wall. A typical hood is placed above it. Marble countertops complement the light beige lower and upper cabinet areas. A Wallpaper decorates the space between the ceiling and the wall. The same square beige tiles cover this kitchen’s whole wall and floor, giving a retro vibe.

Traditional Kitchen Design 12
Designed by – Adrienne Nienkamp

13. English Country Elegant Kitchen

It is classic and royal. The entryway gives the impression of entering a palace. Inside the kitchen, there are multiple cabinets with raised panels and crown molding at the top. The hood also has a crown molding structure along with another art décor. Orange square tile covers the whole backsplash wall.

The lower cabinet is beige and has granite countertops. The cooktop area is spacious and inviting. A tall wooden cabinet is present on the opposite side. Above the beige painted base cabinet is a tiny dark oak countertop. Because the flooring is made of marble, they look exceptionally beautiful.

Traditional Kitchen Design 13
Designed by – Kuche+Cucina

14. Curved Brick Ceiling Design

Many people are now experimenting and combining themes. The curved brick theme looks so lovely with the other components of the room. The entire kitchen has a traditional theme ranging from a black kitchen hood to cabinets. Again, a raw brick wall structure is used to separate the island from the dining area. It is an open, galley-styled kitchen and thus you get a lot of space inside it. Furthermore, the floors have a high-quality stone look, skin-toned porcelain tile being used entirely.

Traditional Kitchen Design 14
Designed by – Morning Star Builders LTD

15. High Ceiling

A classic style kitchen features a high kitchen ceiling that makes the area appear larger than it is, even if it is a tiny kitchen. Because high ceilings are less prevalent in modern residences and can only be found in historic villas and monuments, they become the center of interest.

However, you may use this style as inspiration to create a high kitchen ceiling design in your own home. It doesn’t have to be this high, but creating the illusion will give your kitchen a new sophisticated appearance.
Here, The central beam is made of wood, and the walls are painted white. The elegance of the space is enhanced by a large white hood with a wooden band.

The white marbled backsplash tile has many open wooden slabs attached to it. Furthermore, the style is elevated with grey cabinets with a raised door panel. You may conserve electricity by bringing natural light into your kitchen through many ceiling and wall windows. Stainless steel appliances such as the refrigerator and microwave may be found in the other corner.

Traditional Kitchen Design 15
Designed by – Structures Building Company

16. Yellow painted

Yellow is a typical kitchen color that is frequently used with white and other primary colors to brighten the space. The yellow cabinet part with white broad borders is another example of subtle craftsmanship. On the other wall, there is an L-shaped cabinet with turquoise countertop tiles.

Multiple drawers with golden metallic knobs are seen in the lower cabinets. The backsplash tiles were a lovely green color. The hood is metallic, with a copper-colored body. There is a white island with a sink and seating area. For a medium-sized kitchen, this is also a preferable design.

Traditional Kitchen Design 16
Designed by –  Felhandler/ Steeneken Architects

17. Grey kitchen

Grey is a common modern kitchen hue, but grey was also utilized in the past to provide neutrality and a sense of calm to the kitchen. The construction was sturdy, and marble was used to give it a sleek appearance. The grey island, which features a grey base cabinet with raised door panels and marble counters, is the focal point of the room. There is also a sink there. This is a small, L-shaped kitchen with a black countertop and white cabinets. The effect is balanced by the white ceiling and window frames, as well as the grey walls.

Traditional Kitchen Design 17
Designed by – Normandy Remodeling

18. Curved Island and Stonewall

The cooking room is a unique location in which the hood is concealed by the stonewall arch built above the stove. Instead of tiling, a stonewall has been constructed as a backsplash. The base cabinets and counters in this area are all made of light wood.

The preparation area is located in the next portion of the kitchen, which comprises green base cabinets with wooden counters. Finally, we have a curved island with a dark wood body and a little minimalist sink. Multiple white cabinets cover the walls for storage and maintaining appliances. The ceiling is white and the flooring is hardwood.

Traditional Kitchen Design 18
Designed by – Echelon Custom Homes

19. Beige kitchen

Earthly tones were newly introduced in the 1970s as people started choosing cooler tones for painting their rooms. Beige is a modern color but still a part of the traditional color palette. Because the area contains delicate design patterns, this color tone appears to be more feminine. There is a lack of sturdiness.

The entire stretch of wall-mounted cabinetry is made up of thin panels with shallower elevated door panels. The effect is elevated with a see-through glass door. We have a dark wood kitchen cabinet with a grey tiled countertop and several windows in the other portions. The cooking area is in the center of the room and features a stainless steel stove and a large hood. An Adjacent table and chair where you may prepare and eat refreshments.

Traditional Kitchen Design 19
Designed by – Indicia Interior Design

20. Luxury traditional kitchen

It’s a good example of a traditional monochromatic kitchen design, with a grey modern ceiling but traditional cabinets and an island. The kitchen is open and spacious, with a grey backsplash tile and several raised panel cabinets. In the center, there is a marble countertop and a light grey base cabinet.

The stovetop can be seen in the corner of the kitchen, with a white hood over it. Above the lower cabinet, marble countertops are employed to give it a sleek appearance. Inside the kitchen, there is a dining area with wooden tables and seats. The floors are tiled in a rich wood tone.

Traditional Kitchen Design 20
Designed by – Samuel Gordon Architects, PC

21. Red Cabinetry

Red is a passionate hue, so if you enjoy cooking and want to incorporate traditional patterns, you may use this theme as inspiration. It’s a red cabinet kitchen with standard cabinetry and a hood, but the backsplash tile is what sets it apart. The backslash tile is blue and features classic design motifs that were handcrafted. It has a vintage appearance and is still relevant in today’s world. There are raised panel doors with metal handles, as well as a traditional stove.

Traditional Kitchen Design 21
Designed by – Woodmeister Master Builders

22. Wooden Traditional Design

A wooden kitchen theme may be seen with distressed wooden cabinets. A strong wooden border surrounds a ceiling window at the top. The entire wall is painted a delicate beige color that complements the beige-toned marble backsplash and countertop tiles. The distressed cabinet will catch your attention first, followed by the light beige undermount sink. In the center of the room, there is an island with a black painted wooden base cabinet and a black marble countertop.

Traditional Kitchen Design 22
Designed by – JP Malone

23. Sky Blue Island

The hue light sky blue is calming, and it was used a lot more in the 1970s and 1980s. It was a cold-toned hue with a whiter undertone. We have a one-wall kitchen arrangement with an island in the center in this photograph. White backsplash tile and cabinets with a big white hood are present. Near the island, there is a refrigerator. The blue color of the island base cabinet complements the living room’s interior.

Traditional Kitchen Design 23
Designed by – Loretta’s Interior Design, LLC

24. Black And White Traditional Kitchen

It’s a traditional black and white kitchen with an arched ceiling. The ceiling is white, and the wooden cabinets are all black. Every door panel has a set of unusual metallic knobs. Above the lower cabinet part is affixed a basic white marble countertop.

It’s a U-shaped kitchen with white-bordered windows on all sides. It has plenty of room and has a single island with white counters as well as a wooden dining table and chairs. Look at the flooring; it’s interesting how the black and white tiles bring the 1920s era back.

Traditional kitchen design 24
Featured in – Houzz

25. French Blue Traditional Cabinetry

1996 was the year of French Blue. It was quite popular, and it was utilized in cabinets, accent walls, countertops, and even ceilings. A distressed style of cabinets with raised panel doors and a sturdy robust built-in framework can be seen in this image.

The countertops and backsplashes are made of white marble. It’s a one-wall kitchen with a built-in hood and a compact cooktop. Overall, it’s a gorgeous design that’s still current and demonstrates how shades of the past can work well with contemporary ideas.

Traditional Kitchen Design 25
Designed by – mackmiller design+build