20 Feasible Compact Kitchen Design Ideas that will blow your mind!

Compact kitchen designs- what to expect?

Modern solutions for today’s tiny flats include compact kitchen designs. It’s not only for small flats; many individuals seek smaller kitchens to save time and money. There is less space between the preparation and cooking areas. Therefore, allowing you to work more quickly.

It is affordable, making it a popular choice among millennials today. It is simple to set up, maintain, and clean. With tiny kitchen plans, you can make the room appear enjoyable and easy. Most of the time, these kitchens are placed in the corners of the hall or living room, making the living space more vibrant and the people’s favorite hangout spot!

Compact kitchens have lower base cabinet heights than larger kitchens. The upper cabinets are not overly high, and additional storage is supplied by the island’s interior shelves.

You can’t make a statement wall since you have to fit all of your kitchen appliances and equipment into a small area. Colorful wallpapers can be used on the backdrop and walls. Patterns on the island and countertop will enhance the overall look. In other words, you don’t need a premium design for it. Compact kitchens look great in any configuration! However, avoid introducing too many distinct backgrounds and patterns.

You should select one or two colors that will serve as a basic color. To add design integrity, pair it with other kitchen components. In small rooms, monochrome or solid color kitchens work effectively.

Below are the top 20 compact kitchen designs to get inspiration for your next kitchen design-

1. Beige backsplash wall

The beige backsplash wall will draw the viewer’s attention at very first glance. It shows a simple interior with white as a base color. It has a U-shaped layout with white base cabinetry and black countertops. Cabinets have flat panel doors and a chimney is attached to the wall. Furthermore, a refrigerator is provided close to the stove.

The ceiling is simple and there are two windows near the sink area. Windows are important in compact kitchens for proper air circulation inside the kitchen. You can also enjoy the view of the outer world while working in the kitchen.

Compact Kitchen Design 1
Desigend by – Kevin Dakan Architect

2. White and wooden

This is also a compact kitchen design but is more spacious as compared to the design in image 1. Because of the high vaulted ceiling, it does not look congested and provide ample space to work comfortably. It is a one-wall kitchen setup with a sink, stove, and refrigerator placed in a line close to each other.

Upper shelving provides space to keep some small kitchen plants and plates. Two big windows give a good view of the outside. A dinner table with a sitting space of four people allows you to serve freshly prepared food to your family.

Compact Kitchen Design 2
Designed by – KITE Architects, Inc

3. Solid white color

It is a unique modern kitchen setup. It is compact yet extensive. The design is compact but the space is utilized wisely. Usage of solid white color makes it look extensive.  It is a gallery layout kitchen with a stove present on the island and a modern chimney over its top.

The wall region has several upper cabinets and a sink area. To balance the look, wooden dining tables and floors are used.

Compact kitchen design 3
Designed by – Bunker Workshop

4. Semi-open kitchen

Semi-open kitchens look quite fascinating as it is not commonly seen in households. There are beige-colored, light wood cabinets with black backsplash. The open window region has a peninsula region that has a sitting space and a sink attached to it. Floors have black tiles.

The design looks robust and vintage. If we introduce a new color, or change cabinet style, it will be relevant today.

Compact kitchen design 4
Designed by – J.Sweitzer-Architects LLC

5. Vintage style with ceiling beams

Now, we have something interesting to show! It is a combination of modern design with an element of rustic wooden design. The ceiling is high and vaulted. It contains dark wooden beams placed parallel. Two open shelves contain enough space to place plants, decors, and lovely cups and plates. There is an old-style wooden frame over the window.

The lower cabinet has a wooden countertop with white flat-panel doors so you don’t have any storage problems. Wooden cube-like furniture acts as an island and statement piece.

Compact kitchen design 5
Designed by – Hayward & Company

6. Modern dark blue and wooden

Don’t you feel light and relaxed after seeing this image! It is because of the design and human tendency to love spacious rooms. Here, the lower cabinets are shorter in height. It is a gallery-shaped kitchen with a stove and refrigerator placed at the wall region. An undermount sink is present on the island.

Designers used dark blue shade along with beige shade wooden cabinetry to make it feel light and pleasant on the eyes. Often compact spaces have a high ceiling to make them look big. In the image, you see the upper cabinetry attached to the ceiling where ample storage space is provided.

Compact kitchen design 6
Designed by – Bluetime Collaborative

7. Pastel yellow color

Yellow is the color that brings a sense of joy every time someone sees it. It shows energy and passion. Yellow looks cute in a compact kitchen setup. The cabinet and island look old-styled but the use of yellow in kitchens is still trendy in this era. People get bored easily with white if they see it continuously. So, introducing a lighter shade of yellow that is neither too bright nor light is a good choice.

In the image, you see an L-shaped, closed kitchen design with yellow cabinets and grey marbled countertops. There are multiple windows and a door leading to the lawn.

Compact kitchen design 7
Designed by – K V Designs

8. A Curve in the kitchen

This is far-most the unique design we saw above. It is a bit curved, where the kitchen elements are placed in a U-shaped layout. There are raised doors in cabinets with multiple shelves. It is more of a traditional design. The island with vertical lines and a brown dark wood countertop match the other component of the living room.

The kitchen is placed nicely in the corner of the living room. The stove is placed at the wall region because you probably don’t want to smell cooking food all the time. It is always a better idea to place the stove at the wall side to avoid accidents or spills.

Compact kitchen design 8
Designed by – Trigg-Smith Architects

9. Pastel green and marble

Pastel green color is my favorite color and why not! It gives positive, young vibes. All pastel colors of any shade represent youthfulness and passion. If you are young, energetic, and like youth-choose this color for compact kitchen design. It is not just pleasant to the eyes, but you can also make some cool Tic-Tok videos here. Because it is not a boring color and is rare to see in houses!

It is a simple L-layout design but with a twist. There is an island with an undermount sink inside the kitchen. The stove is located at the peninsula and the refrigerator is close to the sink. There is a wall-attached, raised door panel cabinetry for your storage requirements.

Compact kitchen design 9
Designed by – Welcome Home Design Group

10. wood and white

It is a farmhouse theme with, a compact kitchen design. It has white shades with an element of rustic wooden concepts. You can see a white beam attached to the ceiling. White painted wooden cabinets with raised doors are present. There are two lower cabinets with white marble countertops. One contains a sink and the cooktop and the other is meant for keeping cups and coffee maker.

A small white island with a polished wooden countertop and multiple shelves are present. Light wooden floors when combined with a vintage rustic door, provide a unique and captivating look to the room.

Compact kitchen design 10
Designed by – Boss Architecture LLC

11. Ocean blue shades

The kitchen has a light-blue, ocean color backsplash that makes it look attractive even when other components are just pure white. It is a compact design with U-layout and a peninsula. There is a sink near the window and a stove placed at the wall side. White marble countertops are used for base cabinets. You can see multiple upper cabinets having raised panels. Separate furniture for keeping kitchen essentials is provided near the refrigerator.

Compact kitchen design 11
Designed by – Style Reboot

12. 90s style

It is a 90s style kitchen with pastel shades and vertical lines used for backsplash and peninsula design. It is a type of semi-open kitchen with a robust design. There are faded color wooden cabinets with a light purple painted refrigerator.

The kitchen has a U-shaped layout with a sink near the semi-open area and a stove near the wall. A countertop is cut and attached with curved corners that can serve as a dining and snacking space.

Compact kitchen design 12
Designed by – Sarah Cohen

13. Small and simple

A basic white kitchen that can easily fit any corner of the room. It is a good example of a compact and minimal kitchen design. There are flat-panel doors with white lower and upper cabinets. A beige-toned marble countertop act as a countertop. The design has an L-layout where an undermount sink is located close to the window.

In a very limited space, designers have designed a comfortable place to cook food. Thus it is quite airy and is suitable for tiny modern apartments.

Compact kitchen design 13
Designed by – Prime Realty

14. Grey and black

If you like neutral and mature colors, then grey is a good choice. Here, designers used grey as a base color, and thus you can find cabinets and islands in grey shade. The peninsula also has a grey base cabinet and grey marbled countertops. The place close to the window has an additional preparation area. There are multiple greys-painted upper cabinets with transparent doors. Inside this L-layout kitchen, you can notice a raw finish brick pillar with no paint that provides a raw look to the kitchen. Graphite tiles on floors also contribute to the same.

Overall, it is a great design that acts as a wonderful choice for your contemporary compact kitchen look.

Compact kitchen design 14
Designed by – Greg Anderson

15. Window kitchen

It is a kitchen with a big window and a plain design. This design will be a good choice for someone who loves simplicity in design with light kitchen color elements. There is a gallery kitchen design with a base cabinet and an island.

The island contains the stove and the sitting area. A sink is located close to the window. There is enough preparation space in the lower cabinet section.  In Island, black countertops have been used along with grey backsplash tiles.

Compact kitchen design 15
Designed by – Elizabeth Herrmann architecture + design

16. Closed navy blue and white kitchen

Here, White brick-patterned wallpaper on the wall act as a statement wall and backsplash. Upper shelves have metallic support to hold the weight of the stuff. You can showcase your favorite, designer cups and costly wines here.

It is a simple contemporary compact kitchen design with navy blue cabinetry and open wooden upper shelves, There is a wooden countertop on the island too. The base cabinet has enough space for storage and contains white countertops. You can see a white false ceiling along with aged wooden floors. This balances the look of the room.

Compact kitchen design 16
Designed by – Studio Miel

17. All wooden

As the title suggests, it’s all wooden. There are multiple wooden cabinets in the form of lower, upper and separate tall cabinets. You will never go out of space in this kitchen. A small island with a white tile countertop is present that can act as a preparation area. The stove is located at the wall side as common. It carries an L-layout and looks spacious and comfortable to cook. There is unique backsplash wallpaper used all over the kitchen. Floors are graphite tiled.

Compact kitchen design 17
Designed by – KraftMaid

18. Open wooden kitchen

It is an open wooden kitchen design that has robust 90s design patterns. Vintage style, raised panel cabinets are used for the lower and upper sections. You will feel warm and cozy inside the room. There are multiple shelves and even extra shelves on the island. The island has a beige marble countertop with sitting space. Base cabinets have a black countertop with a preparation area and an undermount sink. It is an open kitchen with L-layout. The island design looks rustic and robust. You have a stove placed at the island countertop along with some sitting space.

Compact kitchen design 18
Designed by – RM&Company

19. Laminated grey cabinetry

This is a good example of a grey kitchen as it uses grey as its base color. You can see vaulted grey painted ceiling. There is dark greyish wooden wallpaper around the walls of the room. The upper cabinets have modern, laminated grey panels for a sleek look. It is designed in U-shape where lower cabinets have matt-finish cabinetry. A sink is present near the window and a stove is located below the upper cabinet.

There is a peninsula with polished grey tiled countertops. It is a good compact design that has a sleek and modern look.

Compact kitchen design 19
Designed by – Three salt design co.

20. Calming kitchen

Here, you can see white as the base color with the involvement of grey tones. There is a light grey statement wall that also acts as a backsplash. The kitchen looks calm and peaceful. Adding light grey brock-patterned tiles even adds to the beauty of the outside view through the window. Near the window, you can see small, open wooden slabs meant for keeping decors. Overall, this configuration looks too cute and lovely!

It is an L-shaped kitchen layout with an island. Furthermore, you can see white countertops and white upper cabinets on the other side. The kitchen is spacious and multiple shelves are provided for storage requirements. You can see grey doors and grey island base cabinets that add to the beauty of the kitchen.

Compact kitchen design 20
Designed by – Reed Design Group