15 Contemporary Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girls

Ecstatic, cozy, vibrant, and creative are some exact adjectives that describe a contemporary nursery room design. Colors always soothe the soul and a baby’s room is the perfect place to throw in all the beautiful shades from that color palette. It develops a creative flair of mind from an early age and nonetheless looks timeless, especially when covered in enchanting floral covers and foliage.

Contemporary doesn’t always have to mean boring and common. Contemporary can pave the way for a very unique decor made with a creative combination of complementing and even contrasting colors and decor elements that instantly transforms the idea of an ordinary nursery room into a cozy space to grow up and remember for the rest of the life. So, let’s dive deeper into some of the all-time favorite decors ideas for contemporary nursery rooms for girls.

1. Aesthetic smoky ash nursery room

A contemporary modular design painted in smoky ash, this has the right combination of colors white and ash that welcomes an abstract setting along with the complementing cherry red elements and a name-printed wall. Decent geometrical shapes with eggshell white color also bring enough light. Tall ceilings and voluminous rectilinear windows excellently complement the modern interiors along with a cozy seating next to it.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: INSTYLE by Colbi

2. Nature’s Color Palette

Quite different from the typical toddlers’ room, this contemporary design gives a bold shine of colors from a wide color palette – all intertwined within natural art. This setting of flora and fauna featured in diverse colors add a huge creativity boost during the early growth years and also strengthens their love for nature. Wallpaper with pastel turquoise, Persian blue, magic mint, flowers culminates more than just a natural ambiance. The milky white cot also adds to the wall colors and helps them shine through.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Lane Williams Architects

3. Vibrant Pink Shade palette

A nursery room perfect for girl toddlers featuring light to contrasting shades of pink, Fuschia, and taffy set among soft toys of magical colors. The windows are beautifully intricated into the interiors providing plenty of sunlight for the colors to shine through the room. White elegant textured curtain cornered with wood fashion seat and precise shelf hangs on the wall. Round shaped modern and classic pendant lights transform the room.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Mark Teskey Architectural Photography

4. Modern Vintage Nursery

Sacred white curtain blessed the spacious room is something that inspires your kid’s creativity. The professional interior is harmonious to look at, balanced by the correct shades of white and baby pink in the right amounts. Luxurious looking vintage cribs are highly elegant and add to the room. The classical Greek look of the white throne crib looks sensual with an emotional pink ribbon. Baby pink medallion window curtain source in plenty of light – a picture-perfect setting for your baby girl.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Houzz

5. Botanical foliage nursery room

Waking up to a soft jungle environment is a dream not everyone can live. Atrium White by Benjamin Moore’s painting feels a warm backdrop in a serene green setting. Swiss coffee marked windows bring a bounty of natural light. Dutch studio curtain in a beige color marks a fabulous look with the green seamless mural wallpaper that gives a matte finish.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Rookery Design

6. Colorful eclectic girl’s nursery

A multifunctional modular nursery setting with a Victorian white finish – a dream come true for a would-be parent. The Babyhug Merlino wooden cot cum bed is an excellent feature to add to the beauty. Moreover, the room also drives inspiration from Sherwin-Williams and incorporates vivid color choices from Pantone’s millennial pink palette. Molded foam cushion of glacial green goes hand-in-hand with the whipped crème elegant wall color giving an organized look.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Fox Force Five Construction

7. Contemporary Nordic nursery room

Smoky ash HD wallpaper is incorporated into the interiors to complement the vintage white wall next to it. A Nordic wall art canvas fills the tinge of eggshell white color on the next wall. Custom Mural 3D aircraft, hot-air balloons, and flying images point towards a high-achieving ambition that can be very well portrayed by the vectors. A contemporary wooden structured ceiling is also seen that complements the DIY tree bookshelf and other contemporary meridian furniture choices – a unique idea for a girl’s room but definitely dreamy!

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Brown Design Group

8. Furry bloom nursery room

Rounded blossoms on a Fuschia spread by Sherwin Williams design are beautifully carved on the floral wall. The pure white mini crib with lockable castors wheel is an innovative addition to a contemporary nursery room. The furry and intricate soft fur Avioni carpets look mesmerizing together with the vintage ceiling-hanging lamp.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

9. Wonderland mixup Nature

A modern and chic looking space portrays the perfect combination of the shady warmth of Pratt and blends of operetta. A natural tinge is added by the eco-friendly cane mirror and jute storage. The room showcases a dreamy palette tailored with calmness and serene neutral and soft pastels in its different elements. A spacious window with a horizontal blind curtain fills the room with light from the green hanging pendant light.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

10. Sweet serene lavender nursery

This classical looking pink-tinged room is blended beautifully with an acrylic panel supported modular wood crib with vinyl covered high-density mattress. Artemide wall lamps and crib linen are classics by Restoration Hardware that brings out the best in the decor. The vintage chair along with the Joseph Frank linen complements the modular Georgian wardrobe transforming the entire look of the room.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Natart Juvenile

11. Fancy nursery fixture room

Starting from an indispensably vivid color palette to those childish wall fixtures, everything is very much apt for the early years of toddlers. Farrow and Ball by Benjamin Moore, a trendy tree with a hanging blush of red flowers is a graphic projection that figures a rustic look. Crib placement is also strategic to the room decor, just at a right distance from the window and from central to the natural landscape painted in bright colors.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: My Wonderful Walls

12. Timeless vintage nursery décor

Arcadia white by Sherwin Williams on the wide spacious wall is everything you could ever ask for! The stunning installation of Wall art focuses on the baby cot and complements every other element in the room as well. Ornamental abstract art is something too unique for a nursery room but is a brilliant makeover to choose from. Sphynx wall lamp fixtures with matching accessories and modular Georgian view of architecture utters “vintage” at every inch of it.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: KJM Interiors

13. Imperial interior nursery

A combination of bright red and contrasting palettes with a glamourous linen sofa and floral wall art gives a Victorian-era vibe. Cube check fabric on tool, long window with salmonberry of Benjamin Moore linen curtain also strengthens the vibe. Lastly, the wooden modular crib befitting against the Appalachian Brown floor carpet does all marvel in this contemporary room idea.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Sasha Berlin Design

14. Peachy white nursery decor

White and soft neutral pink exude calm walls, the major focus is on the corner cotton tent of cedar key color accompanied by soft toys and pillows. A classic looking crib of the wooden structure beautifully complements this tent. The cane-made sofa with a strong hue of white goes hand-in-hand with the central carpet embroidery made on white cotton. Lastly, the sidewall charms of brown and pink new and dry leaves are aesthetic and perfect for a contemporary nursery for girls. Hanging handmade unique tassel lampshade is an eye-catchy element featuring soft shades of pastel orange giving a youthful vibe.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: West Rose Design

15. Aesthetic pale oak room

Pale oak color is a contemporary choice for a nursery room for girls and this room boasts a simple paint on 3 sides of the wall, while the other elements feature complementing polka designs. Dotted white and gray wallpaper enchant the design. Wooden vinyl flooring and white and golden contrast long storage bag with fashionable contrasting décor hanky on the crib give a DIY vibe overall.

Contemporary Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Artisse™ Wallpapers