18 Scandinavian Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girl

Nursery room ideas have never gone out of style. Designing their little girl’s room is one of the greatest feelings for every parent. The nursery would be the room where she will spend her first few years and develop a basic idea of life and everything around her. It’s essential to build the room accordingly.

Few designs have come up and gained huge popularity in recent years. One of the long-lost design ideas was the stunning Scandinavian-themed rooms. If we are talking about the Scandinavian design ideas, some of the elements would be rooms with minimalistic furniture, textured design, usage of soft pastel colors, and so on. But what’s planning without seeing the designs for yourself! So let us directly dive into the vast ocean of Scandinavian Nursery Room ideas for little girls.

1. All White & Beautiful Nursery Room

Classic Scandinavian aperture comes into play here. The small and cozy room brings in the classic Scandinavian vibe. The room perfectly meets the Scandinavian touch of light and neutral shades by having white and off-white walls. There is a traditional white crib and right next to it lies one of the most beautiful baby elements; a beautiful white tent. To make the otherwise simple-looking tent a bit classy, the entrance is embroidered with maroon and the inside of the tent is what the baby girl would like to call home.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Blackband Design

2. Every Color Nursery Room

This room has every shade of the rainbow in it and all other pretty colors you can think of. The light but colorful shades, or muted dark shades will remind you of the Scandinavian essence of the room. The stone blue walls are unique and set in the mood for a colorful room. The white furniture and photographs on the wall with white frame accents the color combination and everything else fit perfectly with the little girl’s needs.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Raymour & Flanigan Furniture and Mattresses

3. Simplicity in Perfection Nursery Room

One of the greatest and most well-known Scandinavian design elements will be simple and classy décor ideas. The double-bedded white crib with wooden legs is at the front of the patterned grey wall. Beside the crib lies a tripod floor lamp that makes the room a bit classier. The house plant in a big jute plant holder adds a touch of nature in this mid-century nursery room. The wall shelves, the pictures, the sofa, and the rare piece of the center table add to the simplicity and sophistication of the room. We bet this nursery is going to be your little girl’s favorite place.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Popix Designs

4. Bohemian Magic Nursery Room

This nursery is where your baby girl will learn all about the Bohemian culture. One of the walls of this room is painted with every tint of green and every bit of it tells the wondrous tales of nature. In front of this beautiful wall stays the traditional baby pink crib. Right next to the crib lies a long and sleek pink tent with stars hung from the top, descending till mid-way. Both these elements will surely make the baby curious about her surroundings and she will enjoy herself while trying to find answers to her questions.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Savvy Giving by Design

5. Most Minimal Nursery Room

The Scandinavian room décor is best described as a room with minimal aesthetic elements. As simple and loving as the people here are, the designs of the rooms are also inspired to be the same. This room has a classic small crib with a cute cot hanging against a white wall that is constructed keeping in mind the early times. The jute basket is a sign of high taste in life that goes hand-in-hand with the wooden floor. Minimalism is the one thing you can quickly feel stepping onto this room.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Comfort Flooring

6. Heaven for Both Nursery Room

As the name suggests, this room is a perfect fit for twin daughters. Having a bubblegum pink ceiling and a cute little pink elephant over the windows, you can never be able to get enough of the room. Apart from two traditional cribs kept side-by-side, there is a colorful striped tent set for both the babies to play – a classic feature of the Scandinavian lifestyle. The little rocking pony, unicorn slippers, and books scattered in the entire room are some of the best elements that magnify the decor and girly vibe.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Think Chic Interiors

7. Palette of Hues Nursery Room

Built in a soft-colored theme, the classic white crib looks elegant on the wooden floor. There are little rocking elements like a simple white rocking horse and a white rocking cot – both of which are common elements of Scandinavian decor. Little pink and white spotted boxes add to this vibe even more. The triangle flag banner and the white furniture give off a major simplicity vibe. Modern elements like copper utensils, chandeliers, and other wall hangings give the room an extra glossy touch.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Meryll Cohen Architecture

8. Funny Cozy Nursery Room

This room boasts of several small fun elements that make the room perfect for a little girl to spend her days. One of the most exciting elements is the construction of a semi-circular window with glass doors, giving out exact early century vibes. The crib and the bench are decorated with cute, colorful, soft toys that the baby would love. The pretty wooden frame mirror, the traditional furniture, and the traditional construction of the wall seem to make the room lively with classic Scandinavian elements. Another unique decor you seldom notice anywhere else are the colorful balloon outlines on the wall.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Concept & Tendance Intérieur

9. Traditional Patterned Nursery Room

Covered with shades of pink, the room is defined by the clean wooden patterned floor, hexagonal colorful mats, and the classic crib. There is a changing table right beside the crib. The wall of the crib and changing table is painted with grey patterns. The Scandinavian idea of cleanliness and discipline is showcased in this room by a long table cum shelf for toys to be arranged in perfect order along with a joined study table. The ceiling of the room is classic European type and the modern chandelier adds to the glow of this room.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Rénovation Sur Mesure

10. Pink Princess Nursery Room

The crepe pink walls and other pink palette elements make the room a perfect fit for your little princess. The colorful spotted textured wall of the white traditional crib perfectly resembles a classic Scandinavian room. The soft peach bunny wall hanging, the peach shelves, and the beautiful pink sofa with a soft white fur enhances the décor of the room. Our favorite is the pink tent on the edge of the crib. With soft pink hues, this Scandinavian nursery room is where your little princess will love it with all her heart.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Mel Weber Interior Design

11. Elements in Wood & Pink Nursery Room

The room screams Scandinavian personality from all its corners. The walls of the room have both coral and white shades. One of the best elements of the room is the presence of a tent instead of a crib. The books, little toys, and jute bag add a contrasting effect to the otherwise pink room. The cute pink rocking horse, the wooden chandelier, and the attic-type construction of the room give a mild, warm and comfortable vibe.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

12. Black and White Nursery Room

The wall being decorated with a white triangle flag banner sets the mood of the clean, bright nursery room. The black modern chandelier, the mid-century oval-shaped high-rise crib with wheels, and the black window panes give drama to the room. The theme of black and white could stand for transparency in Scandinavian people. The white tent set beside the crib with cute little toys makes it a perfect spot for the baby girl to play.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

13. Floating in the Sky Nursery Room

The room has all the elements that a little dreamy baby girl would ever want. The coral pink wall is decorated with a grey flag banner, white fluffy clouds, a Bohemian handwoven dream-catcher, and a beautiful painting with a letter assigned on top of it. The traditional white crib has a net tent guarded by a white little dragonfly. These little details bring out the North European thoughtfulness as well as creativity. The dreamy vibe for the little girl continues with the pastel blue star pillow, and an unreal, beautiful furry rocking sheep.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Indoor design by M

14. Fun Blue Nursery Room

The major highlight of the room should be the fun crafts on the ocean blue wall. The beautiful walls of the room remind us of the huge coastline of Scandinavia. The little yellow, black, and white triangles on the ocean blue wall make it a baby-friendly zone. The other eyelash craft also speaks of creativity. The little girl will surely be filled with creative ideas growing up in an environment like this. The blue-yellow dollhouse right beside the traditional white crib along with the blue bean bag, and the colorful cubes scattered on the ground builds the atmosphere of a nursery room.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: ARCHEA Ltd

15. Light-toned Undemanding Nursery Room

Just like a baby’s heart, the room claims to be left uncomplicated. The grey multi-utility crib lies upon the wooden floor accompanying a sidewalk-grey carpet. The cute bunny bean bag makes the room all happy. The architecture of the room is done to give it a small attic effect. The white furniture gets mixed with the walls and adds more space to the room. The pale-pink portrait on the wall, the plant, and the crafty white chandelier seems to give off the perfect dewy Scandinavian vibe.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Skenbild Produktion

16. Wooden Glass-room Nursery

This mid-century approach to the room is perfect for the baby to grow open-minded and instill comfort in being around nature. The raw wood panel ceiling folding close from either side to create a roof-like ceiling look. This, combined with the glass room, creates the perfect North European ambiance. The brick wall pillars seem to enhance the beauty. The beautiful little crib is also chosen carefully to add to the magic. The white furniture along with the white half-hung curtains highlight the beauty of the room.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Houzz

17. Gray but Happy Days Nursery Room

We think it’s high time we break a myth to you. The natural thought of the color ‘grey’ immediately gives us an idea of sad, grey days. This reality is quite opposite of that. The color grey defines simplicity and creates a perfect atmosphere to rest. The gray soft wallpaper on the crib wall gives the perfect Scandinavian touch to the room. The hot-air balloon along with other crafts makes the room perfect for the natural thinker baby. The black and white accessories on the floor and the small nature of the room with a huge window seem too unique.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Henrik Nero

18. Little Dandelions Angel Nursery Room

The peachy-pink room has a Scandinavian approach to creating the most comfortable nursery room for your darling angel. The classic white crib with wheels has been enhanced with the help of the rose-pink canopy and cute little fairy lights. The otherwise shabby wall is the other fun element that brings out the glow of the room. The wall has several colorful dandelions all over it beautifying the ‘fairytale’ effect. The dandelions and the crib create a warm, simple, cozy environment that screams a Scandinavian vibe. Apart from that, the pouf and the jute basket with a unicorn add to the touch.

Scandinavian Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Gaia Rodolico Interior Design