17 Eclectic Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

Parents never stop worrying about their little ones. Even after graduating college, they cannot stop worrying about their future and look out for themselves. This process of caring begins from the moment the baby is born if not before that. The initial steps for wanting the best for their kids start from designing the best suitable room for their babies. Every parent knows what their precious ones love the most. It is with a lot of care, thought, and understanding that these parents design a room that has every element their babies love. For those parents that want to mix elements and styles in a room, an eclectic style nursery room is the best one! An eclectic style room would permit the combination of classic and modern elements, along with mixing up of prints, etc. SO what are we waiting for? Let us directly jump into a wide range of eclectic nursery room ideas for your little guys.

1. Into the Woods Nursery Room

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This room is perfect for the baby boy who loves adventures! For the fun-loving and adventurous little soul, this room has elements of eclectic design as well as elements of mystery. In the otherwise bland white room, the wall of the crib does the mysterious talking. The gray paintings of woods on the wall of the crib will make the baby want to wander among the woods. The white crib is a multi-functional one. The idea of mixing the brown wooden bookshelf with that of a white chest of drawers is a perfect example of an eclectic nursery room. The eclectic design further continues with a little wooden table and chair set placed on a fluffy carpet on a wooden floor. The little piano is what we love the most in this room! This could be even a perfect eclectic decor for girls.

2. Little Modern Stars Nursery Room

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This room is like a dream come true for the pink lover little guys! The dream nursery room has flamingo stale pink walls and you can see the wall of the crib being filled with golden stars sparkling to your dreams. The beautiful play of patterns in the tent as well as the carpet showcase one of the strongest eclectic elements in the room. While the dome-shaped chandelier gives a warm modern effect, the traditional crib brings out a mid-century effect and their combination creates one of the other eclectic designs. Our personal favorite is the hanging planets of the solar system above the crib!

3. Several Elements Nursery Room

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This nursery is a beautiful room consisting of several elements that could fall under various categories of design, like it could be eclectic, modern, or mid-century style, etc. But what we love the most about this room is how all these combinations of elements ultimately add up to create the perfect eclectic nursery room for your baby boy. The textured writing on one of the white walls of the room is one of the basic eclectic elements. The mid-century tall wooden crib and the early age decor pattern create the perfect blend of styles. The indoor plants and the animals’ string hangings are some of the most natural and cutest elements present in the room. Overall, the green and white combination also adds up to the charm of the room and we assure you that your baby boy would love it here!

4. Palm Shapes Everywhere Nursery Room

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This cozy little nursery room is suitable for the baby who loves spending time around nature. The little guy who would love to know more about the wonders of nature and feel like being in contact with nature, this room is every bit suitable for him! The wall of the crib is filled with green palm leaves in various shapes and sizes. The sizes and shapes of the leaves enhance the eclectic look of the nursery. The typical modern and traditional combination of elements is a creative base for the eclectic style of the room. The traditional white crib describes simplicity in this room and the beautiful brown mirror artwork on the wall of the crib adds to the look of this room. We could thus agree that this room is one of the most beautiful close nature eclectic nursery rooms.

5. Robots and Animals Nursery Room

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The walls of this room showcase humans and man-made robots. Just beside the human or chimpanzee figures lie a robot. This is for the little creep who one day will get answers to all his robot-related questions. The patterned curtains are getting more mixed up with the sweet triangular patterns on the sofa chair beside the window. The fuzzy little rocking horse is the best addition to the collection. The classic double-bedded crib with an off-white traditional crib is a must-have in this room.

6. Colorful Educational Art Nursery Room

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The title of the room aptly justifies the nature of the same. This room is perfect for your curious baby boy whose mind is filled with questions. The answers to these questions will quench his soul’s thirst and the way to answer a child’s initial queries is through colorful images. Hence the white wall of the crib is filled with posters of colorful objects, animals, and places. There are little streaks of colors on the wall in between the posters and these fine lines contribute to the eclectic nature of the nursery. The paintings on the posters will help the baby learn the names of these things faster than usual. To make the whole process a lot more fun, the decor of the room is inclined towards hanging better banners, using striped and patterned colorful storage bags and several plushies.

7. Primarily Modern Nursery Room

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Certain rooms are just built for some sections of simply loving people. We would love to introduce one of the minimalistic and highly modern style-influenced eclectic rooms. This room is perfect for the little guy who appreciates a modern art hint in an eclectic room. The classic contrast of faded white with pitch-black colors creates the perfect eclectic atmosphere in the room. The gray patterned wallpaper on the wall of the pitch-black traditional crib speaks volumes on simplicity and a minimalist approach. The black portrait on the same wall enhances the contrast and compliments the overall eclectic art in the nursery. The spike golden sleek modern chandelier gives additional warmth to the minimalistic boy’s nursery room. This even works excellent as a contemporary decor for girls. We couldn’t help but love the indoor plant and jute storage bag ideas in the room. 

8. Over the Moon Nursery Room

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If there was a room where all the lullabies and rhymes came true for your little guy, this would be the one! Your baby boy would love to believe that all his favorite bedtime stories are true and that Santa is in fact real. This room has enough elements to call it a perfect eclectic room and even more elements to call it a fun kids nursery. The paintings of cute stars, with a happy little round moon and a happier cow on a sky blue background on the walls of the room, add a cute baby element to the room. The blend of an era in the furniture and the unexpected effects of light in certain corners of the room bring out the eclectic vibe in the room and we would love to see the baby always daydreaming about their funny and innocent little dreams. The classic victorian age rocking chair and the mid-century traditional crib complement each other.

9. All White Nursery Room

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You could ask what is so special in a pure white nursery room for a baby boy. There is no mixture of elements or style for sure, but the use of a so-called bland color for a baby’s nursery room is an unexpected element and all sorts of unexpected elements are welcomed in eclectic design. So apart from the walls being super faded peach and the furniture being white, there is a rush of unexpected elements in this room. The spotlights in each of the shelf boxes remind the baby of the warmth and satisfaction in doing a fruitful activity. The sudden and slight addition of black in the room is another eclectic design example. The use of totally contrasting shades is a classic example of eclectic design.

10. Around the World from the Nursery Room

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We bet most of you have heard of the famous novel ‘Around the world in 80 days.’ Well, in this case, your precious little guy will get the initial euphoria of travel from his room. The baby will gain curiosity about the wonders of nature, various interesting places on the planet and will gain more knowledge about them. One of the most interesting features of this room is the world map being painted on the wall of the crib. The map gives a sense of art in the room that enhances the eclectic effect of the room. Pairing this sort of art with emerald green walls are pure eclectic basic elements. The color combination of white and brown furniture along with the mixed texture of wood brings out the appropriate blending capacity of the room. The little green and golden hot air balloon and other pieces of decor add standard to the room.

11. Zebra Effect and Royalty Nursery Room

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Let us directly jump into the interesting title of the room. The room might appear to be of small size but in reality, it is cozied up by all sorts of beautiful classic Victorian age furniture. The zebra effect comes from the beautiful wallpaper of zebra on an orange background on all the walls of the room. The beautiful patterned floor is a classic eclectic element. And the central color of the room is various shades of orange. The shades and blend of motifs add an extra charm to this heavy eclectic room. What we love most is the wooden sleek rocking chair right next to the traditional sleek black Victorian-era crib. The beautiful chandelier speaks of the modern style whereas the chest of drawers and the toy car speak of traditional times. The timeless blend of these two eras creates the base of an eclectic type of room that gives you the ultimate feeling of royalty.

12. Bohemian Style Nursery Room

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If your baby boy loves Bohemian-style decor, then this room is suitably fit for him! This medium size nursery room has walls of green leafy art. Along with that the medium-tone wooden floor, the jute storage bag, and the huge jute blind bring out the Bohemian art of decor. The rug and the bookshelves create a perfect eclectic vibe in the nursery room. The traditional white crib adds a look of simplicity to the room. Our personal favorite is the huge stuffed giraffe soft toy and we bet your little guy will love it too!

13. Crazy patterns for the Twins Nursery Room

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This room is ideal for your handsome little twins. This twin nursery is a perfect happy space for your little dorks to enjoy themselves. There is a blend of colors used in the walls and ceiling of the room. The wall of the cribs has grayish patterned wallpaper with the initials of the names of the babies stuck on it. The unusual patterns and colorful blend of the room are excellent eclectic design ideas in the room. The double bedded, high-rise, patterned cribs are perfectly safe for your twins. The crazy-looking patterned blind of the window and the turquoise blue chandelier bring out multiple styles in one room, which brings out the eclectic effect of the room. The textured gray sofa is one of the star elements of the room.

14. Modern Rudolph Nursery Room

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The room gets its title from the classic element in the room; the wall decor of the famous Rudolph head. The room has unique furniture and modern lighting that could even be Mid-Century style for girls. This amazing combination adds to the eclectic nature of the room and we adore it. The modern style ‘round bulb on a branch’ chandelier adds warmth to the room whereas the classic Victorian style round mirror with shiny golden rim adds sophistication to the same. What we love the most is the beautiful art on the wall of a frosty, snowing night in the woods. This art is done on the wall of the crib and this wall the Rudolph is hung and the entire look gives a feeling of being in a cozy room on a chilly winter night. The baby will love this room.

15. Palms in a Playroom Nursery Room

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You must be wondering what is the word ‘playroom’ doing in an idea of a nursery room. Well, we are not thinking of keeping a crib in a playroom and making it a nursery for your little devil. But what if we turned a normal nursery room into a fun, playroom-style nursery room? Yes, that would be the best! This room is suitable for those little guys who love to play around most of the time. The peach shade room has a false ceiling that is an example of typical modern art and the colorful mural of green palm leaves and pink flowers on one of the walls is a mid-century type art. Thus, the blend in styles is a welcoming form of eclectic design. The furniture style is inspired by playroom style and this makes the room more fun. Along with the white playroom-style blunt furniture, the colorful pillows and plushy soft toys add a baby effect to the room and we bet you’ll love it!

16. Little Play with Blue Nursery Room

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If your little guy has a thing for the color blue (which is true for almost every little boy) then this room is perfect for him! This nursery room does a wonderful play with different shades of blue and applies the shades in different corners of the room. The crazy mix-up of color shades with various textures and forming of different patterns is a classic eclectic way of decorating a room. Although most of the elements in the room are of modern style, certain traditional style furniture makes up for getting a combination of both styles to be a perfect eclectic model. The beautiful glowing chandelier is a typical modern one, but the little table and chair set in teal blue by the side of the windows bring out a traditional effect in a boy’s nursery. The blue and white, hot air balloon hanging, the Prussian blue brings to the three windows, and the textured royal blue carpet on the wooden floor are some of the magnificent ways of using blue in the room. The difference in texture from a patterned jute storage bag to a cane fabric chair and cotton pillowcases is another example of the eclectic style design of the nursery.

17. All Cute Eclectic Nursery Room

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This room is perfect for your cutie little angel. The sweet baby boy who dreams of being in places all cute and cozy will love to spend his initial years in this room! The room has a mixed visual element that is one of the most basic eclectic design factors. The beautiful mix-up of a fluffy sheep wallpaper on a chocolate brown base on one of the walls creates a wonderful look to the room. The idea of using white furniture in a faded pink room with just one wall filled with cute sheep drawings is a great way of mixing up prints and colors, giving the perfect eclectic effect to the room. Our personal favorite is the crib hanging that promises to keep the baby busy forever. Other than that, the little soft toys and funny pillows add baby elements to the room.