15 Traditional Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

No matter how much the focus shifts on modernism and minimalistic lifestyle, timeless classics and age-old traditional pieces in room decor will always have a special place for any room. Especially when it comes to your baby nursery, you can choose how to transform your angel’s playroom into the elegant antique decor. Traditional room decors encompass several components that have become almost obsolete in today’s modern makeover but cannot be replaced completely. Timeless antique furniture, dark wood flooring, antique wall clocks, rustic sconces, and candelabras that did the magic a hundred years ago are fitted perfectly together to define the charm of a traditional nursery room. Play with versatile artwork from middle-age, keep an eye out for medieval furniture pieces, and muted mural arts on carpets or ceilings to transform your mid-sized nursery room into a medieval paradise. 

1. Chocolate Crepe Nursery

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Credit: LTB Designs

Transforming a mid-size family bedroom into a rustic paradise is no easy task yet this room seems to be just as perfect as you would imagine. This is a cool traditional makeover for your newest member of the family to grow up in an old-fashioned era decor and imbibe the greatest taste in life. Just adding a few finishing touches to the existing family furniture can do all the magic to pull everything together. Birch trees, rustic lighting, sticks and stones, and the traditional wardrobe choices all add a timeless glam to the room to give a rugged yet playful warmth.

2. Paradise in Pastel

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Credit: Smith Builders

Traditional decor mixed with a glimpse of modernism through the high-rise timeless crib and millennial-favorite pastel blue walls sits timelessly in this decor to bring together a playful feel to the nursery room. The clean wall decor choices in white and love for pastel can be seen in the flawless sofa and orange play couch. The timeless fan-infused chandelier reveals an authentic traditional side of the room, further strengthened by the unusual color of the old-school fur rug – same fur but a rare sight in modern decors. Deep under-couch storage drawers along with adjustable shelves reveal a classic taste in old-fashioned storage ideas.

3. Charming Cloud Tale

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Credit: Houzz

Dreamy nursery decor for the little angel of your dreams. An unusual choice yet the offbeat color combination of pastel blue and chocolate brown creates an aesthetic effect to blend the decor together. The timeless, old wall lanterns look absolutely stunning to add to the glam of the room. Whereas, a quite cheery decor reveals the name of your baby boy welcoming him to his land of dreams, adorned in pretty little blue-brown bows, fairy clouds, and toys. The stripes pattern on the wall and two-in-one concept throughout the room are what pull everything together giving a traditional yet pretty-little-cozy vibe to the nursery decor. 

4. Contemporary Playful Child’s Nursery

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Credit: Distinctive Remodeling, LLC

The idea is to recreate a nursery of your fantasy and your child’s ultimate transitional dreamland from where he wouldn’t wanna grow up. This is the perfect nursery room idea for your little child to enjoy his earliest years to the fullest, with no stone unturned in giving him the best. Medieval maroon hues spread evenly throughout the room give a royal touch through the carpet and colonial chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Overall, the decoration is pretty uniform with warm and cool tones giving a cozy, homely feeling attached to the decor. The slanting ceiling plans are exactly what gives the finishing touch to the grand mid-sized traditional boys’ nursery. You can also picture this as a contemporary girl’s nursery for your little princess.

5. Elegant Victorian Classic

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Credit: Romina Furniture

White heartwood furniture draped in royal white ceiling-high canopy overlooking the modern geometric candelabra is as dreamy as it could get in a traditional nursery setup. Although the overall vibe radiates a modern touch because of the minimalist decor idea, the room definitely boasts one of the best traditional makeovers you can dream of. With ceiling-high full-glass window panes and pure wooden flooring to start from to the royal Victorian era high-rise crib, the traditional makeover is well sported through minimal interior elements.

6. Antique Emerald Nursery

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Credit: Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors

Sporting a royal vintage look, this traditional boys’ nursery has to be the most unique one on our platter. The room clearly defines what a traditional setting should look like in every inch and element. Royal golden chandeliers and wall sconces set the mood for the nursery decor that is heightened by the dreamy vintage makeover through careful use of retro green shades in different elements spread throughout the nursery. The traditional high-rise crib and royal, Victorian-era wardrobes are placed in creamy colors that give a sharp contrast to the room color, taking it to an edge over. This traditional room decor can be a very well choice for your little princess as well.

7. The Sand Storm

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Credit: Petit Tresor

Transforming a mid-sized nursery room into a traditional decor is no joke and this one seems to be fitting pretty well within very minimal decoration. The traditional choice of furniture and window curtains predominantly transforms the room. The crib and furniture color complement each other while the candelabra gives a modern touch to the room. The antique sand storm effect on the ceiling and rare blue hue on the wall contrasts each other as in contemporary times. The high-rise crib and traditional vintage car model reinforce the old-school look.  

8. A Turkish Charm

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Credit: Houzz

A comfy, shabby-chic nursery room decor for your baby boy featuring classic traditional decor elements! Set on a Turkish carpet, the exquisite high-rise wooden crib sets all standards low. Each and every decor element in this room is classic and shows a sophisticated taste in room decor. The traditional window drapes in customary print and the fireplace has a special charm of its own that adds to the old-school glamour of the space. Lastly, the rocking chair in classic black and pure white built-in wardrobes complete the eccentric vibe of this classic traditional nursery room.  

9. Antique Blue Lime Decor

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Credit: House of Style & Design

This is an excellent traditional makeover for a boy’s nursery in aqua green that instantly catches eyes. Long hanging ceiling candelabra from old, royal times, Victorian-era traditional crib placed right next to the complementing wall, and a royal wall sconce right next to the wall is the perfect game-changers for the nursery decor. No matter how much modernism lies in the soft rug, pouf, or ceiling-high window curtains in aqua, the room still radiates a traditional vibe within minimal decor. The soft rug print in pale blue and cream accentuates the decor to another level.

10. A Vibrant Beige Afternoon

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Credit: PJ and Company Staging and Interior Decorating

Showcasing a slight touch of modernism through a core traditional room calls for a neutral-toned crib set adorned in a cozy setup with neutral walls, rugs, and furniture choices. The wide white window panes are just perfect to bring in plenty of sunshine that attenuates the entire decor to perfection. Colorful playroom toys, wall hangings, and nursery carpet give a sharp contrast to the nude setup while beautifully completing the space’s playful vibe. The elegant fur rug in neutral dresses up the room for your baby boy and pulls all other elements together for a perfect nursery show.

11. Cream Prince’s Charm

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Credit: Shearer Designs

An instant royal feeling comes to the mind looking at this brilliant traditional nursery decor idea! A perfect setting for your baby boy, this pure white-based mid-sized boy’s nursery has a special charm of its own that seems to just increase over time with the accurate fairy light placement. This flawless bedroom decor fits even well as a contemporary nursery set up for your baby princess. Within an overall-white remodeled nursery, glimpses of browns and gray tones are carefully placed to complement the decor and make it less monotonous. A High-rise crib and traditional wardrobe placed right next to the royal king-sized bed give a contemporary look to this nursery room, we bet you cannot take our eyes off!

12. Gender-Neutral Clean Decor

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Credit: Cory Connor Designs

Master bedroom turned contemporary kids nursery looks fabulous in the blue-white tone and grand, breezy modern windows draped in contemporary white drop. Textured pastel wallpaper, modern white chandelier, milky couch, built-in bookshelves, and all other colorful elements add a gracious touch to the spacious playroom. Lettered wall decor glowing in fairy light right next to the antique wall clock and deer mount elevates the room decor to another level altogether. Dark hardwood flooring is an excellent choice to add the last finishing touch, escalating the traditional decor.

13. Shabby-Chic Nursery in Offwhite

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Credit: Autumn Dunn Interiors, CID, ASP

Shabby-chic nursery decor within a traditional setup is perfect for those gloomy winter renovations. This nursery room is set on a complete off-white hue rippling uniformly from the ceiling over to the wall canopy, high-rise crib, and ending towards the shabby floor rug. Somewhat monotonous, this space definitely brings a unique charm from the old Victorian times that elevate the traditional decor. To balance off the vibe and add some glam, the dark hardwood flooring and contrasting blue wall color has been chosen that does complete justice to the decor. The furniture has also been carefully chosen that looks antique housing all other antique showpieces like the timeless clock.

14. Cozy Blue Playroom

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Credit: More Organised Ltd

This shabby-chic nursery room is a perfect example of a classic boy’s playroom with ceramic tile and white flooring set within a timeless decor. The couch is the first thing that calls attention. The color palette chosen is a pastel one that is spreadly uniformly. The dark wood furniture and contemporary high-rise crib offer a classic contrast to elevate the beauty of this nursery room. The blue and dark brown wall hanging with baby toys is a classic component of a traditional setup and gives a homely feeling to the boy’s nursery. The lighting is just perfect to smoothen out the color combinations while the toned blue carpet finishes the look, pulling everything together.

15. The French Colony

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Credit: Joni Spear Interior Design

Elegant vibes prevail all over this classic, mid-sized boy’s nursery room decored in several shades of pastel and traditional blue color. The color tones are spread evenly with traditional teal blue carpet encompassing half the nursery while pleasant soft pastel touches the other half of the nursery to complement each other. The high-rise crib looks absolutely stunning and has a different kind of charm placed opposite the contemporary baby’s closet. French curtains in cheesy prints definitely are the game changers that heighten the elegance of the medieval era charms like the ceramic wall vase, three-legged side table, and rocking toy.