25 Inspirational Medium Kitchen Design Ideas

Medium-sized kitchens are popular because they are less difficult to maintain than big kitchens and are easier to cook in than tiny kitchens. Most people prefer medium-sized kitchens to big kitchens since they are less expensive. You have complete control over your area, and its design aids inefficient space utilization.

Medium-sized kitchens allow you to play around with statement walls and are quite adjustable. What is the explanation behind this?  Medium-sized kitchens can look small or large by creating illusions. For example, picture 1 appears to be pretty basic and medium-sized.

Now, look at figure 14, which is likewise a medium-sized kitchen but appears to be fairly small due to the big-sized furniture being placed side by side. Finally, picture 25 gives the impression that the kitchen is fairly large, but it is not according to standard measurements. Maintaining tiny and compact cabinetry while creating a high vaulted ceiling will create the sense of large empty areas.

As a result, choosing a medium-sized kitchen gives you the flexibility to customize it as you see fit by using some imagination and fundamental design principles. Below are 25 fantastic medium-sized kitchen ideas that can assist you in designing a kitchen that suits your needs.

1. Marbled traditional kitchen

It’s a medium-sized kitchen with a marbled countertop. From the backsplash to the countertops, islands, and flooring, everything is covered in white marble. Cabinets with a white conventional style are available. The chimney is also in white shade and matches with other kitchen components.

Two islands are equipped with thick white marble counters. One has a sink, while the other is used for preparation. White shelves with gold knobs provide elegance to the lower cabinets. The microwave is mounted vertically near the entrance. The grey ceiling has some ornamentation, and the overall appearance is fairly balanced and royal family-like.

Medium Kitchen Design 1
Designed by – Fratantoni Luxury Estates Design/Build/Renovation

2. Green kitchen with high ceiling

It appears to be a really practical kitchen with plenty of storage space for utensils and equipment. The entire kitchen is a dark green color that is both unique and appealing. There are several glass-doored wall cabinets. Cooking is more enjoyable when there are many shelves, ranging from open to closed shelving, and unique styles of cabinet doors for each type of tool.

Because the wall with the cooktop has both lower and higher cupboards, a sink, and a prep space, it is essentially a one-wall kitchen. In the center, there is an island with a green base cabinet and a black countertop. The ceiling is plain white with no embellishments, and the floor is wooden.

Medium kitchen design 2
Designed by – Everingham Design

3. Spacious white kitchen

This is quite a spacious kitchen with a ceiling skylight. The cabinets feature high paneled doors and the entire kitchen is painted white. Kitchen soffits are pasted over the upper cabinet to make use of the space above it. There is a large window nearby, as well as a sink. There is an L-shaped kitchen with a stainless steel stove and a white painted wooden chimney.

At the center of the sink is an island with a white marble countertop and a white-painted base cabinet. The lower cabinet has grey granite counters that match the wall color and a grey brick-patterned backsplash. The floor and the chairs are in the same wooden tone.

Medium kitchen design 3
Designed by – Dickinson Cabinetry

4. L-shaped medium kitchen

This is a straightforward white kitchen with plenty of open storage and cabinets. The kitchen necessities are kept on a white, brick-patterned feature wall with white slabs. Near the sink, there is a window. Grey countertops and white shelving are a part of this kitchen.

You may store your belongings in a cupboard above the refrigerator. A stainless steel refrigerator is present near the island. A cooktop is attached to the island, which is flanked by seats. You’ll like cooking and dining near the glass doors in this open-style kitchen.

Medium kitchen design 4
Designed by – Amber Hills Redesign

5. Marbled plus wooden concept kitchen

By mixing wooden and marble elements in a single kitchen, the designers have produced an ideal design. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams and has a patterned wooden surface. It gives the kitchen a great country feel. The backsplash, for example, has white marbled walls with grey patterns.

Furthermore, the island is topped with a broad white countertop. The island is topped with a sturdy oak countertop and a white base cabinet that serves as a prep space. The lower cabinets feature an L-shaped configuration with a white tabletop. On the wall side, there is a stainless steel cooktop with a chimney.

Medium kitchen design 5
Designed by – Amy Storm & Company

6. Grey statement wall

The raw aspect of the kitchen wall is pleasing to the eye. The wall is a greyish beige color, and it includes open shelves that are both decorative and useful. There are two windows on either side, allowing plenty of natural light into the kitchen. It has a gallery kitchen design with a burner on the wall side and a sink on the island.

The chimney is made of a sleek white material. The base cabinet has many shelves and the island has a white surface. Because it is an open kitchen design, space and storage are never a problem. You’ll find some more storage in the corner of the room, in the form of large white cabinets. A white patterned surface with massive oak timber beams adorns the ceiling.

Medium kitchen design 6
Designed by – House of Jade Interiors

7. Blue medium size kitchen

It’s a U-shaped kitchen with a lovely abstract blue color scheme. In the blue-painted cabinets, there is a hint of wooden designs. Inside the chamber, you’ll notice the presence of two hues. White simple cabinetry with kitchen soffit adorns the upper cabinets. The bottom cabinets feature blue painted cabinets with white counters, whilst the upper cabinets have blue painted cabinets with white worktops.

A peninsula is present with provided sitting area. Enough space is provided in the middle of the kitchen for better mobility. The sink, refrigerator, and stove are all situated at the same distance apart. The flooring is beige and the ceiling is white. Backsplash tiles in a beige tone complement the floor.

Medium kitchen design 7
Designed by – CairnsCraft Design & Remodel

8. Ocean blue kitchen

From the walls to the cabinets, the kitchen has a blue tone. The wall is painted in a light blue tint that complements the backsplash wall. There are stainless steel appliances and light-colored bottom cabinet shelves in this closed kitchen.

The stove is massive and has a chimney. The central island features blue base cabinets and a white countertop. On the island, there is a sink. The floor has a dark wooden tone, so it’s a basic blue-toned medium kitchen design that’s also price friendly.

Medium kitchen design 8
Designed by – Tim Stuart, Builder. Inc.

9. Cabinetry with half wall

It’s a luxurious-looking kitchen with a retro flair. It combines a historic cabinet style with a modern, minimalist ceiling and wall design. There is a skylight in the ceiling, as well as a lovely area at the corner for dining while taking in the scenery. There are two islands and one wall-sided kitchen in kitchen.

Lower and higher cupboards on the wall side house the stove and storage possibilities. In the center, there is an island with a black base cabinet and a white countertop. Following the one with the two clear glass cabinets attached, there is a half-wall cabinet. There is a sink in this area. The flooring has a vintage wooden tone to them.

Medium kitchen design 9
Designed by – Design Matters

10. Gallery medium-sized kitchen

There is a medium-sized kitchen with a simple one-wall kitchen concept. It is an open kitchen with white upper cabinets and lower cabinets. There is a greyish-toned countertop that matches the brick-patterned backsplash tiles. A gallery-style kitchen with a thick grey countertop is present which features a sink. The base cabinetry has black paint all over, The design is quite compact and budget-friendly.

Medium kitchen design 10
Designed by – Bearded Builders, Baltimore

11. Semi-open medium kitchen

This is an excellent example of a semi-open kitchen, in which a basic medium-sized kitchen has been transformed into something unique and intriguing. The kitchen is all white, with wooden beams adorning the ceiling. The kitchen’s outside wall is arched and painted in a bright green hue.

There are several white cupboards with high door panels. The backsplash wall is all white. In addition, the lower cabinet has a sleek modern design, a modern cooktop, and a compact stainless steel chimney. It has a nice and beautiful appearance. With a green marbled countertop, the arch area acts as seating space. Near the arch, there is a sink.

Medium kitchen design 11
Designed by – A and E kitchen design inc.

12. Turquoise medium kitchen

Once again, we have a practical kitchen with stylish décor. The upper cabinets, which are turquoise in color and have translucent glass doors, are very charming. Multiple shelves are present in the bottom cabinets, while a white marbled tabletop can be found above them.

A farmhouse sink is located near the window. A stove with a wooden chimney looks appealing in this L-shaped kitchen. We have plenty of prep room, and the island is pretty large, with seating and is adjustable. The walls and countertop are in an off-white hue like the floors.

Medium kitchen design 12
Designed by – Capitol Countertops

13. Off-white medium kitchen

The interior of the kitchen is off-white, with good design integration. The kitchen has a mix of modern and classic elements. From the ceilings to the cabinetry, the hue ranges from off-white to light beige. The upper cabinets are light beige in tone, with elevated door panels and a kitchen soffit where antique plates and utensils are stored.

The brick patterned beige backsplash wall adds a lovely touch to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. A stainless steel chimney is located above the cooktop. Traditional base cabinets with a beige countertop are ideal for relaxing and snacking. The presence of a coffered ceiling makes the ceiling appear higher.

Medium kitchen design 13
Designed by – Julia Cutler Interior Design

14. Wooden and green medium kitchen design

Thanks to the wooden fake ceiling and green tall cupboards, this wonderful kitchen gives the impression of a compact and pleasant area. The vaulted ceiling is bordered on all four sides by wooden slabs. As soon as you walked into the kitchen, you’d notice the sleek dark green cabinet. This appears to be intriguing and attractive.

The lower cabinets and island are painted in the same dark green hue. The countertop is comprised of a white material that has been polished. Furthermore, the floor appears to be cemented, and the entire kitchen has a pleasing green and wooden design.

Medium kitchen design 14
Designed by – cocoon home design

15. Kitchen with peninsula 88minimallink

Semi-open kitchens look fantastic, regardless of whether they are old and out of style at the moment; yet, incorporating this style into your kitchen this year will make it appear distinctive. You can use this concept with minimal kitchen design to design your kitchen.

The image depicts a white room with a black brick wall design. Raised door panels give a vintage look. A peninsula that links to the partially exposed wall is ideal for relaxing and snacking. After that, the countertop is designed to be durable, with a thick white countertop on top. This typical kitchen seems remarkable because of the outer green wall.

Medium kitchen design 15
Designed by – Blackline Renovations

16. Black and white kitchen

A black and white kitchen is a popular color combination that can be found in many homes. The boldness of the black hue with a hint of white can be felt within this mid-century kitchen. The furniture is matt black color and has raised panel doors. It features an L-shaped arrangement with a white countertop.

The island has a black base cabinet and a dark wooden countertop. A big window is present near the sink that allows you to get maximum sunlight during the day. It is a closed-type kitchen with simple storage options and great space.

Medium kitchen design 16
Designed by – Airy Kitchens

17. Blue kitchen with vintage wood

This beige kitchen with a classic design and old-style wooden furnishings will appeal to you. It’s a gallery kitchen with a contemporary stove and cabinetry that complements the wooden chimney. In the right corner, there is a section of cabinets with beige color cabinets for storage.

It gives the entire kitchen a distinct appearance. The cabinets are pale blue and have an antique, sturdy island shape. The marbled countertop houses an unmounted sink. It’s a closed kitchen with several design elements crammed into a single space, but everything works together well.

Medium kitchen design 17
Designed by – Old Town Design Group

18. Rustic kitchen

People who love rustic design should know how to incorporate stone into your interior so that it can look amazing. Wooden furniture with a classic appearance and construction is available. A stone is engraved all-around a tiny piece of the cabinet. On the wall side, there is a separate kitchen area.

With it, there is a black countertop and a separate island. We have two islands here. A second island with two layers of countertops is located on the stone wall side. You to safely store your kitchen items in the island’s base cabinet.

Medium kitchen design 18
Designed by – iDesign – Lisa Crouch, ASID

19. Industrial medium-sized kitchen

Industrial kitchen designs are available in a variety of forms and are no longer exclusive to companies and industrial institutions. You may include an industrial kitchen design into your home’s decor. From this vantage point, you can see a vaulted ceiling with a skylight.

A glass panel runs from the floor to the ceiling, giving it a contemporary, elegant look. Since warm colors are used a lot in industrial kitchen design, raw brick walls, warm lighting, wooden cabinets, and glassware are the important components. With a black countertop and a beige bottom cabinet, this is a gallery-style kitchen.

Two neighboring countertops, one of which serves as a dining table, are placed next to each other. Storage is provided in the form of timber hardwood blocks and shelves. The kitchen has graphite floors.

Medium kitchen design 19
Designed by – To taste.studio

20. Stainless steel kitchen

The kitchen has a combination of stainless steel and beige wood. It looks more like a kitchen from music videos. However, you might consider incorporating it into your decor by including or experimenting with various designs. On both sides, there are large hardwood cabinets and a stainless steel cabinet for storage.

The lower cabinet is made of wood and has a stainless steel countertop. The walls are covered with grey and white patterned tiles. The same design was used on the island countertop. It’s a one-wall kitchen with a stainless steel chimney and a contemporary stove. Nearby, there is a sink.

Medium kitchen design 20
Designed by – Desatori

21. Yellow medium kitchen

You will love this simple yellow-painted kitchen with a sleek and compact design. It is a medium-sized kitchen with one wall kitchen setup. There is a black countertop with a yellow and white backsplash wall. A series of upper wall cabinets and wall cabinets are in yellow color. The island base cabinet is white with a black countertop. A cooktop with a sink is present nearby. Since it is an open kitchen, cooking is fun here.

Medium kitchen design 21
Designed by – Géraldine Laferté

22. Wooden kitchen glass panels

This structure is entirely made of wood, with vaulted glass panels supported by wooden beams. The kitchen has a farmhouse design with warm wood tones and lower green shelves. There are two peninsulas in this U-shaped kitchen. One part of the design contains matt finish olive green cabinets while the other has white cabinets and wooden tones.

This appears to be quite aesthetic, with a large stove in the right corner and a refrigerator section on the left. At the entrance, there is a wooden peninsula. The design is interesting because it contains a lot of looping, and the false ceiling gives it an interesting look.

Medium kitchen design 22
Designed by – D2 Interiors

23. Farmhouse medium-sized kitchen

The open ceiling design in this kitchen features wooden beams. A small white cabinet with a sleek design and a black countertop are present. A white cabinet with glass doors sits above it. Because it is open and devoid of congestion, you will feel light and positive in this space. A stove with a stainless steel chimney sits atop the island. Inside the kitchen, there is a dining table. There is a glass partitioned window that leads you to the lawn.

Medium kitchen design 23
Designed by – NB Design Group, Inc

24. Vaulted ceiling kitchen

This is an old-style kitchen in a yellow shade. It has a huge vaulted ceiling design that makes it appear huge. It has large wooden beams supporting the ceiling. You can see aged wooden furniture in cabinets and open shelves. It is an open kitchen with a one-wall kitchen setup and an island with a sink. The base cabinet of the island is of dark wood with a marble countertop that gives it a robust look. If you look closely, you can see yellow tiles used as a backsplash for preventing kitchen stains on the wall.

Medium kitchen design 24
Designed by – Avant Building Group

25. Olive backsplash in wooden kitchen

Last but not least, we have our olive backsplash wall, which adds a touch of class to this otherwise plain kitchen. There are open shelves and old wooden cabinet furniture. In addition, this one-wall kitchen setup includes a modern stove with a white chimney. Lower cabinetry has white countertops, while the island has a black countertop with a polished look. This is a lovely composition of an open kitchen.

Medium kitchen design 25
Designed by – FRAME design co.