20 Unique Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

What is the composition of beige?

We all knew the composition of the beige is a mix of little brown to white. Beige represents the warm and cool tones of nature. So, the warmness of brown and cool vibes from white combines to give a neutral-warm vibe. Just like the evolution of humans, beige has also evolved over the years. Modern beige offers a variety of shades. It can be called earthy hues, which can help in bringing positivity, calmness to the room.

Is beige still in trend?

Beige was a popular choice of people in 2019. Beige can be in multiple shades, and each year we can say that people pick a particular tone of beige and combine it with other bright colors. The Warm earthly tone of beige was back in trend in 2021. You can combine grey, Burnt orange, bright blue, red, and gold accents with it.

The reason for the popularity of beige is its tendency to blend with any color and make it look neutral and balanced. We are expecting interior colors for 2022 will have beige tones. Because of the trend, you probably have seen many white and beige walls on social media. 

People got a little bored with the color during the pandemic, and thus including bright colors with beige became a good option. You can add multiple bright-colored furniture or accents. The beige is a neutral color, so adding a matt finish to cabinets looks better compared to other finishes.

Beige can be on the gray tones, where it can act as a nice color for the kitchen at commercial places. You can add dark earthly beige cabinets with white walls that look classy without adding any extras. The one perfect example of this pattern is in image 18. You can get more ideas by visiting the white kitchen design ideas blog.

Have a look at the top 20 beige contemporary kitchen designs mentioned below-

1. Pinkish beige walls wooden cabinets

You will always be amazed; how beige can mix and match any color gives better results. Here, we can see how wooden cabinets match with pink beige walls. The kitchen has a contemporary look with multiple flat-panel wooden cabinets. It is a closed kitchen in a U-shaped layout with a separate section of the tall wooden cabinet. Lower and upper cabinets are wooden with a black countertop. 

There is an island in between with a marble countertop. A set of wooden chairs and wooden wallpapered floors are present. Enjoy the view of the outside from glass partitioned windows near to sink. A grey wallpapered backsplash balances the look.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 1
Designed By – Dendra Doors

2. Yellow Beige walls and grey island

You can see mustard-yellow beige walls with dark brown drawers in cabinets. It is a beautifully designed kitchen with a compact one-wall kitchen design, a sink area at the corner, and an island in between. You can follow some unique yellow contemporary kitchen designs for more ideas.

The sink area has non-panel windows to enjoy the view. The floors are beige too, with a black wave combination. There is a slab section instead of cabinets near the chimney. The countertops are beige marbled with grey flat-paneled cabinets. A sink gets facilitated on the island.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 2
Designed By – KraftMaid

3. Grey beige in the kitchen

The entire kitchen is in a greyish beige tone. The design integration brings classy and royal vibes and creates the illusion of more space. Marble countertops and backsplashes blend well with the beige walls.

The stove region is also white marbled. It is a closed kitchen with a white ceiling and wooden-wallpapered floors. An island with marble countertops and beige shelves is present. This type of kitchen was in trend in 2019.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 3
Designed By – Brdr. Krüger

4. Laminated greyish beige cabinetry

The image shows a greyish beige laminated cabinetry design in a kitchen. It is an L-layout spacious kitchen with well-polished laminated cabinets.

A tall, wall-mounted cabinet section is present with a microwave and a refrigerator section. A nice view of the outside is visible from the window near the sink.

The island serves as a cooking space with a chimney installed above it. There are multiple shelves on the island with a white countertop. You can see the light beige-tone tiles on the floors.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – REHAU Cabinet Doors

5. Beige wooden tone

You will love this style, where there is so much space with a beautiful design layout. Firstly, you get a combination of grey cabinets with beige wooden shelves. There is a set of lower cabinets in a U-shaped, touching the corners.

There is a white tiled countertop above the base cabinet. You can enjoy cooking in the kitchen because it is spacious, and the glass-partitioned windows add life to the room.

Wooden ceiling slabs over the ceiling make them look more integrated and balanced. The wooden beige gives a neutral yet elegant look.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – Live Oak Ironworks

6. Pure Beige with white marbled walls

The image shows an open kitchen with beige cabinets and door frames. It is a one-wall kitchen with a big island in between. Two independent tall wall-mounted cabinets are present at both corners.

There are flat-paneled doors in lower and upper cabinets. Marbled wallpapers on the wall add a nice touch to the kitchen. There are two doors on either side of the cooktop. The walls and the countertops are white, complementing the color of the floor.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – John Maniscalco Architecture

7. Dark blue with beige wooden cabinets

The beige tone used in the interior of the kitchen is pale. Adding a bright blue color will help to avoid dullness. You can experiment with other blue shades to bring a new version of yours. It is a small open kitchen with a white tiled backsplash and upper cabinets. The lower cabinets are dark blue with a stainless steel cooktop.

There is another set of tall wall-mounted cabinets for keeping the essentials. The island has a white countertop with a sink at the top. The cabinets of the island and the chairs are beige-toned.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 7
Designed By – Red Pepper Design & Cabinetry

8. Off-white walls and beige wooden island

We often see beige tones with the off-white combination because of the trend and its nature as it complements each other.
Wooden shades are many, and beige is one of the most used tones for cabinets. Here, the image shows a medium-sized kitchen with white painted upper cabinets.

The countertops are light beige with white shelves. In this L-shaped kitchen, there is a modern upper slab design. The beige-toned backsplash wall matches the island’s cabinetry.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 8
Designed By – Hearth Homes Interiors

9. All beige contemporary kitchen

To make your space look more spacious and classy, interior designers add the same hue to the entire kitchen. Every element of the kitchen sync well and add the illusion of space. The same concept goes here, where the beige is present everywhere. It is a big-sized, open, one-wall kitchen containing pinkish tint cabinets.

There is a white backsplash wall having a slab and stainless steel chimney. There is an island in between with a sink and a sitting area. The other corner of the kitchen contains a lower cabinet section with an undermount sink and a wooden table.

The ceiling is basic, and the floors are wooden. There are many wooden kitchen designs from where you can take inspiration.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 9
Designed By – Ascher Davis Architects, LLP

10. Beige with Brown cabinets

The dark brown color goes well with the beige color. You can use this color combination at office or commercial places apart from home. The design is elegant and not so sophisticated. It is a one-wall kitchen with doors at the left and a grey lower cabinet section at the right.

There are brown cabinets in lower and upper cabinets with beige backsplash. The island has beige cabinetry with dark wooden chairs and a white countertop above the base cabinet. You can see the vaulted ceiling design in this open kitchen design.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 10
Designed By – Jacy Painter Kelly

11. Beige ceiling design with marble countertops

The image shows vintage style kitchen with a robust design. The kitchen interiors include vaulted beige ceilings with beige floors. There is matt-finish in the cabinets with a more earthly shade of beige.

The backsplash walls have beige-toned wallpapers. There is a marble countertop island with an undermount sink. It is also a one-wall kitchen with tall cabinets on both sides.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 11
Designed By- Cribbs Custom Builders

12. Greyish Blue and beige

Beige can serve as a complementary element to your kitchen. The image shows a greyish-blue wallpapered backsplash wall with white, flat-paneled white cabinets on both sides.

There are pale brown wooden cabinets in the cabinet base. You will see a white-tiled countertop with a pale brown wooden base cabinet.

There is a white wall all around with a plain white ceiling. As usual, there is a wooden floor in this medium-sized kitchen. You can view grey kitchen design ideas to add any other possible shade of grey.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 12
Designed By – R. Thoreson Homes

13. Light beige tone

There are light beige kitchen cabinets along with white upper cabinets. There are flat-panel modern look doors with black countertops.
The backsplash has white and black patterns.

In this large spacious kitchen, you have the ease to cook independently and smoothly as the cooktop region, refrigerator and sink are parallel to each other.

The upper cabinets have white flat panel doors. You can see beige floor tiles that complement the entire layout of the kitchen. An off-white island is present in the entire kitchen.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 13
Designed By – Plus Interiors

14. White-Beige theme

The modern era has various shades of beige, and whitish-beige is never an exception. It is a narrow, U-shaped kitchen with a neutral and elegant look. It is compact but still has a clever utilization of space.

There is a wooden slab near the glass-partitioned window. Raised door panels with handles in cabinets give it a contemporary look. There is the same beige tone countertop all over.

There is a sink located near the wall. Overall, you get an integrated design for your kitchen that looks classy and is never out of trend. You can add a metallic accent to the kitchen to elevate its look.

Black Contemporary Kitchen Design 14
Designed By – Evolution Design-Build Group

15. Wheat-beige colored kitchen

The interior of this image contains a wheat shade of beige shade that makes it look wooden and neutral. This tone is often visible in light-shaded wooden cabinets. The ceiling, cabinets, island, and even countertop are in the same wheat-beige shade. You can see the floors are also beige tiled. It is an open kitchen with beige lower and upper cabinets.

The ceiling gets vaulted with a glass door. It has an L-layout with a cooktop located near to microwave section. The backsplash and the lower cabinet section are dark browns. The island has a beige marble countertop with beige chairs.

If you love beige, then this design is for you. But the drawback of this kitchen is maybe it seems dull to some people. You can add burnt orange or velvet red elements to avoid dullness. It will work for sure!

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 15
Designed By – Cord Shiflet

16. Beige dining area

You can add beige furniture to your kitchen to let people focus on the statement wall because people can’t notice it at first sight. There are beige-colored floors, and it complements the color of the dining tables and chairs.

The kitchen is large-sized with dark wooden cabinets and an entire wall wooden wallpapered. Firstly, a one-wall kitchen with wooden lower cabinets and upper white cabinets is visible.

Secondly, there is a refrigerator section and a microwave section in the other corner. A white countertop island with a wooden base cabinet and chairs are present.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 16
Designed By – Exceptional Northwest Homes, LLC

17. Mushroom Grey theme kitchen

There is a greyish tint in beige applied on the walls. The backsplash wall is white with a honeycomb pattern. There is a greyish upper cabinet and a grey cabinet with beige color patterns.

The island is a white marble with an undermount sink and a sitting area. There is a beige wooden wallpapered floor. There are multiple windows in this L-layout kitchen design, with a slab counter attached to the wall at the right.

Here, we can see the beige is not so noticeable, but each element has a beige tint in itself. It is difficult to explain but not to notice!

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 17
Designed By – Enfort Homes

18. Tan beige in white kitchen

It is a compact, open kitchen with a false ceiling. The design is modern, simple, and non-conventional as it contains fewer cabinet sections. The walled kitchen has tan beige, flat-paneled doors in the cabinets. There are white backsplash tiles at the back.

An island is present at the front with white countertop tiles and an undermount sink. The sand-beige tone is for the island base cabinet, and the floor is dark wooden wallpapered. There is a separate white, wall-mounted cabinet section at the other corner.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 18
Designed By- SD Design Studio

19. White and greyish beige tone

You will love the elegant design of this kitchen, which has a vaulted ceiling with a glass door and white cabinets. The cabinets are flat and laminated, giving it a modern polished look.

The countertop of the lower cabinets has a brown wooden countertop. It has an L-shaped layout with a separate refrigerator and microwave section.

You can see the island, which has a white tiled base cabinet and greyish beige countertop. The same tone for the island countertop is present for floors. The backsplash is white tiled too.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 19
Designed By – TRAD Design + Build

20. Camel Beige wooden cabinets

The kitchen incorporates nude beige island cabinetry with a black countertop. The camel shade of beige gets chosen for the tall wall cabinets and lower cabinets. It looks matt and has flat-panel doors. There is a white chimney that matches the white marbled backsplash tiles. The walls are white, and the floor is sand beige in color.

Overall, it is a perfect balance of beige that looks neutral without causing the dullness. The design is attractive as you can achieve a neutral, calm, and not-so-sophisticated look. It is an open kitchen with one wall concept. Glass-partitioned doors lead to the lawn. The camel shade of beige draws the viewer’s attention, and thus it becomes a statement piece.

Beige Contemporary Kitchen Design 20
Designed By – Sean Stevens