18 Creative ways to style your contemporary kitchen in brown

Shades of Brown-

There are various shades of brown ranging from dark to light. It starts from dark chocolate color to warm tan and copper color. Every brown shade is associated with the feeling of warmth and comfort. Brown represents earthly vibes and wood. This color is versatile and never loses its charm in any era. You can establish brown as the statement color or use it as a tone to balance other tones. Brown is a complementary color to many kitchens.

Even if the entire kitchen is painted in a bright or dark color, the particular shade of brown can balance the entire look. The light colors like white, soft pink can be balanced by adding wooden cabinets with a dark undertone. If the kitchen contains bright colors like red, purple, black then you can manage it by adding lighter as well as a dark undertone of wooden cabinets. We already covered a blog on wooden tones for kitchen design where you can see how different shades of brown can enhance the look of your kitchen.

Is Brown color in Trend in 2022?

Brown can go never out of style. Lighter brown shades consist of beige at the endpoint. Beige is in trend along with copper, warm tan, and chestnut shade. It depicts neutrality and matches well with off-white and soft colors. Often it shows reliability, a warm-protected feeling. Many homes include bolder shades of brown or include brown rocks in their kitchen interior ( refer to image 7 of this blog) to give a raw contemporary look.

The color goes well with dark blue and turquoise color. Blue and brown combine to give a balanced look with positivity, no dullness, warmth cum cool feeling at the same time. Designers experiment with shades of brown at every level. You can create a nice monochromatic look with brown shades that were quite popular in 2019.  The style can make a comeback this year.

Talking about cabinets, “dark Italian walnut”, “Shadow oak”, “cherry portuna”, “pecan walnut” are some shades of cabinets that are commonly used in kitchen interiors. Brown wooden false ceilings are also seen in some contemporary kitchen designs.

Using brown in moderation is necessary as overusing may cause a feeling of isolation and sadness. The best way to avoid that is by adding kitchen decors in bright and metallic accents. Kitchen curtains and ceilings, chairs, and islands countertop can be of primary colors to make it look lively.

Below are some of the contemporary kitchen inspirations for you in brown shade-

1. Pale brown cabinets

You will love the warm, neutral vibes emitted from the pale brown cabinets. It is not too dark and combining it with white makes it feel lightweight and easy. It is a modular kitchen design with an L layout. A modern cooktop lies above the pale brown base cabinet. White countertops and upper cabinets sink well with other white components like walls, ceilings, backsplashes.

This type of kitchen design is appropriate for small apartments with less space. Appliances are modern and compact like a cooktop.

Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 1
Designed by – DBI Design Build Inc

    2. Sienna Applewood Cabinetry

    The entire kitchen has brown wooden cabinetry with a grey backsplash. The wooden cabinetry is continuous and covers the walls all around the kitchen. There are stainless steel appliances and separate sections for the microwave and oven section.

    It has L -an layout design with an island in between. The island has a stainless steel undermount sink along with a sitting area. The countertops are black marble with a glossy finish. You can use durable wooden look tiles, high quality, and resistant to spill and dirt. The ceiling is simple in pale turquoise color.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 2
    Designed by – Kaminski Studio

    3. Shadow oak ceiling

    The color of kitchen cabinets can be identified as shadow oak in the shade where it looks close to black but is dark chocolate brown. There is a false ceiling with shadow oak shade that compliments the entire look of the kitchen. It is a large-sized, open kitchen with an L-layout model. The walls are plain white and the floors are dark brown.

    An island placed is in the middle of the kitchen with black marble countertops. There is a greyish tiled backsplash wall with stainless steel appliances. A sink is present on the left side and a refrigerator on the right. The cabinets have flat panel doors with a metallic handle.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 3
    Designed by – Zachary custom homes

    4. Brown wooden kitchen

    This is a mix of contemporary and rustic kitchen designs with huge stone wallpapered pillars.  The kitchen comprises a high-vaulted, wooden ceiling with a black metal beam for support. The skylights are installed in the ceiling for sunlight exposure. The kitchen is entirely made up of wood from ceilings to cabinets and walls. It is a king-size kitchen with an L-layout design.

    The cooking region is close to the island where it has upper wooden cabinets, a microwave section, and a chimney. The wall of the kitchen is wooden with a door close to the sink area. The island has white countertops and a separate dining table is present at the other corner. Overall, it is a lovely design that provides the warmness of a brown tone and balances it with white countertops and backsplash.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 4
    Designed by – Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA

    5. White and Brown kitchen design

    Here, brown cabinets are used for the island and upper slab region near to chimney. The entire room is painted white with cool green-tinted backsplash walls. There is a skylight in the ceiling for getting natural sunlight in the kitchen.

    You can see the entire kitchen looks compact with the combination of white-marbled countertops over a “Telas cherry” shaded base cabinet.  It is a one-wall kitchen with a cooktop and microwave section, close it lies the refrigerator. The floors look grey-tiled. A separate dining region is present inside the kitchen.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 5
    Designed by – Hart Wright Architects, AIA

    6. Brown wood cabinetry with black countertops

    You can see that the entire kitchen is a basic brown shade. The ceilings are painted white with attached wooden beams and the cabinets have raised door panels. The kitchen has a modern L-layout design with multiple cabinet sections. There is a cooktop region near the window wall. An island is placed in the middle of the kitchen with a black countertop.

    An additional sitting and dining area is at the entrance of this open kitchen. The additional curved sitting space has multiple wooden drawers with a thick layer of black marble countertop. Floors are white tiled.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
    Designed by – Ownby Design

    7. U -shaped brown kitchen

    This type of kitchen can be easily seen in Indian households where the ceiling is simple and ample space is present inside the kitchen. The Cooktop region lies on the right side of the kitchen. There are flat-paneled brown cabinets with white countertops. A sink area is located close to the window. Upper cabinets have flat panel doors with a metallic handle.

    A hollow section is made to fit the microwave and keep other kitchen essentials. The oven section is not wall-mounted and can be repositioned if required. The ceiling door with statement wooden work goes well with other kitchen components.

    Black Contemporary Kitchen Design 7
    Designed by – Mrigank Sharma Photography

    8. Brown and beige patterned

    The output of beige and brown looks aesthetic and modern. Here, you can see the popular “Sienna Applewood” shaded wood in the false ceiling. There is task LED lighting used for the kitchen with adjustable lamps. There is a small skylight in the ceiling for sunlight exposure. There are beige shade cabinets used in upper, lower, and wall-mounted tall cabinets.

    The door panels are flat and broad for optimum storage utilization. Separate tall wall cabinets are placed near the door that contains a microwave and oven section.

    You can see that the island has “chocolate pear” shaded cabinetry with the same wooden countertop. There is a sink with a sitting space. Floors are brown-tiled. It is a one-wall kitchen design with black colored chimney and cooktop.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 8
    Designed by – Anne Bauer, CAPS, CGP / Neil Kelly

    9. Different shades of brown

    The kitchen incorporates different shades of brown entirely. The upper wall cabinets have raised panel doors with a dark brown shade. The light brown shade is present in lower cabinets that have flat panel doors.

    It is a one-wall kitchen with a high ceiling and a compact design. The walls are lightly brown-tinted. Ceiling windows are surrounding the room. A brown island with a white marbled countertop serves as a great prep area.

    The stone-carved pillar draws the attention of the viewer as it gives the statement look to the kitchen.

    Black Contemporary Kitchen Design 9
    Designed by – Delta Faucet

    10. Choco cherry cabinetry with beige countertops

    The kitchen is huge with a normal ceiling and two islands placed in the middle. It has a U-shaped layout with a “Choco-cherry” cabinetry shade covering the walls of the kitchen. There are green-tinted, brick-patterned backsplash walls.

    One island serves as a cooktop region where the other is for sitting and dining. Multiple drawer sections are present where upper cabinets have raised door panels and lower have flat panels. The countertops have high-quality, beige countertops. There is a window and wall-mounted cabinets near the sink area. Floors are beige-shaded.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 10
    Designed by – Butterfield Custom Homes

    11. Light brown cabinets

    You can see an l-layout kitchen with wall mounted upper cabinet section. The lower cabinets have flat panel doors with white tiled countertops. It is an open kitchen with a compact design. An island is present with sitting and dining space. There are stainless steel appliances like a chimney, cooktop, etc. A sink is present close to the window and is at an equivalent distance from the cooking and preparation area. Floors are also wooden.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 11
    Designed by – Douglah Designs

    12. Dark Brown Cabinets in white kitchen

    This image represents a non-sophisticated kitchen with a big white chimney, walls, ceilings, and countertops. The upper cabinets are dark brown with flat panels. It is a one-wall kitchen with a compact look. The stove region is quite small. You get the sink area near the window. A wooden island is present with a dining area for comfortability factor. Floors are dark wooden in shade.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 12
    Designed by – Contemporary Kitchen, Los Angeles

    13. Brown with blue

    Blue is a complementary color for brown. This image shows multiple dark-brown, non-polished wooden cabinets with old designs on the walls. There is a stainless steel chimney right above the modern cooktop.

    The base cabinet has multiple shelves for proper storage. White marbled countertops are present above the base cabinet and island. The base cabinet of the island contains teal-colored, polished drawers. Here, the island act as a statement piece that elevates the entire look of the kitchen.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 13
    Designed by – Alderfer/Lifestyle Design

    14. Gallery kitchen

    The style is contemporary with colorful walls and ceilings. The walls are orange and the ceiling is painted light brown. There is a “silken maple” shade in wooden cabinets. A cooktop region with a long-neck chimney is installed.

    There are a series of wall-mounted, wooden flat-panel doors found in cabinets. A refrigerator section is present on the right side. An island with sitting space is placed. This entire kitchen consumes less space and is quite comfortable to work in. Floors are beige-toned.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 14
    Designed by – ProBuild / Builders First Source – Kalispell

    15. Gallery kitchen with brown shades

    This image shows the perfect way to use white and brown in a gallery kitchen setup. The upper cabinets are white with modern flat-panel doors. The lower cabinets are dark brown with multiple shelves. A cooktop region with a robust design is installed before the refrigerator section.

    The island is the statement piece in the kitchen as it has unique light brown wooden countertops with a sink region and sitting space. The ceiling is low and the floors are simply wooden. This type of arrangement is perfect for apartments.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 15
    Designed by – Landis Architects | Builders

    16. Chic brown cabinetry

    The picture shows an L-layout kitchen design with brown cabinetry and island setup. There is a large refrigerator section with a cooktop placed near to it. Simple light brown tinted walls are used for the ceiling and walls.

    A beige-colored countertop is present above the base cabinet as well as the island. Island is located in between with a robust, vintage look. The kitchen has a lot of space and for storage, you got multiple shelves. Overall, it is a nice design where vintage kitchen elements are added to a contemporary kitchen.  There are beige tiled backsplash tiles for the backsplash wall. It gives a nice cozy vibe as you enter the kitchen.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 16
    Designed by – Joanne Balaban Designs

    17. Golden brown kitchen

    The kitchen looks quite aesthetic with golden tinted walls and golden accent lighting. The golden color on the wall complements the golden-brown cabinetry design. The design looks vintage because of raised panel doors and a high cabinetry arrangement. A wall-mounted cabinetry section includes the microwave, oven, refrigerator section. The backsplashes have multicolored tile wallpapers.

    Two islands are arranged to fulfill the cooktop and sink requirements. The island has beige colored countertop with a modern stove and a chimney. Another island contains several grey-colored shelves with beige countertops.

    Brown Contemporary Kitchen Design 17
    Designed by – iSpace, LLC

    18. Dark Brown wooden beams

    You can use brown in several ways. Here, wooden brown beams are used as a statement piece that draws the attention of viewers. There is brown, wooden false-ceiling with edge-defining slabs and a wooden pillar. Another wall side has a wall-mounted refrigerator section. Backsplash tiles have multiple brown patterned designs.

    The kitchen looks pleasing to the eyes because of its multi-colored elements. There is a huge black painted wooden chimney frame above the cooktop. The drawers are black painted with raised panels. The other statement piece is the green-tinted island and peninsula. It contains a robust vintage design base cabinet with a thick black layered countertop. The peninsula region is meant for sitting and dining purposes.

    We can say that the kitchen emits a positive vibe as there is the perfect combination of rustic and contemporary kitchen design that makes a theme unique and interesting kitchen theme.

    Black Contemporary Kitchen Design 18
    Designed by – Cohen Construction Inc.