20 Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas

This article will teach you all the ideas you want when making your living attractive. We have researched those open living to get the best choice for you here. Check the space you have for your living room before picking one of those ideas below. Without wasting much of the time, let us dive into those reviews of the open concept of the living room.

1. Choose white color

Are you looking for open ideas for your living room, then this is the best option for you to choose because it fits a big house. The contemporary living room is painted white, making your living room look more attractive. You can place some small bulbs on the wall to make your living room brighter. Its ceiling is designed with a fan and also painted with white color.

The wall is stylish with some glasses placed with chairs to relax when doing other kinds of stuff as you see through your glasses. There is an open side of the wall with glasses you can see clearly outside your room. The sitting area has beautiful sofas and a grey carpet on the floor. The standard fireplace is designed with beautiful bricks to make your open room more decorative.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Williams Custom Art Builders

2. Use art design in your living room

If you have space in your room, it helps you move freely like this open living room. The wall is designed uniquely and painted with white color. The pictures are placed on the wall to add decoration and make your living room super cool. A standard fireplace is designed on the wall next to the wall cabinet. The shelves above are designed to give you easy work when storing your items.

The sofa is black and blue chairs placed on the carpet. Inside, the room is decorated well for you to enjoy the viewing of your room. A small wood coffee table and a flower on it to add decoration. Its window is extensive and designed with glass for natural light and fresh air.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: ULLE Studio

3. Choose wood with natural light

Do you know wood can make your living room stand out from the rest if you arrange it properly? The use of wood on the floor gives it a different appearance and is known as one of the best to prevent cold. Sofas are designed with L shape, and there is clog wood put behind the chairs.

The carpet for the living room is grey which matches with the sofas. This living room is open, and during the day, you will not feel hot because the height of the roofing is placed above. The room has a standard fireplace with no tv inside, but the room’s viewing is beautiful—additionally, the staircase is made of wood and metals. Roofing is designed with bulbs to make the room brighter, and there are glasses used on the wall for natural light during the day.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Michels Homes

4. Make your living room visible in the forest

The open living room is one of the best if you live around the forest or beach. You can see outside your house what is happening. The size of the room is big to fit all your household items properly. Its wall is made up of glasses and wood, and it has a fireplace with yellow flame. There is a picture on the wall to make your living room beautiful.

The sofa is white, and there is a glass table with some bottles placed on the top to decorate the living room. The black chair is comfortable for you to sit on it when relaxing. The ceiling for this open room is designed in style and has some fans you can turn on when you feel hot.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

5. Art design with study space

Decorating your home is one of the best things you must consider first. Maybe you have a big room and open one space, but you don’t know how to make it look bright. You can look for a comfortable sofa like this, a white one, and ensure the coffee table and carpet are the same color. Black is always best when you have some white color like on your sofa or walls.

The wall is designed well, and you can paint it white. When you have the cupboard on the wall, it helps you store some things in your living room. Another thing you have to separate a place where you can have your peaceful study or read apart from the main living room. The dining room is designed next to the sitting and has some of the beautiful chairs made of wood, and its table is glasses. There are some of the pictures on the wall with human being art.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Robert Granoff

6. Use of white and black color on sofa

When you stay in the open living room, you may be overwhelmed with the difficult decision to choose the color and various ideas available. Floor made of wood is one of the most preferred today, and it makes your living room most attractive. The room is designed with a beautiful white sofa and a comfortable black chair when you sit on them. The carpet is grey and placed a round coffee table with the same color.

There is a wood staircase designed to take you to the upper rooms. The wall is painted with white color and has art pictures. The dining room is separated from the main sitting room, and it has some white chairs to mix the color of your living room. The design for a modern living room makes it one of the top open room ideas with quality material.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Dan Francis Photography

7. Decorate ceiling wall with woods

Orange color can make your living room stand up among many others on the list. This is one of the best modern open living rooms designed with quality material. This is top designed with woods and has some beautiful bulbs arranged on roofing when it comes to the ceiling.

The room has enough space and an open window. You can enjoy the comfort of this living room and fresh air. It has a white L-shaped sofa and two orange tables on the floor. There is a kitchen in the same living room. The relaxation area for the living room has an orange chair to match the entire living room. The open living room has enough light inside, and you don’t have to look for more bulbs to see clearly.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Pekarek Architects, Inc.

8. Arrange dining and sitting room well

As you check on the space for the house, arranging your room also matters. That is why you have to look for a house arrangement that benefits you. The ceiling is decorated with woods and has a bulb light each row to make your living room brighter.

The floor is designed with black woods to make your room beautiful. The sitting area has a carpet and a three-setter sofa with a white coffee table. The open room has enough space, and you don’t have to separate different dining rooms. You can have it in the same sitting place. The dining table is significant. You can share ideally it with your entire family. Wall is stylish different, with each side its color of blue and white. Those windows are big and transparent for the natural light in your room.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Elad Gonen

9. Choose a designing house in the forest green

Good space is one of the essential things you will need to consider for your living room. Use comfortable sofas to define the beauty of your living room. The use of woods on the floor help to reduce the cool from the ground, making your room ideally look. A small chair is essential to use when moving to a different position in your house.

The standard fireplace adds beauty to your living room, and you will love the comfortable even when you get visitors; you will feel the greatness of your house. The wall also determines how you want your house to look alike; that is why you will need to invest most in the material. The best wall to use in the forest area is designing your room with glasses. You see outside clear and get natural light.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Pearson Design Group

10. Pick a white color on the ceiling wall

Open room and spacious like this, paint the roofing white to add beauty. One of the best things in the living room is how you spend your money on the roofing. Good roofing for the house is supposed to have a ceiling that is well designed. Make sure that each ceiling has its lighting and different style. The beauty of the ceiling enables you to feel comfortable in your living room.

The sitting room is left with space, and it fits all the sofas and chair properly arranged here with a coffee table; there is two different dining table you can use in case you get many visitors in your home. The ideas used to arrange the living room allow you to walk through your room freely, and the wall is made of transparent glass to let inside natural light during the day.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Triton Builders Inc

11. Decorate your room with a Christmas tree

Let the natural light become part of your home with glasses. You need to raise the height of your living room to ensure that you have the needed space to get you started. This is one of the best styles for you to consider for your living room, and the tv area is designed with the woods plus its stands.

Most hotels use such a wall design for their customers, especially those living in the coastal area. The floor is black wood, which matches the furniture inside the room; the Christmas tree is one of the best decorations for your open living room.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Travis Miller Homes

12. Decorating ceiling roof with woods around

The roofing is more beautiful woods, and the open space creates fresh air. The white color allows the freedom to change and gives your room personality without risking. You can turn the open plan living room into functions for your family to relax and enjoy the comfort of your room.

A standard fireplace adds some decoration to your house. The space is divided to find a place to relax when seeing what is happening outside. The use of wall glass allows the natural light inside the room. And shelves in the room let you keep your books and take them when you want to read.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: GDC Construction

13. Make room bright with natural light

Living rooms are made to look attractive and adorable that is why you need a place to enjoy with your family that is cool. This open living room modern is designed well to give you the comfort of a house.

The glass on the wall is complementary to the modern, and it lets natural light into your room. With is a wall you don’t have to switch lights on during the day to serve on electricity bills. The corner of the living room has green flowers, and it also gives you fresh air.

The sofas are separated by distance, and each of them has its table with white flowers on the top. The floor is introduced with the woods, which is better than concrete because it does not have cooling.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Arthur McLaughlin & Associates, Inc.

14. Modern beach living room

Optimize your living room by designing the wall with the glasses and adjusting the height for your living room. Consider the ideas of the wall to wall and floor to ceiling to extend natural light in your room. Choose white decoration color to compliment the water body or beaches area. Position your sofa and chair in good postures to take the view outside your room. You can make your living room look like an attractive and relaxing place.

Your floor should have a carpet like this one the owner choose black to mix with white color. The shelf on the wall is designed like a dining table. You can use it instead. Flowers make your room look beautiful inside.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Kevin Gray Design

15. Use of brown wood on the floor

The use of glasses in your open living room can make it appear more beautiful and keep inside light. The ideal solution is to make your sofa more comfortable for you to sit on them. The standard fireplace adds to your room’s ambiance to make it more attractive. The brown wood on the floor adds home beauty. That is why you will need to make it more attractive inside the room. The blue color on the chair and the picture on the wall make your living room beautiful.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

16. Use of rainbow color on the wall

Most of the open-end living room is carefully arranged with the furniture inside to make it look more attractive. There is the advantage of living in an open living room because you also breathe fresh air.

The wall is made of glasses and contrite painted with white color. When you have pictures on the wall, it increases the chance of your room’s beauty and decoration. There is enough space inside the help you move around freely, and you can start checking on the sofa that is more comfortable to place in your room. The roofing ceiling has some of the bulbs essential for you to make the room brighter.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Dewson Construction Company

17. Get the blue sofa and white

Thanks to the blue color used in the room, it is one of the top ideas you need for your house. The natural light coming from the wall helps you see inside your living room. The wall is painted with brown color which matches with the ceiling. The floor with white carpet makes inside your living room beautiful, and every material used here is modern, which makes it more attractive. Some of the chairs are designed comfortable and white. There is two coffee table, and all are round in color, the golden one and black all shines. The fireplace provides you with warmth in the room and as beauty.

The open living room has white color everywhere, making the room beautiful. You will need to ensure that the big sofa has the comfort you want for your family. The design gives you the freedom to move around freely because of enough space left in the room. There is small chair white in color that makes the ideas of your room look unique. The arrangement of your wall with pictures makes the inside of the room beautiful. Its wall is designed with unique wallpaper, and the ceiling has some round metals for decoration.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Dean Sharp the House Whisperer

18. Luxuries living room with Picture

This is one of the modern living rooms painted with white color. The wall and ceiling are painted the same. The carpet of the room has the same color as that of the sofa. This is one of the unique rooms with all modern items inside.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Shelby Cooper Photography

19. Look for intelligent furniture

Design your open living room with good furniture. The change of room depends on the type of sofas you use. To help you add decoration, you can have the same sofa arranged on each side of your room facing each other and have the same things. A coffee table made of glass and big can serve both sides of the room.

The door is kept open to allow natural light and fresh air inside the living room. The cost of arranging your room this way may cost you, but it looks fantastic when you have a sound designer for your open room.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

20. Consider wood ceiling and fireplace stone

The open living room is good to have a fireplace inside the room. You may feel comfortable when it comes to decorating your living room. The best and effective way to make the living room unique is separated by a fireplace wall for your dining room. There are surrounding wood and glass on the wall to keep the plan for your house attractive. The arrangement of the sitting sofas perhaps makes the room entertaining. The soft sofa is designed well and has some of the overwhelmed space.

Contemporary Open Concept Living Room Ideas
Credit: New Urban Home Builders


The above open living room ideas can help you develop your dream house. There are different types of open rooms available, and all of them will depend on how much you have to start with. Decorating inside your room help you to stay comfortable inside your room, and even you feel motivated when you get visitors.