15 Modern Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

Looking past the long history of the evolution of room decor ideas from shabby Victorian arrangements to mid-century, unrelated decor elements, modern room decor seems to be everyone’s go-to these days because of its elegant look and charming interiors. Ideal modern rooms these days overlook bright sunny spaces covered with elegant white or light hues from neutral color palettes that shine brightly in a wide-open space and definitely bear one or more modern decor elements like luxury windows, furniture, or roof light windows, to name a few. A pop of colors does no harm and blends elegantly to give a chic look to modern spaces. This type of room decor idea likes to celebrate state-of-the-art boutique furniture, neutral earthy tones, and eliminate unnecessary elements to give a minimalistic, classy touch.

1. A Beige Affair

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Credit: New Leaf Custom Homes

This picturesque nursery room from a super modern villa comes out to give major nursery goals for boys. A beige painted wall idea is nothing but superior in all angles and perfectly welcomes that minimalistic, modern vibe among other classy elements like the modern high-rise crib, elegant fur carpet covering the entire space, and several lettered decored elements – a favorite of most millennials. The chicest element is, however, the tiny skylight window ready to give a major modern room goal. All other furniture and elements are chosen with a chic eye, complementing each other from a neutral palette to complete the look of the room.

2. Ultra-Modern Luxurious Decor

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Credit: Vivid Interior Design – Danielle Loven

This modern nursery room paints the picture of a fresh, airy, joyful space for a little kid ready to welcome all in its colorful and eclectic setting. This room is sure to have your heart if you are a fan of high-rise skylight windows and chic modern decors blended perfectly in an artistic setting full of vibrant color choices. The base is set in a neutral color palette, painting the wall, couch, mini wardrobe, grand floor carpet, and pouf in a grayish-pepper shade to set the tone of the room. This lets the vibrant yellow shades shine through the modern look of the room set among the gorgeous all-glass high-rise door. 

3. Cream-Navy Shabby Chic Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (3)
Credit: Little Crown Interiors

Looking to add a unique, modern touch to your little boy’s paradise? Transparent high-rise ultra-modern cribs are your way to go in this era. This boy’s nursery room sets the dreamy vibe with minimalist clean lines uttering a masculine story. Styling your little boy’s room is every mama’s favorite dream and this shabby-chic space clearly shows the perfect arrangement of furniture to do justice to a triangular space. The basic color palette chosen is dull yet chic with white interspaced correctly between patches of gray. To add a bit of contrast, what’s better than little navy details here and there. Going chocolate-wood flooring is definitely a statement choice to stand out in modern decor.

4. NYC Modern Boys Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (4)
Credit: Noa Noa Design Solutions

What screams modern inside-out than NYC’s night skyline of high rises in the background glowing under an elegant pendant light. The wall painting of the baby boy’s name adds more essence to the space. This is a great decor inspo for small homeowners looking to turn a cute attic room into their baby’s paradise with minimal decor. The couch and crib choices are purely simple yet complete the modern vibe of the space. However, the decor is totally incomplete without the fur rug covering the entire floor and completing the look.

5. Breezy Tropical Summer Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (5)
Credit: Cathie Hong Interiors

Radiating a breezy, summery vibe all over, this tropical nursery room idea is what we all need in our lives! Boutique interiors look excellent with the right choice of decor elements and can be completed with elegant thrift store finds. Right from the wonderful wallpaper decor to the irreplaceable navy rug on the floor, everything reminds of a joyful space for the baby. All the decor elements are widely unrelated giving an eccentric makeover to the airy space yet complementing each other in an irreplaceable blend. The corner-to-corner drapery wall creates a soft and beautiful backdrop for the modern high-rise crib. Beige floors and rare wooden touches complete the modern vibes.

6. Modern Beige Tiny Attic Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (6)
Credit: Nicole Rose Interiors

You don’t need a huge space for the perfect modern decor for your baby boy and this room proves it in every inch. Typography can never go wrong in modern nursery decor for your baby boy. The crib placement sits beautifully with the neutral color decors on the walls and floor rugs. The pendant light is a statement choice that transforms the entire decor of the space and lets the vibrant yellow shine brightly. Overall, this tiny space bears a too-cozy-decor to resist it for a polka lover. 

7. Wanderlust Fever in Cool Blue

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (7)
Credit: Belle Decor & Design

Nursery room decor to instill the wanderlust fever in your tiny soul? What’s better than this warm and cozy travel decor for your baby boy’s paradise to dream of all the distant lands with beautiful meadows and islands. The white curtain and glowing ceiling light set the perfect mood for wanderlust along with the detailed corner-to-corner drapery wall that also serves as a learning board for the little baby. Jolly, colorful, and funky is what this room narrates in a modern setting.

8. Sweet Yellow Geometry

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (8)
Credit: Artisan Home Designs, LLC

Modern geometric decor choice is a rare look these days but definitely a statement one for a boy’s nursery. Sweet yellow accents blended with simple gray tones set the base of this modern nursery room which seems to be a little too obsessed with geometric shapes. On the walls, the fur rug, and even the pouf at the corner, the elements accent each other well within a childish look. The high-rise crib and wooden flooring are a chic modern element choice to add to a child’s nursery. 

9. Ultra-Modern Sports Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (9)
Credit: SPRUCED Interior Design

Convert your traditional luxury space to a modern showpiece with this brilliant decor idea for your boy. The space gives the ultimate athlete’s nursery vibes bearing out-of-the-world interior planning right from the walls, ceiling, floors, furniture choices, and placement. The base color palette is set in red, vintage beige, and gray shades that cover the entire space. The modern furniture choices look luxurious in this boutique room but the best element is the tiny table-chair set for your little angel to enjoy. Being placed right next to the airy, wide window, this spacious room is every bit dreamy for the sporty parents. 

10. Space-Themed Modern Nursery

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (10)
Credit: Rebekah Nicole Interiors

Welcome your little baby into this space-themed nursery room and let him “shoot for the stars!”. This is the best decor inspo of transforming a mid-size room into a next-level nursery space by implementing out-of-the-world (literally!) subtle elements of outer space through the concise choice of color, texture, and several other decor elements. The room boasts of a gorgeous ultra-modern transparent crib that can be reused when the baby grows. On the other hand, the rug completes the space-look by adding an outer planet texture to the floor. All other creamy white wall decors sit perfectly with the navy blue paint and accentuate the eccentric look of the nursery. This space can also be very well implemented as a modern nursery room for girls.

11. Dreamy Blue-White in Ultra-Moder Decor

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (11)
Credit: MEERO

Light wood flooring combined with a chocolate wood wall rack makes a gorgeous combination to add to the essence of this minimalistic boy’s nursery room. Milky white ultra-modern crib design catches the attention within the modern space. The crib placement is quite strategic from the airy, spacious widow and balcony that sends in enough sunlight for the baby’s health. The blue dreamy curtain is a statement find and indicates an elegant lifestyle choice. The lamp placement makes the color even brighter and also makes the bunny wall shine. Lastly, the fur rug and milky white fur chair complete the cozy space.

12. Blue Victoria-touch Nursery Room

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (12)

The room mixes mid-century decor with victorian elements and gives it a wonderful modern touch for your baby boy. Blue is a common color choice for a boy’s room which can get monotonous at times. Hence, this room boasts some unique shades from the all-blue color palette that makes the decor stand out yet perfectly blends the vibe from three different eras. The high-rise crib reminds of a Victorian decor with cute white ribbons yet makes a modern piece in the room. The wall mirrors are definitely a brilliant choice to cover the mid-century vibe of the space. Lastly, the three-toned decor of the curtain and wall makes everything elegant within patches of glowing ceiling lights.

13. Warm Sunny Pistachio Nursery Room

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (13)
Credit: Workman Photography

Talking of simple yet colorful nursery space, this one fulfills all three boxes for a little angel’s paradise – cozy, illuminated, and joyful. Three-toned wall decors are slowly hitting the trends and this room is a perfect headstart. The single-side paint of the wall somehow elevates the white and light shades in the room like that of the high-rise crib and pistachio green couch. Typography is also well illustrated in the room’s wall. Overall, the makeover is simplistic yet childish and comfy, set between airy wide windows covered by warm tones of blues and whites in the drape. This can also be an excellent modern or eclectic nursery decor idea for girls.

14. Simple Cozy Nursery Room

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (14)
Credit: Easy Relooking

Giving major minimalistic inspo for a modern boys’ nursery, this space is an utterly gorgeous set within just two pieces of furniture. The customized crib looks ultra-modern and is versatile, allowing for reuse when the child grows up. The name print on the crib gives the room a personalized touch within only a handful of furniture. The creamy white walls and the color of the crib match each other to make the space elegant. Pastel hues of yellow and sky blue are also added to the space.  

15. Ultra-Modern Travel-Themed Nursery Room

Modern nursery room ideas for boys (15)
Credit: Roomzly Interior Design Studio

This stylish contemporary nursery room combines warm classics with evergreen modern elements. Each room element has been carefully chosen and designed to focus on the functionality of the space, and give the ultimate aesthetics. Blue and gray shades have the ultimate luxury accent and this room gives the best modern vibes in ultra-modern bed design and high-rise chair set. The wide window design and elegant drapes complete the sophisticated nursery to give it an extra edge.