15 Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

Purple dyes were a big deal in the past! Purple dyes were expensive, and thus only royal families could afford them; hence they became a form of luxury, wealth, and royalty.

Purple shades appear to be magical and creative and hence popular among youth. Adding another color or texture to purple will always enhance its beauty.

Using the right hue of purple is crucial. Shades range from light to dark, so you can choose one that reflects your kitchen’s personality.

Choose shades like Lavender, which is on the lightest side of purple that creates spiritual and calming energy. Dark purple shades will represent a high energy level and please the eyes.

You can add a metallic accent, wooden furniture, or stainless steel appliances with purple cabinets or walls. Let’s look at some of the best purple kitchen themes –

1. Light Purple Walls And Lighting

There’s a hint of lavender in these white kitchen cabinets and walls. The wall and the lighting are both lavender in shades. It is an open kitchen with an L-shaped layout.

Two islands are connected, where one island has an undermount sink while the other has a seating area. The refrigerator and oven are wall-mounted.

The false wooden ceilings add a dramatic touch to the otherwise simple kitchen to balance the look. The effect of lavender lighting beneath chairs and cabinets provides a soothing experience.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 1
Designed By – Gary Brown Homes LLC

2. Purple Peninsula In Open Kitchen

You can add a dark purple shade as decor to a simple white-painted kitchen to make it look more elegant. An open white kitchen with a dropped ceiling and wooden cabinets is getting depicted in the image.

A peninsula with a white tiled countertop is present. It is an open U-shaped kitchen with plenty of workspaces.

The stainless steel cooktop is on the wall side, the sink is on the peninsula, and the prep area is in the middle.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 2
Designed By – Real Fine Place, LLC

3. Purple Cabinets In Kitchen

This image is of the small-sized conventional kitchen with purple upper and lower cabinets. The ceiling is simple and the walls have tiles of green and grey patterns.

A small window is present near the sink. Here, lower cabinets have black marbled countertops.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 3
Designed By – Mapleton Builders

4. Purple Cabinets In Vintage Kitchen

This is also an example of a conventional purple cabinetry kitchen where the style backs in the 1990s. There are upper and lower cabinets where the lower cabinets contain multiple drawers.

An undermount sink is present, and it looks like either an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen with an island.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – Decor and Design by Sarah

5. Light Purple Wall In Gallery Kitchen

It attracts viewer attention as the kitchen has a gallery view, and along with that, it contains hues of light purple over ceilings and walls.

The light purple ceilings add a sophisticated look, whereas the wall cabinets have a sleek polished design.

The island is wooden with an undermount sink. The floor has white tiles that match with wall cabinets.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Allied Kitchen, Bath, Home, and Outdoor Living

6. Royal Purple Color In Kitchen

The kitchen is compact, but the cabinets have a lovely texture. The kitchen has a U-shaped layout, with a refrigerator section in one corner and a cooktop section in the other.

The dark purple cabinets with flat panel doors look fantastic. The lower cabinets get outfitted with beige tiled countertops.

In the lower cabinets, there are several shelves, one of which has multiple slabs for storing kitchen decorations. The floor is wooden with a beige tone to match the countertop.

 Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Grand Renovation, Inc

7. High-Gloss Purple Kitchen Cabinet

The photograph depicts high gloss kitchen cabinets with flat panel doors and a metallic doorknob. The countertop has black marble inscribed on it.

It features an undermount sink near the window, and there is a peninsula with sitting space that can be a prep area. The hue of the floors matches the color of the ceiling.

The ceiling is historic in design, as is the wall frame. Overall, it’s a beautiful traditional kitchen with a modern twist.

 Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 7
Designed By – Honka UK Ltd

8. Matt- Finish Purple Cabinets

You’ll adore the matt finish appearance cabinets, which are both modern and approachable. The cabinets have purple lights beneath them, which bring shine to the kitchen.

It’s a gallery-style kitchen with a contemporary induction stove and an undermount sink. The ceiling is basic and purple, which complements the white tiled floors.

 Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 8
Designed me – NSI Design Ltd

9. Purple Kitchen Walls

Purple walls in the kitchen are always a good choice. The hue is dark lavender, which gives it a fresh, magical, and calming appearance.

The cabinets are white and have a matt finish. Both the bottom base cabinets and the island have a white countertop.

The refrigerator is in the corner. The walls are plain white, while the flooring gets tiled in black.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 9

1o. Purple Cabinets

The kitchen is old-style but has modern kitchen cabinets in dark purple color and a purple countertop.

It is a one-wall kitchen with dining space in the kitchen. The backsplash tiles are present on the white walls. The floor is black-tiled.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 10
Designed By – Please Organise Me

11. Pinkish Purple Kitchen

The kitchen is traditional, with outward curving panel doors and cabinetry. The space has a low ceiling and purple lighting.

As you can see, the design is robust. Purple door panels and black counters compliment the cabinets. The island features an undermount sink and many shelves.

Another set of upper cabinets is long and sits over the countertop. This design incorporates elements from a contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 5
Designed By –Ian Rice Kitchen Design Consultant

12. Lavender Kitchen

A modern kitchen with light lavender walls and lighting will look pleasant to your eyes. It is so calming and energetic when it comes to elevating your mood.

As you can see, the ceiling is high, and the kitchen is compact and yet spacious. There are modern white panel doors with a grey countertop.

The upper cabinets look lovely, and the refrigerator section has a modern design as it takes up little room and has a glass doors island attached to the other end of the wall for the preparation area. Floors are black marbled.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – Raumkleid | Anke Preywisch

13. Kitchen With Purple Lighting

The kitchen looks so calming and adorable. Imagine cooking in this kitchen and enjoying the view. See how it elevates the look of a white kitchen into something- special and sophisticated.

This medium-sized, contemporary kitchen has white upper and lower cabinets with flat panel doors and a metallic handle. A peninsula with beige toned countertop and multiple drawers are present.

It has a U-shaped layout with two undermount sinks. Purple lighting is beneath the upper and lower cabinets, along with ceilings that create a magical shiny effect. The floor is wooden.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 12
Designed By – Mike Taylor Bespoke Kitchens

14. Purple Backsplash Tiles

The image shows a small kitchen with white flat-panel cabinets and walls. The backsplash, as well as countertops, are dark purple shaded.

There is a modern induction cooktop with a stainless steel chimney over it.

In the corner, you will find a narrow wall-mounted refrigerator. An undermount sink is present, and the walls look wooden.

Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – Cocinas Manolo

15. Purple Cabinet and Islands

It is a beautiful contemporary kitchen with purple cabinets and orange shade walls. The lower and upper wall cabinets are dark purple and have raised panels with handles.

There are multiple shelves on walls and near the refrigerator section to keep kitchen essentials. You will enjoy cooking in this spacious kitchen with a gallery layout.

It has an island with an undermount sink and a black countertop. For comfortability, the cooktop region is at the wall side. There are additional cabinets for keeping other kitchen essentials, culinary necessities, recipe books, or other decorative items.

The wooden tone of the walls compliments the wooden shade of floors.

 Contemporary Purple Kitchen Design 15
Designed By – Rhonda Knoche Design