15 Eclectic Nursery Room Ideas For Girls

Eclectic room decors come to serve your “best of both world” cravings with a pop of old and a pop of modern-age elements just at the right blend. Craving for both vintage and modern at the same time can never go wrong. And today’s eclectic nursery designs are the way to prove it with eclectic mixtures of contrasting textures, furniture, colors, and backdrops – all put together splendidly to blend like a charm. Below are some of the eclectic nursery room designs for girls you cannot take your eyes off!

1. Modern Eclectic Black charm

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (1)
Credit: Fine Focus Photography

Black and white mix-n-match is one of the favorites of all ages – from kids to adults. Incorporating this within an eclectic decor cannot be inspired any better by any other room than this. You get an ecstatic crib in flawless black that adorns your baby and at the same time, just stare at the charming chandelier that takes all the attention. Another eye-catchy element is the high-end floral curtain over the ceiling-high window pane – just as you would dream it.

2. Eclectic Pink Sweetness

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (2)
Credit: Soko Interior Design

You cannot deny you did fall in love with the room at the very first glance! We don’t blame you! Because we did too. That gorgeous pink rug from Wayfair definitely knows its way and you cannot dream of an eclectic yet minimalistic white-pink decor for your baby girl better than this! The white walls complement the pink elements and bring out the girlish charm in this room. Every small white element like the fur rug, elegant crib, and bed makes it a fairy-tale choice for any parent-child bedroom decor.

3. Honeybee Eclectic nursery room

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (3)
Credit: Curated Nest

Are you way too obsessed with mid-century vibes? This powerful feminine nursery room decor is the way to show your feminine creativity that catches the eye instantly. The accent wall featuring the statement floral cover serves as the ultimate focal point to draw attention to the underrated mid-century vibed crib. On the other hand, the pastel white rattan imparts a sweet elegant flair to the room. But the iridescent inlaid dresser is the one that calls the shots, giving mixed boho-and-elegant vibes, beautifully complementing the rare white rug below. Finally, the gauze canopy does full justice in adding the last feminine touch to the room. 

4. Laura’s Colorful Nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (4)
Credit: mollieQUINN Rad Rooms for Baby & Kids

Eclectic colors taken from multiple color palettes make up the essence of this boho nursery room decor that screams “artistic” from the inside out. The vivid arrays of colors from cool tones, medium tones, and even warm ones are the perfect display of a child’s colorful mind. The medium-toned wall seems to fit perfectly to let the elements shine brightly. The kids’ books and comics on the shelf are arranged in a modern decor over a slanting position whereas the mid-century side table along with the abstract wall painting makes up the eclectic vibe of the nursery room. 

5. Be Unapologetically Bold

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (5)
Credit: Emerson Grey Designs

Don’t fear a bold makeover for your nursery room. This eclectic room decor is the perfect guide to painting your room with all your favourite colours (in case you cannot choose one!) Just make sure to incorporate bright with cool tones to balance it out beautifully. Style the walls with abstract but irreplaceable custom art and throw in some plush-top wooden chairs to complement the neutral wall. The lively houseplant further adds a touch of natural flair to the room to balance the artistic fur rug. This ultimate elegant makeover is snowballed in an ecstatic personality – perfect for a kid’s room decor.

6. Under the Greens nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (6)
Credit: Rookery Design

This chic green-filled nursery is one of those rare noble designs to make the baby grow up within nature’s wings. The rare design of window drop makes the choice very bold and the white fur rug couldn’t have complemented the elegant crib any better than this. Everything in this room seems to fit perfectly in its place and gives a minimalistic vibe without minimal decor. Even the couch and pouffe build upon the modern side of the room that the drawer wardrobe intends to portray.

7. A Bohemian Dance

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (7)
Credit: Caden Lane

The beige floor is slowly setting the trends in this decade and everyone seems to be equally inclined to the boho makeover whether it’s for a room or attire. This room cannot be described perfectly without uttering the ‘B-word’. The Bohemian nursery shows the most unique side of room makeover through those stunning wall decors of projecting flowers, the favourite element for any DIY lover. On the other hand, the colors come out of vivid palettes setting the base of the room, filling it with a jolly and eclectic vibe – similar to the childhood days.

8. A Candy House Nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (8)
Credit: Cashmere Interior LLC

Beige walls and chocolaty woods don’t go together – says no one ever. And this room decor is just in place to prove this proverb. We bet you cannot imagine a better eclectic nursery decor that speaks all the languages – Boho, artistic, modern, and Turkish! The high rise crib is just wanted to set the mood for this room laid out on the vivid Turkish rug complementing the gorgeous backdrop. The finishing touch is imparted by the radiant hue of soft glow from the lamps.  

9. Lavender Charm

Credit: Maison Maya

How much more pretty a lavender-grey duo can look like? Well, this one is definitely out of a Pinterest wall. Pretty lavender hues thrown here and there features an eclectic decor strongly intertwined with the lettered name on pastel grey walls. The tall-standing modern crib looks gorgeous in the room, well-lit by the elegant wooden windows. Not to mention the charm of the grey couch enhancing the modern wall shelves. 

10. Warm Summer Nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (10)
Credit: Etch Design Group

Wanting a vintage makeover with a touch of homeliness – a simple yet vibrant, pleasant homely for your baby daughter? This room reminds perfectly of the warmth of being at home within light touches of sunlight peeping through the window, unwrapping the beauty of the elegant chan. The off-white crib stands tall and looks homely with cool tones of sea blue, pink, coral red, orange, and all others. The black and off-white wallpaper is an artistic choice to set the mood for this pleasant little nursery.  

11. White House Nursery room

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (11)
Credit: Interiors By McCall

A princessy floral makeover has been dreamt of by every parent for their little princess. And this room decor inspo by McCall just grans your forever wish. The flowy gauze canopy is every bit magical, unwrapping a beautiful sight of pink-green florals on the wall adjoining it. The room is painted in sophisticated neutral tones that clearly let all the different pastel shades flow through the brightened space. The blues of the wardrobe, pastel pink of the couch, and a couple of other varied shades of golden contrast each other and looks perfectly eclectic with the modern-cum-old-school crib design with wood patterns. 

12. Geometry B&W Nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (12)
Credit: The Modern Hive

This eclectic nursery designed by Modern Hive is well balanced by the right amounts of geometry, texture, contrasting shades, both modern and old elements, and thoughtful light. The ceiling features a breathtaking chandelier placed strategically to impart the right hue of fairy light effect to the entire space that glows up all the color. The ceiling and floor decors are chosen cleverly to contrast the colors but not the design – both of which look eclectic. The neutral beige wall shifts focus on a more sophisticated choice of room decor elements like solid pastel toys and minimal wall hangings.  

13. The Lost Color Palette

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (13)
Credit: Landry Designs

This is a perfect guest-room-turned-into-nursery decor, apt for a little princess’ abode. This is a skillfully decorated space with ample space that gives enough light and air to bring out the beauty of contemporary pieces mingled with the love for mid-century, classy decor elements. What’s even better is that this room doesn’t exclusively seem like a “baby’s” room, but has all sorts of vibes – a bit funky, jolly, vivid, and cool – where your girl can rock even after passing those early days of childhood.

14. NY Neutral Nursery

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (14)
Credit: Touijer Designs

Throw in some complementing neutral shades off from your elegant palette to paint the wallpaper, floor rug, window, couch – there’s nothing like too much “class” when it comes to room decor. A perfect crib such as this does total justice to the look of the modern yet effortless style of the room. On the other hand, the sudden swing in mood is reflected by the pastel blue couch – bringing out the eclectic yet classy choice in furniture that sits beautifully among all the other modern DIY room decors like the minimal lamp, table, vases, and wall painting. 

15. Cherry Golden Affair

eclectic nursery room ideas for girls (15)
Credit: Soko Interior Design

Need some eclectic nursery decor ideas for that small corner of your princess’ room that just cannot seem to fit in? We got you the best idea to bring life back into that messy corner! What’s better eclectic to see than an alternate shade of black and white? Plus, you get to put in all your favorite colors just next to it without hampering the look. The golden furniture is a classic choice in a modern-day nursery, topped with cherry red blossoms and sweet white shoes. The cherry on the top is the cornered DIY hanging that simply rules the colorful corner.