20 Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

Renovating your kitchen is a difficult task.

However, the benefit of starting over is the ability to choose every new thing for your kitchen. Light fixtures, sink, floors, even kitchen cabinets.

The modern rustic kitchen can be the most fun kitchen model to design because the furniture and finishing possibilities are limitless.

As you research your options for your own remodel, check out our 20 favorite types of modern rustic kitchen furniture to inspire you.

Enjoy the charm of the old and the functionality of the modern. It is quite possible by opting for a modern rustic kitchen. What are the models of this type of kitchen, how to arrange them and some are the keys to decorate them well – to discover in the lines that follow.

Rustic Kitchen Idea with a Touch of Modernity

The rustic kitchen design with one wall kitchen layout is perfect for long kitchens. You can try wall cabinets or make a separate cabinet like shown above in the picture. You can enjoy the beautiful window view from your kitchen that looks rich. White marbles with grey undertone for kitchen countertops will be more convenient to use as it helps to hide kitchen stains easily compared to bold color marble countertops and thus white, colors are popular these days.

Simple yet elegant wooden rustic kitchen ideas

rustic kitchen ideas

If you want to keep a kitchen design that is  simple and less expensive, try to introduce wooden cabinets or wooden selves .You can choose two themes for kitchen cabinets that add beauty to  your rustic themed kitchen. Adding aged furniture adds vintage look and can serve as a great preparation area. Adding backsplashes that matches the theme of your marble countertop bring integration in design.

Rustic Kitchen Ideas In White Shade

rustic kitchen ideas

You can replace wooden cabinets with old-fashioned readymade steel cabinets with no doors and a separate section to add rustic kitchen vibes to your kitchen. They are convenient and easy to use. Adding a white theme to your walls will give it a modern look. Your kitchen storage area can have a different color or maybe opposite of your overall wall theme.

Standard White Color Design for a Big Kitchen

rustic kitchen ideas

Separate steel cooktop with attached oven and white colored wall and base cabinets are great way to use your space wisely. Wooden floors balances the overall interior of kitchen. You can choose readymade kitchen cabinets. Gallery layout or one wall kitchen layout will be suitable if you have long kitchen and with that layout your other kitchen appliances and furniture will align better.

Modern Rustic Kitchen With Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinet

rustic kitchen ideas

Dark wood theme will always look classy and bold. Modern type furnitures always suit this kind of theme. If you are choosing a dark theme better to opt for cooktop upon the base cabinet as it will enhance the look. Mixing other themes with dark wood theme might not be a good idea.

Rustic Wood Kitchen Furniture Ideas

rustic kitchen ideas

Install heavy and multiple cabinets wooden furniture for bringing out the rustic kitchen effect. Put old style jars and cans to enhance the look. Aged wood furniture look best.

Neutral Tone Rustic Kitchen Ideas

rustic kitchen ideas

If you want peaceful and calm environment for your kitchen, go for neutral tones. Try matching the cooktop, preparation area and storage area with shades of same tone. You can be creative with the ceiling floor if you like.  Go for rock stone marble tiles for floors. Stone lookalike marble tiles make it simple and sober.

Marble Rustic Kitchen Ideas

rustic kitchen ideas

This is completely an old-style kitchen design as you can see heavy furniture where you can see there is a single storage unit, unlike the new kitchen cabinets. The storage cabinet is unified and forms an arch-like structure where you have a cooktop in middle. Wood blocks can be used in the ceiling. The white marble is a perfect fit as you can remove kitchen stains easily as compared to colorful marble tiles.

Modern Rustic Kitchen consisting Island  Wood

rustic kitchen ideas

You can make the wall cabinet look eye-catching. It will fulfill your storage requirements too. Island wood serves best while giving a rustic look to your kitchen. Design your kitchen in L or H layout for you to access your kitchen easily. Here you can see some ceiling work where it is bordered with island wood all around.

Rustic Kitchen Ideas With Aged Furniture

rustic kitchen ideas

If you have a small kitchen, you can try L or H kitchen layout designs. Aged furniture is used here for creating the rustic effect. Aged wood furniture is used for wall cabinets. In this way, you can balance the overall look of the kitchen. Ceilings have been kept simple. Using simple marble tiles will enhance the look. It is inexpensive as well as looks adorable

Light Pinkish Small Rustic Kitchen Ideas

rustic kitchen ideas

For creating cool vibes in your kitchen, try using pastel colors and light colors like pink and sky blue. The kitchen is small and thus cabinet is arranged in H shaped layout.  Here, cooktop and storage area is not that big. With simple wall storage with no doors is easy to use.

Simple Furniture Rustic kitchen With Old Style Ceiling

rustic kitchen ideas

Want to avoid wood and try something new?  Add white marble all around from countertops to floors. Make marble slabs for your storage requirements with no doors for more simplicity. Use separate steel cooktops. For your preparation area , you can bring wooden countertops or you can also choose marble countertops for getting designing integration.

Kitchen With Brick Wall And Light Color Furniture Design

rustic kitchen ideas

You will love the effect the cyan green and saffron color will bring into your kitchen.  Brick-wall has been used in ceilings and walls.  There are base cabinets and wall cabinets with a tone of green in them. The base kitchen have black marbles. The preparation area have marble countertop. The cooktop is differentiated from storage area through brick-wall surrounding it.


Rustic Kitchen Design With Wooden Ceilings

rustic kitchen ideas

If you chose modern furniture for your kitchen, but still want to add wood in your kitchen space. Then you can do some creativity into the ceilings. The wall design matches with other furniture. Keep your refrigerator at a suitable distance from preparation area.

Modern Rustic Kitchen With Grey Cabinet And Wooden Ceiling

rustic kitchen ideas

This kitchen interior looks balanced and perfect. It contains grey kitchen cabinets with wooden preparation area having skin tone marble countertop. The backsplashes have perfect tiles complimenting tones of both grey and wooden floor and preparation table. Ceilings have wooden slabs attached to it to give it rustic kitchen vibe.

Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Furniture Idea

rustic kitchen ideas

Using old kitchen furniture will look artistic. Woods with a tone of green will look wonderful and you can add it as an accessory of your kitchen. You can match plates and utensils according to the tone of wood. It is the best contemporary rustic kitchen furniture.

Small Rustic Kitchen Design With Blue Painted Wood

The kitchen have H shaped layout.  Two themes have been combined. Wood is painted dark brown and sky blue. There are continuous wall cabinets. White marble countertops has been used. It looks amazing and make your kitchen spacious too.

Doubled Space Rustic Kitchen Ideas With Modern Ceiling

If you have highly spacious kitchen, then make dinning table part of your kitchen. The ceiling is simple and modern. Wood has been used in cabinets and furniture. Floor have simple wooden pattern.  You can add extra base cabinets. This kind of rustic kitchen design is in trend and fits well for a big family.

Warm Tone Brick Wall And Aged Wood Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen have brick wall design in middle of the kitchen. The cooktop region is wide and spacious. There is aged wood furniture with a tint of green in it. There is unique pattern in ceilings and all wall cabinets to base cabinets and floors have same tone that is complimenting each other. Floors have stone cut marble used.

Warm Tone Wooden Ceilings And Cabinets Rustic Kitchen Design

rustic kitchen ideas

You can bring old days back through the entire wooden fully furnished kitchen design.  From walls to ceilings the entire kitchen can be made wooden. Adding marble countertops will enhance the look.  It is basically a gallery design kitchen layout. Entire floor has base cabinets and inbuilt wall cabinets. Ceilings are wooden and layered with wooden blocks.