20 Contemporary White Kitchen Design Ideas

White is a flexible hue, and in the realm of interior design, it may be used as a backdrop color to draw attention to other bright/dark painted walls. It represents purity and innocence.

Because the statement wall is the focus of attention, white hues on three walls allow you to enjoy it. White has the potential to improve the overall appearance of the kitchen. Based on that, you may incorporate various designs and materials that appear balanced and professional.

For example, if you put hardwood furniture or metallic accessories on white walls, you won’t have to think twice about it. When you use white accents throughout your home, you create the illusion of space and make it appear classy.

The contemporary kitchen design idea incorporates white with different hues. The contemporary kitchen design idea incorporates white with different hues.

It is critical to utilize white in moderation since too much white might appear monotonous or depressing. Even if your walls are white, experiment with different textures to generate variances. Furniture elements can be bright or modern to avoid dullness. Darker hues and warmer white tones can produce a captivating appearance.

The white color’s adaptability is commendable since it allows you to include a variety of future patterns and colors. White serves as a better backdrop for walls, where you may experiment with different colors, textures, and paint.

The secret to keeping your white-walled kitchen appearing new throughout the years is proper care.

1. White theme

The image shows you a kitchen; that is entirely white painted and consists of white painted appliances from stoves to chimneys. There is a separate section for white refrigerators that is white painted.

You can work peacefully in this one-wall kitchen with raised panel doors and an island with marble countertops in between. The floors are yellow-wood.

There is a glass-partitioned door to enter the kitchen. The backsplash is also white marbled that matches with the island’s countertop.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 1
Designed By – M2 Studio

2. Grey plus white walls

You already know there are various shades of grey, and adding white to grey stabilizes the extra greyish effect and helps us focus on the statement color. Here, a small-sized open kitchen has flat-paneled glass cabinet doors that are expensive but elevate the kitchen standard.

There are stainless steel appliances, and a beautiful slab section is present on the upper walls for adding kitchen decors. It is a U-shaped kitchen with a separate microwave and oven section.

There is a peninsula attached to the refrigerator section with a sitting area. The floors are wooden.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 2
Designed By – R & K Cabinets LLC

3. Black white kitchen design

The black and white kitchen design is frequent nowadays. Here, the countertops and chairs are black, rest of the kitchen is in white paint with raised door panels and multiple drawers.

The ceiling is simple, and the floor is wooden. There is a small island with a sitting space. Inside this medium-sized, closed kitchen; a separate section for tall wall cabinets and a refrigerator section.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 3
Designed By – Adapt Design, LLC

4. Olive grey and white theme

You can see a white ceiling with other kitchen components like cabinets, chimneys, drawers are in white shade. The shelves have raised door panels with a metallic handle.

The upper cabinets have a sleek design giving them a modern look. You will notice the olive-grey island with olive-grey base cabinetry and chairs as you enter the room.

It is a large-sized one-wall open kitchen with all basic facilities. Floors are wooden, and the same olive-grey hue is present in the lower cabinet countertop.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – Cornerstone Construction and Property Services

5. Wooden Kitchen

This image shows a yellow wooden cabinet that surrounds the place. You can call it a wooden kitchen with white walls and floors. White lights beneath the cabinets add a nice effect.

The white color adds depth to the design, and thus the kitchen seems big. The wooden cabinets are flat panels with metallic handles. The countertop is white marbled, and the island is large with provided sitting area.

There is lighting beneath the cabinets to make it look more mesmerizing. The floor tiles are white, and the space is open. You can see the dining table outside the kitchen.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – White Design

6. Vintage white kitchen design

It is a vintage-style kitchen with a mix of contemporary and vintage themes. The white walls are simple with vintage design lower cabinets. You can see wood carvings and raised door panels in lower cabinets.

The design looks robust even on an island where the base cabinet is entirely wooden with some carvings that makes it look vintage. The marble countertop curved from the front.

Inside this king-size kitchen, you get an L-layout design with a classic style of building a small section of walls covering the stove region to prevent smoke from entering nearby walls.

It consists of a backsplash with some drawings near the cooktop. We can see decor items on the top of the cooktop wall.

The top of the upper cabinet meets the edge of the ceiling. The island consists of no sink. As usual, the floors have wooden wallpapers laid.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Amour Decor

7. White Contemporary design

Again, we can see a contemporary kitchen with a touch of old-style wooden furniture. The reason for calling it contemporary styled is the cabinet, appliances, and backsplash design.

The eye-catching part is the Island, where old-style wooden legs support the countertop marble. The base cabinetry looks old-styled Marble is pure white with an undermount sink on the countertop. All the vintage designs look robust to the modern era because of their build design.

We all know that modern furniture has a tender built design. In cabinets, raised door panels are present in the lower and upper sections. The backsplash is white with a brick pattern.

The chimney is stainless steel. The cooktop looks conventional, and inside the kitchen, there is ample space for keeping kitchen essentials. The corner of the kitchen has a slab section.

The countertops are white and shiny. Floors have wooden wallpapers laid in a darker tone. The darker tone of wallpapers adds warmth to the kitchen.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 7
Designed By – Krause Construction Denver Colorado

8.  One-wall open kitchen

It’s a one-wall, open kitchen with all-white tiles. The whole kitchen appears to be polished and laminated.

In the center of two top cabinets is a stainless steel chimney. The backsplash wall marbled in white. The lower cabinet portion features higher door panels, as seen.

In the center is a lovely island with a white marbled surface.

The island with the seating area has an undermount sink. The wallpaper on the floor is a dark wood tone.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 8

Designed By – DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

9. Small white kitchen theme

As you may be aware, white can provide the illusion of space, making it ideal for tiny apartment kitchens. It has a modern appearance, with white backsplash walls with brick designs.

The upper cabinets and chimney have a white coating and a band of light skin tone color as a decor. It has an L-shape and complements the other kitchen components beautifully.

In the corners of the wall, there is a slab with a pinkish skin tone band. The sink area is visible near the window, as is a tiny island with a black base cabinet in the center. The floor has wooden wallpaper.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 9
Designed By – Russell & Company Construction

10. White wallpaper on floors

White wallpaper on kitchen flooring is uncommon, but adding white wallpaper with a white inside completes the design and makes it sophisticated since it blends nicely with other kitchen features.

Because the kitchen is open and tiny in this case, the white wallpaper on the hall floor distinguishes it from the rest of the room. On the countertop, there is a better white laminated tile.

The wall supports upper cabinets, tall cabinets with microwave and oven sections. The lower cabinets have a modern stove with a long-neck stainless chimney.

Another set of tall wall cabinets is present in the corner with the refrigerator section. This section is entirely brown wood, different from other sections that did not draw our attention at first sight.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 10
Designed By – Oculus Architecture and Design

11. White contemporary design with multiple cabinets

There is a robust island construction design with many shelves and a thick layer of white marble surface. The entire space is white tiled from backsplash to cabinet. The lower cabinets, as well as upper cabinets, have a flat modern door design.

Lower cabinet countertops are similarly extensively covered. There is an inbuilt chimney section with stainless steel stove and microwave section.

The tall wall cabinet has a distinct part with white tiled flat paneled doors. The base cabinet features hardwood shelves as well as an undermount sink.

There is another set of wooden cabinets at the corners for keeping recipe books or decorations. Overall, it is king size kitchen with all facilities and suits well for a family.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 11
Designed By – Nick Lee Architecture

12. Closed type black and white kitchen

It is a modern-style, closed-type kitchen with a dark black backsplash. The cabinets have no handles and are flat-paneled. The kitchen is U-shaped, with towering wall cabinets on both sides of the area.

Along with a refrigerator, there is a microwave and oven compartment. The flooring is a light wood, and the island features white base cabinets with a black countertop.

An undermount sink is present on the island’s countertop. A sink is near the window.

The ceiling is high, with a glass-walled divider at the top. The kitchen is contemporary and very user-friendly.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 12
Designed By – Nicky Kaplan Interiors

13. Wooden cabinets and white walls

The entire space looks wooden ranging, from lower cabinets to the upper slab section. The lower cabinets are flat-paneled with a metallic handle.

The countertops are white marbled. It is a medium-sized kitchen with a U-shape layout. You get sinks at the island and one near the window.

The cooktop region is near the entrance and has a stainless steel chimney on the top. The unique style upper slab section has opaque windows. The walls have marble backsplash wallpapers, and the ceiling is pure white.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 13
Designed By – Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

14. Glass cabinet in white kitchen

Glass cabinets used in upper cabinets give them a sleek look. The chimney is painted white and is different from the ordinary chimney in terms of appearance. The backsplash is white marbled in this small open kitchen.

It is a one-wall kitchen with a cooktop and an island in front of the stove region. An undermount sink is present above the countertop that has white base cabinetry.

It is compact and stylish. It will never go out of style as it contains modern interior design concepts keeping a user-friendly experience and material in mind.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 14
Designed By – Houzz-Contemporary Kitchen, San Francisco

15. Cool grey and white marbled kitchen

Introducing cool-grey color to the kitchen makes the entire look unconventional as it is a modern color. Here, a cool-grey tone is used just above the window region for creating contrast.

Since the kitchen has a low ceiling, the majority part gets covered by upper cabinets giving only space to display white marbled backsplashes. The upper cabinets touch the ceiling wall.

The cabinets are white flat paneled with PVC material, and the cooktop is modern that lies above the white-tiled countertop. A sink is near the window, and the rest of the space looks quite spacious and easy to maintain.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 15
Designed By – Amy Adams Interiors

16. Grey and white combination

The mid-grey color is used effectively with white painted walls that give it a classy and modern look. The grey wall cabinets are flat panels with no handle, and the lower cabinets have multiple shelves.

It is a king-sized open kitchen with multiple cabinets, so you never run out of space for keeping your essentials. The refrigerator section has a black painted refrigerator at the right corner.

An island in between is for preparation before cooking. The ceiling is simple, and the floors contain wooden wallpaper. It is a basic yet classy style meant for individuals who do not like bright colors in their interiors.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 16
Designed By – Henry and Co Interiors

17. Wooden cabinets and white cabinets

You will love the combination of wooden cabinets and PVC white cabinets. The image shows a medium-sized kitchen with flat-panel wooden doors and a hollow cabinet with a flip-style panel.

There is a white flat-paneled door in tall wall cabinets. The region behind the window is pure white with a large window. A long island is present in the middle of the kitchen with white tiled countertops and wooden base cabinets. There is a separate space for a dining table near the window.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 17
Designed By – Board & Vellum

18. Grey and Cool-toned white

This is a better example of a medium-sized kitchen with a cool-toned white hue. There are many upper and lower cabinets placed at L-shaped layout.

An island is in the middle with an undermount sink above the thick white countertop region. The stove is stainless steel having conventional looks. The ceiling is simple, and the white lights beneath the upper cabinets add life to the kitchen.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 19

19. Gallery layout in white kitchen

The gallery layout in kitchens is frequent nowadays, as it consumes less space and is convenient for some people. Here, we see a cabinet with a black countertop and base cabinetry.

The material of the cabinet has a matt finish and is highly durable. The stove is modern, and the appliances are stainless steel. The island is near the other corner of the wall and is painted white.

The ceiling is white, and the glass-partitioned doors will allow you to enjoy your meal by sitting at the dining table placed in front of it.

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 19
Designed By – Hamlin Goldreyer Architects

20. Teal colored peninsula in kitchen

White can highlight other colors. Here, we use white walls combined with grey, black, and teal. You will notice grey-colored tall wall cabinets at the left corner that consists microwave section. The cooktop region is at the front with a greyish backdrop having some patterns.

A wooden slab section is near the chimney. The lower cabinets are black with modern doors.

The island has a white tiled countertop with a teal base cabinet. The chairs are also teal-colored to match the island. This type of combination balances the entire look, and don’t let white bore you!

White Contemporary Kitchen Design 20
Designed By – Joshua Alan Interiors