15 Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

When you mix white with red, you get pink, which isn’t too bright for your walls but appears sensitive, boosting intimacy and happy vibes. Pink walls in your home can help you relax, according to psychology.

If you choose pink for your kitchen walls, it represents compassion, nurturing, and love. Pink is considered a girly color, but it is much more than that. There are various shades of pink, and its combination with other textures and patterns will give mind-blowing results.

The walls can be painted pink or the cabinets, where you can add matt or laminated cabinet panels according to your taste. Wooden cabinets with pink walls or pink cabinets with wooden islands are conventional and easy to your pockets.

To get the rich look, try to add lighter shades of pink in every kitchen element to gain design integration that will elevate the look. Combining pink with other darker colors such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.

Below are the top 15 pink kitchen look that can inspire you-

1. Pink island with floral wallpaper

The statement kitchen island in a pink shade with a matt surface is the first thing you notice as you go into the kitchen. A floral design wallpaper works as a backsplash in the kitchen.

A distinct set of tall wall-mounted cabinets is present in this small-sized near kitchen, and the complete kitchen has wooden cabinets in the brown tone.

The base cabinet features white tiled counters, an undermount sink, a stainless steel cooktop, and a chimney. The walls and floors are plain white.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 1
Designed By – Life Well Lived

2. One-wall glossy pink kitchen design

With this pink color glossy kitchen cabinet design, the kitchen looks high-end. It’s essentially an open kitchen with a pink base cabinet island and a white sitting area. The stove located on the island has many cabinets.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 2
Designed By – Concept II Kitchens, Baths, Tile & Closets

3. Pink and white kitchen cabinetry

You will like the composition of white upper kitchen cabinets with pink lower cabinets that compliments each other. The backsplash is in a green tint that is eye-catching, and the upper cabinets have flat panel doors with a metallic handle.

Designing the kitchen in an L layout consumes less space and makes it comfortable to cook. We get contemporary kitchen vibes.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – Kohler Signature Store by Supply New England

4. Barbie pink kitchen

If you love fairy tales and imagination and seek romance and positivity, you should consider including pink color in your kitchen design.

The lower cabinets with tall wall-mounted cabinets and backsplash are baby pink in color.

The black upper cabinets are black with flat paneled doors. Floors are cemented.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – Amazing Cabinetry & Bath

5. Pink Glossy kitchen

You’ll adore the glossy pink kitchen cabinet, which gives the entire kitchen a gleaming aspect. The pink island features a white-tiled countertop with a contemporary stove and undermount sink.

A large island with a seating area running parallel to it. An open-plan kitchen is ideal for apartments because it maximizes space by avoiding corners.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – Concept II Kitchens, Baths, Tile & Closets

6. Rouse pink cabinetry

The color rose isn’t your typical pink. It’s near to pink, but it’s more vibrant than the baby or regular pink. It’s a one-of-a-kind pink that combines pastel pink with bright hues like purple.

This hue is timeless and never goes out of style. It looks great with the rouge pink cabinets and black tiled bottom cabinets, counters, and backsplash. Kitchen components in rouge pink will make the space seem attractive without being overly glitzy.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Velart Custom Kitchens & Closets

7. Royal pink as your kitchen statement wall

As a statement kitchen piece, pink can boost the aesthetic look of the kitchen. We chose royal pink as a statement wall color that would immediately catch the viewer’s attention. There is a wall-mounted microwave and oven section.

The kitchen has white painted ceilings and walls and is tiny. The countertops are wooden, and the base cabinets are black. This kitchen design is a fantastic example of a budget-friendly, minimalist, yet stylish kitchen with no extras.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Maison KBCA

8. Pink lighting effect

One of the components that make this kitchen seem lovely is the pink lighting surrounding the entire space. The lights beneath the upper and lower cabinets look classy and decorated, so you can host thanksgiving or a party anytime at your house.

We receive light pink flat paneled cabinet doors, as well as a refrigerator and microwave area. The island is rather large and connects to the seating area via a stone inscribed with its name.

On the island, there is an undermount sink. In the evening or night, the kitchen with pink lights looks stunning.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 7
Designed By – Paul Craig Photography

9. Semi-open kitchen walls

Semi-open kitchens are usually seen in commercial places, but now people are incorporating them into their homes. This sort of kitchen is typically built in the center of the house, allowing you to accomplish household chores while cooking.

Dark wooden wall cabinets and pink bottom cabinets with flat-panel doors can be found here. The countertop is white, and the window cabinet has a cooktop close to it.

Around the house, there is a high faux wooden ceiling. It opens up and ventilates the kitchen.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 8
Designed By – AGEM Narbonne

1o. Pink statement wall with a statement island

As the name suggests, it consists of a royal pink statement wall along with a royal pink laminated island countertop. The upper and bottom cabinets are both dark hardwood in color.

It is a U-shaped kitchen with a distinct set of wall cabinets surrounding the kitchen corners. The eating table is located in the kitchen. The island features an undermount sink with several hardwood base cabinets and shelving.

Designed By – Annie O’Carroll Interior Design

11. White and pink kitchen

White is everywhere in this kitchen, from ceiling to floors, cabinets to backsplash. The pink on the countertop act as a decoration here. There are pink designs at the upper cabinet and pink touch in cabinets.

The doors are flat-paneled that look modern and classy. The chimney is stainless steel, and a separate microwave and oven section is present. The walls are entirely white-tiled.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 9

12. Designed pink walls

Designed pink walls act as a statement wall where the same design is pasted on the island walls with thick white countertops. It is an open, one-wall kitchen with white tiled wall cabinets and a tall island with seating space. It looks modern and energetic.

This type of shade featured in bedrooms in the past, but today people love to create sweet memories wherever they go or spend time with. A kitchen is a lovely place in the house, where decorating will give peace and satisfaction.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 12
Designed By – Mega Builders

13. Big pink kitchen

Nobody can disagree that the kitchen will be their dream kitchen. Pink tiled statement walls, backsplashes, and chairs complement the white island, counters, and tables.

It’s a large open kitchen with extra oak bottom cabinets and white upper cabinets. The doors are flat-paneled.

The showpiece wall is pink-tiled with a glossy finish. The island features an undermount sink with a stainless steel tablet connected.

The appliances, such as the stove, are made of stainless steel. There is a separate microwave and oven portion.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 13
Designed By – Pedini London

14. Lovely pink walls

The simple pink walls with white furniture look elegant. A closed medium-sized kitchen with white cabinetry and worktops may be seen here. Near the sink, there is a large, lovely window. One of the youthful and bright pink colors is used on the walls.

The kitchen is U-shaped, with upper and lower cabinets. Inside the kitchen, there is no island or eating space. The flooring is made of wood, and the ceiling is plain. It’s a better illustration of modern kitchen design.

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 14
Designed By – Houzz

15. Raised pink doors

The raised pink cabinet doors with modern white laminated countertop and backsplash are how a contemporary kitchen design is made. Raised doors are popular because they have an antique appearance, and some people prefer them.

It’s always fun to play with colors, and this image reminds us of the fairy kitchens seen in movies and cartoons. The backsplash is covered in blueish-green square designs.

The dining table is all white and has a one-of-a-kind furniture design. I am sure it’s inspired by a Barbie movie!

Contemporary Pink Kitchen Design 15
Designed By – Taomi design