18 Traditional Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girl

A nursery room deserves to be decorated in a fictional fantasy world that represents the setting as a unique one. The benefits of having a nursery room means a dedicated space filled with essential multifunctional furniture, squeezing all into style and safety.

Each room has a unique style and carries a space with endless possibilities. The nurseries have a special design evolving with the progress of time and human choices. The traditional nursery has an appealing charm to kids for having all the special necessities as well as a traditional touch to it.

1. Medieval canopy bed for kids

Traditional fabric wrapping up a canopy bed, the Lit `a la polonaise, the regal reflection of which comforts the room. The 18th-century style with an elaborate drapery designed with pastel combination fills the room gorgeously. Graham and Brown wallpaper of floral base with canopy curtain provides a premium effect.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: VHZ Design Group

2. Crown mounted nursery

Ambrosia interior with Easter Bonnet of Benjamin creative ivory and pink pastel textile contribute to the nursery. Crown mounted on the wall beside the kid’s crib and Scandinavian bedding is a classic example of Contemporary soft furnishing.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Shaddock Homes

3. Ivory golden blissful nursery

Gold and glass notched Ophelia wall shelves add to the texture of the premium wallpaper on one side with elegant white paint of Akzo Nobel NV giving a soothing sight. Kate and Laurel pendant light at the center creates balance with a white wooden crib and soft cozy sofa placed on a super soft Faux Fur sheepskin rug.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Vanessa Antonelli Designs

4. Toy-ful joyful kids camp

The nursery suite can be decorated to create a classic pink effect with pink toys, pillowcases, wall hangings in different shades of pink, giving a classic French vibe. From delicate baby pink to vibrant bubblegum, the two shades of pink accentuate the antique wood vanity. Shingle inspired accent wall is matching with the awnings and light fixtures creating a dollhouse-like effect in this pretty bedroom.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: KJ Design Works

5. Kids world with love

A spacious room with Hesse Lignal courtesy color finds a perfect match -the soft rug and crib frame. The large double-hung window boasts a stunning medallion window curtain. Edwardian era baby crib consolidates the decor of cute baby dresses on the wall frames. The most joyous thing is to find a lovely pet dog beside the cot – perfectly describes the nursery – “a kids world with love”

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: The Sitting Room

6. Mustard canvas blissful room

Kids room first reminds us about a journey through serene blissful neutral pink and crème bordered walls. Fiction portrayed canvas and multifunctional wooden wardrobe exhibit the joy of childhood. The rich yet blending color palette of salmon, peach, and buttermilk combination fascinate the eyes. Soft duck, cradle, and rocking chair next to blind set window has a mind-blowing accent with a soft pink rug.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Decorating Den Interiors

7. Spacious Georgian nursery

Voluminous nursery enchants the interior with grand sherbert shade on 3 walls and ceiling with River silver shade. A chandelier from the ceiling speaks of modern luxury lighting over the baby bassinet. A custom blind window shutter explores the Georgian period view with a vintage Moroccan rug.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Abbey Construction Company, Inc

8. Rectilinear serene nursery

A beautiful setting of timeless medallion coated by Denmark Hempel white and pastel neutral marks the exclusive feature of the dreamy interiors. The slide to the outside window at the ivory textured Marmol Dorado wallpaper switches to the Scandinavian era. A traditional room always has an element like the plush carpet that is uniquely focused in the room.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: The Summerlin Home

9. Colonial style fancy nursery

Attic ideas serve as a boon to the nursery that gives straight vibes of Paris pied-`a-Terre. This Jenna Sue inspired design embraces the spirit of the rich theme of white Damask. What increases the charm, even more, is the hypoallergenic inner fillings laid out in the iconic bubblegum pink and neutral striped floor.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Houzz

10. Minimalistic Moroccan nursery

Plenty of parents subscribes to the minimalism trend to build a serene nursery for their little champs. This room is a vibrant example of a minimalistic setting that is just “wow” to look at and also instills the spirit of minimalism in the child from an early age. The aesthetic artwork on the wall comes with a personalized touch coated in pastel pink and neutral to strengthen the cozy vibes. White furniture, sleek shelves, uphold lavender-blue fur rugs are no less than Moroccan wonder.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Sweet Dixie Interiors

11. Kids artwork nursery space

Nurturing a clutter-free space, cheerful, gender-neutral vibes is this adorable nursery carefully crafted with complementing color palettes. A wooden decorative edgy cot accompanies a safari of animals popping up on a neutral yellow background wall. A Winston 3-in-1 convertible crib beautifully complements the white Marco closet, definitely an exceptional decor idea for a nursery.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: MO Design

12. Vibrant play home nursery

To make it best for kids, nothing is better than a letter-printed vibrant decor with light hues of blue here and there. Along with the white and blue hues, the vintage nude floor rug sits beautifully with the wooden flooring. Contemporary tones and powdery finish elements can also be seen that serve a modern yet sumptuous effect. 2-in-1 colored walls pair up with the exquisite antique ceiling lightings to complete the look.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Silvius Photography

13. DIY themed luxury nursery

A snowy white-based choice is the best for a nursery to instill monochrome vibes in the room and boost the elegance to the next level. The baby pink tone of the curtain stands out boldly but has a calming effect in the overall white space. The mix is perfect between the muted white tones, animal featured hangs, and pink Pouffee to promote harmony and positive energy. The DIY jute hanging from the ceiling completes the picture-perfect nursery room. Both cozy and modern in its outlook, this nursery room is the best place to showcase your monochrome love.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Gold Lion Concierge

14. Abstract artistic crib room

A monochrome paint shade of cloudy white makes the tree decor even brighter and fills the room with endless light and energy. This abstract artistic idea is the most innovative design you can think of for nursery room decor. From the eclectic, Hollywood style crib to the rug, and even the milky white Pouffe, everything speaks of a high taste in lifestyle. While there’s no doubt the plant is the most beautiful element included in the decor, even the golden mini table shines through the decor to catch attention.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: John McClain Design

15. Abstract artistic crib room

A sophisticated paint shade of Barley with the shredded wheat wall keeping the crib at the center of the room innovates the nursery decor. Traditional net design present in the crib to the closet cannot be incorporated any better in a nursery room than this. A feathery white translucent curtain beneath the pink wraps and embossed modular wardrobe feel sweet and timeless. A splash of natural flower prints on the wall is soothing to the eye and can never go wrong in any era.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Touie, Inc

16. Gorgeous bloom nursery

The fresh spring feels in the nursery design manifested by the rose garnishings on the closet are no less than ethereal. A timeless chandelier over the fairytale-inspired round crib is a tricky decor idea – both of which are something you cannot find in typical nursery rooms. California cool vibes by dry flowers and pampas grass make the most out of the perfect color palette leaving a creative impression in the kids’ minds.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: CD Interiors

17. Boho timeless nursery

“Wow” is the only word you’ll utter for this brilliantly designed nursery interior. From the Boho curtains to the traditional rug, everything seems to be just right in place. Even the light fixture on the wall complements the look yet doesn’t steal the show from the crib and timeless pastel rug. Another utilitarian element of this traditional room is the UV blocking drapes that meet the need of the baby.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Colordrunk Designs

18. Rustic stunning baby room

This stunning rustic decor is all the heart wants for our babies. The gorgeous window drapes run from the ceiling till the floors give a fairy tale look amidst the rustic wooden cabinet and crib. But the most beautiful element added to enhance the rustic look is the rustic birch making way for the glorious peach flowers and assortments of rustic leaf hangings. Creatively packed in shiny satin ribbons, you cannot deny the designer crib’s elegance that fills the already glamorous room with even more glam.

Traditional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Viv & Leone