21 Best Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary kitchens are one that came into existence in the 21st century. They are popular because these kitchens can utilize space wisely and look clean, sleek, and manageable.

As they emerged in the 21st century, they comprised of both modern and conventional styles. Contemporary kitchen designs come in all sizes.

It looks sleek. Every aspect of the kitchen – color to the furniture, appliances to lighting brings life to the kitchen. The oven, microwave, refrigerator all look stylish and are customizable.

The contemporary kitchen can further be divided into old and modern contemporary designs. The 90s interior combined with a modern interior gives it a unique look.

Below are some of the best 21 contemporary designs :

1. Dark green cabinet contemporary kitchen design

It is a medium-sized kitchen with a gallery layout provided with an island for the preparation area. The ceiling is simple. The kitchen cabinets are effortless and old-designed. Dark green kitchen cabinets give it a rich look while keeping other components minimal. There are white backsplash tiles, white countertops with wooden floors.

2. Modern contemporary kitchen design

If you desire to own a medium-sized kitchen with a gallery layout that is spacious and has a beautiful kitchen cabinet, then the picture shown above is the perfect match. The entire interior is white with white backsplash tiles and countertops. You can use the island as a preparation area and for dining too. The microwave and oven section is attached to wall cabinets. It is an open kitchen.

 3. Contemporary window kitchen

An open kitchen with a window, a simple ceiling, and a wooden-door kitchen cabinet are components of a contemporary kitchen design. The kitchen has U shaped layout. A simple chair and table can act as a preparation area. There is an under-mount sink with enough space for keeping kitchen essentials. The floor design is simple, with greyish tiles.

4. Wooden contemporary kitchen design

The entire interior has a wooden framework from cabinets to floors to the island. It is a closed kitchen with a simple ceiling and 90s designed interior. The lower and upper wooden kitchen cabinets are present. It has marble countertops with a tint of neutral tone. An island with a marble countertop and multiple cabinets adds to the space. The cooktop is old-designed.

5. White colored modern contemporary kitchen design

A compact kitchen design with both a modern and contemporary look is appealing. You get an under-mount sink and an island with a modern cooktop and chimney at the top. The kitchen looks small to medium-sized. Instead of wall cabinets, extra cabinets have been added to the island and at the bottom kitchen cabinets. No other color combinations had been added to the interior. It is purely white tiled that gives it a rich look. The floor also has white tiles embedded in it.

6. Large spaced contemporary kitchen design

A closed big-sized kitchen with a window and an island in the middle is a desirable kitchen design. It is attached to cooktops. The island also has see-through racks making it look even extensive. There is an under-mount sink opposite to the countertops, making it easier to use. The cabinets are all white in contrast with wooden sheet floor and goldish walls. The see-through cabinets, preparation area, and racks are well balanced with yellow light making it look more beautiful.

7. Simple ceiling contemporary kitchen design ideas

The above picture consists of a white-tiled island for preparation and dining area. The kitchen is small, has a gallery layout and a cooktop in the middle with a refrigerator at the corner. It has stylish wall cabinets of contemporary design. The ceiling is simple. The floor is wooden, and the door connects the kitchen with the lawn. An undermount sink was provided on the island.

8. Open contemporary kitchen design

It is an open kitchen that can be in the hall of the house. It is simple, compact, contemporary kitchen design is well suited for small apartments. It is white tiles with a black marbled countertop. A small island for the preparation area is enough with simple wall kitchen cabinets and a refrigerator section to provide all facilities in a limited space. The floor and ceiling are of the same design as the entire hall. It looks effortless to manage the kitchen and affordable kitchen design.

9. Dark grey and wooden cabinet contemporary kitchen

If you want to introduce bold hues to your kitchen interior, then go for grey tones. Add a wooden framework to balance the overall look and give it a contemporary kitchen look. A big-sized kitchen can look fresh when built near the lawn and have doors to it. Now here we can see there are dark grey shade kitchen cabinets and an island. The Storage can be extended by adding two wall cabinets. One of the cabinets has see-through doors. The area of the undermount sink has wooden slabs and a wall to add more beauty to the kitchen. The floor is also black tiled entirely.

10. White contemporary kitchen design with modern backsplash

It is a medium-sized kitchen with white interiors. It is a mixture of both modern and contemporary kitchen designs. There are matching backsplash tiles along with the island is white tile with an undermount sink. Wide drawer bottom kitchen cabinets along with wall kitchen cabinet provide good storage space for kitchen essentials. The kitchen has an L layout. Another set of upper and lower cabinets is there on the other corner. The oven and refrigerator area is from the perfect distance from the sink, making it easy to manage the kitchen. The floor is wooden, and the ceiling is simple.

11. Old design wood with modern cabinet design kitchen

A closed kitchen design with old look wooden wall cabinet and basic countertop and island is suitable for individuals. It is a compact, small-sized kitchen with a less conventional look. An undermount sink is added to the island where extra drawers are added to it too. You can use it as a preparation area. 

12. Entire wooden based kitchen design with old design ceiling

This kitchen has an entirely wooden framework. It has an l layout with multiple doors that have wooden borders. There is a lot of space provided for keeping kitchen essentials. An undermount sink is located near the cooktop. There is no backsplash here. The floors are wooden and the ceiling has a 90s look. There is a lot of preparation area in this medium sized wooden contemporary kitchen.

13. Modern contemporary kitchen design for small kitchen

It is a small-sized kitchen with a white marbled countertop. There are white plain tiles for the backsplash. Multiple drawers in kitchen cabinets are for the proper storage of kitchen essentials. The layout of the kitchen is L-shaped and is compact and easily manageable. You can enjoy an open kitchen with a door to connect with the lawn.

14. Red and Grey based kitchen interior design

The kitchen interior is a combination of maroon red plus grey that is a perfect contemporary kitchen design. There is one island in between of the kitchen having grey tiles as countertop covering the sides too. A lot of preparation areas are provided in the corner of the kitchen and near the cooktop region.  Kitchen cabinets are of conventional looks.

15. Large gallery view contemporary kitchen

It is a large-sized contemporary kitchen in gallery layout that looks amazing with the color contrast of dark brown and white hues. It has unconventional looks and is more spacious even when it is a closed kitchen type design. You get a lot of preparation area near the cooktop. The refrigerator is on the other side. Instead of the island, you can see the table with cushioned chairs for dining. Floors are wooden sheeted. Two transparent upper kitchen cabinets are also present.

16. Wooden frame-worked contemporary kitchen

As the name suggests, the entire kitchen has a wooden framework where the wood is perfectly polished. There is an island with grey marble countertops and an undermount sink. A separate sit and dining area inside the kitchen is of wood with marble countertops. A series of windows below the ceiling joins the wall windows and their lower corresponding windows for proper ventilation. Three closed-door in upper kitchen cabinets are also present. There are multiple drawers in lower kitchen cabinets. The floor is grey tiled.

17. Compact open kitchen design

A compact open kitchen design is well suited for apartments and individuals. The kitchen is perfectly white tiled with additional wooden cabinets. The island is white tiled and is for preparation as well as dining. An undermount sink is available at the countertop. There are big windows near the sink area that make it look fresh, airy, and modern. It is a u-shaped kitchen and is close to your living room.

18. L shaped kitchen design with contemporary design

It is a compact, L-shaped kitchen design with an island. There are white lower kitchen cabinets and no upper cabinets. Instead of upper cabinets, slabs facilitate in front of the window for keeping kitchen utensils. The countertop is white tile with an undermount sink near the refrigerator area. Black-colored backsplash tiles were used.

19. Big sized kitchen with a compact design

It is a modern contemporary kitchen design where you can find the compact kitchen design even for a large-sized kitchen. There is an island with white tiles and an undermount sink. The kitchen has a gallery layout with upper and lower cabinets present there. The cabinets have a sleek design and look modern and easy to use and manage. The floors are wooden with darker hues. It is an open kitchen with a sit and dining area too.

20. Vintage contemporary kitchen design

It is a vintage-contemporary kitchen design with a pastel green shade to enhance the overall look and bring integrity to the kitchen design. It is an L-layout kitchen design that resembles a gallery view layout. The refrigerator and oven section is present on a nearby wall separated by a door in between. The entire kitchen and furniture are in a pastel green shade. The upper cabinets and lower cabinets are of contemporary design. An undermount sink is present on the island. The floor is grey tiled to balance the look.

21. Old design Contemporary kitchen ideas

It is an old-style kitchen with a closed type and L layout design. It has weighty kitchen wall cabinets on both sides of the wall. There are two islands, one is small and has drawers in it. The other island has storage space and multiple drawers and an oven inscribed below the countertop. The countertop has an undermount sink. Unique backsplash tiles in warm tones are present. The cooktop is of the old design. Pastel green island cabinet color adds a touch of modernity. The floor, upper and lower wall cabinets are dark brown. All across ceilings have an old-style wooden slab design.