15 Beautiful Contemporary Grey Kitchen Design Ideas

Grey is a neutral color. It neither be called dull nor bold. It shows balance as it emerges as the output of white and black combinations. Numerous grey shades are categorized into cooler and warmer shades.

Cool-grey shades were popular in 2019 where still, people use them in furniture and walls as the cool shades seem airy and light. You can incorporate white or black shades with grey to add a monochromatic effect to the entire room.

You’ll be surprised to learn that grey walls make an excellent backdrop for vibrant décor and dynamic wall art. It might help to make your kitchen appear larger and more open.

Grey can be light or dark, and also it can carry tints of other different colors along with itself. Grey can have a primary color tint like red, green, yellow, and many more. Grey with a green tint look gives green color vibes like stability, freshness, natural without being bright as grey brings the neutral effect. It is a rich mature color. When you use lavender and pink undertone greys, it brings warmth and a sense of happiness to the home.

For people who don’t like bright colors much, grey is a gift to them as it carries a set of colors within itself.

According to Psychology if you expose yourself more to cooler grey shades, it can show some ill effects. But it does not mean that the trend to use grey walls is over! You can use warmer shades of grey that look neutral and at the same time also feel energetic and calm.

You can create contrast by adding wooden floors, furniture, and doors. The texture is important, whether you select matt-finish cabinets, laminated cabinets, marbles, or plastic material. It will affect the kitchen vibes, and the sensation will be different with different materials.

1. Grey walls and wooden cabinets

Grey is the new white. Through this picture, you can’t say if the walls are grey, but it is!

There are wooden cabinets and dining tables. It is a one-wall kitchen with a great window door. The kitchen is spacious and has a nice view of the outside.

All kitchen appliances are stainless steel, and the kitchen space is a few inches high from the rest of the home. You will see a vaulted ceiling with some wooden blocks attached to it.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 1
Designed By – Thomas Ramey’s Essentials in Steel

2. Aesthetic blue and grey kitchen

The kitchen looks quite aesthetic because of the navy blue cabinets and grey statement walls. It is a closed kitchen with one wall layout and an island. The cabinets have flat-paneled doors that surround the cooktop region.

The marble countertops give the kitchen a sleek look. The grey-tiled statement wall acts as a backdrop and shines when the sunlight falls upon it. The appliances are stainless steel, and the floors are wooden. A big glass door is present that leads to the lawn.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 2
Designed By – Ben Herzog

3. Pale smoke grey shade walls

The kitchen walls have a mixture of mild smoke, whitish-grey, and white. The walls have tender, smoky grey color, while the vaulted ceiling is pristine white.

The ceiling is extraordinarily high, making the space feel large and royal. The transparent glass doors above the tall cabinet part are pretty intriguing since you can see everything from sunlight striking the glass doors in the morning to stars at night.

The cabinets are all grey, with raised door panels and a handle. The microwave area and top wall cabinets are close to the white-tiled backsplash.

From the stove to the refrigerator, stainless steel equipment are available. An island with a white base cabinet and grey marbled tiles balances the interior.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 3
Designed By – Space Coast Construction

4. Cool grey kitchen walls

The kitchen looks mid-sized and has a contemporary design. The design is basic with a U-layout design consisting of raised and flat paneled doors.

The backsplash has small brick-patterned grey tiles, whereas the island has grey marbled countertops. A separate cabinetry section for the refrigerator is present at the corner.

The upper wall cabinets have opaque, raised panel doors with flat panel doors. The cooktop is stainless steel with a microwave section attached at its bottom.

Multiple drawers are present at the base cabinets for convenience. You can find the dining region inside the kitchen.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – Capitol Design, LLC

5. Dark Grey cabinets

A roof-light put in the ceiling allows natural light to penetrate the kitchen. Because of the dark grey color, the kitchen appears spacious and fresher.

The cabinets have raised panel doors with a chrome handle, giving the kitchen a modern appearance. The sturdy construction of the island in the center of the kitchen makes cooking fun and easy.

The countertop and backsplash get covered in a thick coating of grey patterned marble. The dark grey color scheme provides the kitchen with a sleek appearance.

The cabinet has a matt surface, and the chimney is modern with white paint on it. The floors are pale wood, and the ceiling is whitish-grey.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 5
Designed By – Surfaces USA

6. Open kitchen with grey walls and wooden cabinets

The kitchen looks beautiful and quite spacious. It has an L-layout design with dark wooden cabinets. The upper cabinets above the cooktop have grey-colored flat panels.

There is a separate microwave section, and the best part is the island, where it serves as a preparation and sitting area. An undermount sink is present on the island, with a thickly coated marble on the countertop.

Multiple drawers are present on the island, and if you still have space issues, you can use tall wooden wall cabinets. The kitchen is open and extends up to the hall connecting to a dining area.

You can enjoy the beautiful view inside the kitchen with the help of glass partition walls.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 6
Designed By – DesRosiers Architects

7. Grey wall with pale wood cabinets

It is a medium-sized kitchen with pale wood kitchen cabinets. The backsplash tiles have white tiles that match the island countertop.

This U-shaped kitchen contains two different wood tones with cool tone grey walls that give a neutral, balanced vibe. The drawers are flat- panels with a stainless steel refrigerator and chimney.

Because the color utilized in the kitchen is pale, it may not appear fascinating to certain people.

Black Contemporary Kitchen Design 7
Designed By – Thomas David Fine Homes

8. Small grey kitchen cabinets

This is a nice example of small contemporary grey cabinetry installed on cyan-colored walls. The grey cabinets look modern as made up of fiber material.

There is a peninsula attached to the wall with the sitting area. A separate dining table is present in the hall. As it is an open kitchen and the design is shown here is quite minimalistic, it is easy on pocket and suits well for city apartments.

Separate sections for the refrigerator, cooktop, and microwave section are present. The near-upper cabinet has a slab section for keeping your favorite cups and glasses.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 8
Designed By – Cliq Studios

9. Gallery styled kitchen

It has a gallery layout and black flat paneled doors with a metallic handle. The marble counters are grey and black, and the base cabinet has several drawers.

The walls are white, and it appears to be fascinating. It’s a light-filled space with plenty of windows and a sink situated on the island countertop.

There is a black backsplash near the cooktop to avoid stains on the walls. The floor is concrete, and the ceiling is vaulted.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 9
Designed By – MLD Custom Homes

10. Dim-grey cabinets

Dim-grey is often confused as black, but it is the possible dark shade of grey used in the kitchen to avoid excessive darkness. It is a basic design with dim grey flat-paneled cabinets and an island with a grey tiled countertop.

There is a black marbled countertop with a modern induction stove. An under-mount sink is present on the island.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 10
Designed By – Walzer Architecture

11. Silvery Greyish-white kitchen

It Feels like entering heaven when you see whitish-grey all around the kitchen that syncs so well that it looks silver. The walls and ceiling are simple and grey.

Multiple lower and upper cabinets are present with raised panel doors. The lower cabinet has a black countertop that facilitates the cooktop and oven section.

The island has a matt-finished grey coating, looks huge with an undermount sink and a sitting area. The floors are greyish.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 11
Designed By – SHEA HOMES

12. Grunge grey walls with yellow-wood

Grunge grey painted walls look artistic and balance well with yellow wooden cabinets. The backsplash wall has a concrete greyish wall pattern. The other three walls are white.

You can see the yellow cabinet design where flat paneled doors are present. Black tiled countertops are on the base cabinet. Concrete floors give a raw look to the kitchen.

In terms of space, it is medium-sized with an L-shaped layout. Appliances like a stove, refrigerator are stainless steel.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 12
Designed By – SHEA HOMES

13. Whitish-grey theme

It is comparable to the image above, where all kitchen components were of the same color, bringing design cohesion. It is a contemporary kitchen with matt-finished smooth textured materials in the cabinets.

This wall kitchen has several cabinets which are tall wall mounted. Above the lower cabinet is a sink. The countertops are white-tiled, and there is a small island with a seating place for your convenience while preparing.

The flooring is basically of wood, and the ceiling is plain. The dining table is near the glass partitioned wall, allowing you to enjoy the view from within.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 13
Designed By – Hudson Construction Group

14. Compact greyish kitchen theme

The kitchen is small, with an L-shaped arrangement and a light grey cabinet. The cabinet material appears to be pricey, yet it is sturdy. The appliances are stainless steel and complement the wall. A sink is present near the window.

A white-tiled backsplash pasted to the entire wall beside the stove. There is an island with grey cabinets and a white surface.

Overall, the kitchen has a nice ambiance, and it may be a part of your house if you want to give your kitchen a neutral and balanced vibe.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 14
Designed By – Isle Designs

15. Cool-tone greys in wall

Cool-toned grey walls were popular in 2019, and now that the government has lifted the lockdown, individuals are using this color as a statement color or design.

It depends on you whether you want to go with the look, but the cool-grey shades are great for decorating the kitchen. Grey wall shades are excellent backgrounds for adding decorations to your kitchen.

To avoid making it look dull, you can incorporate bright colors in furniture or cabinets. This illustration depicts a simple design with cabinets made of pale brown wood.

The laminated surface and many drawers on the island make it look trendy. On the island, there is an undermount sink.

The floors are a dark wood color, and the entire ceiling is grey with modern ceiling lamps. In this large-sized L-shaped kitchen, the dining table sits near a window.

Grey Contemporary Kitchen Design 15
Designed By – Thomas David Fine Homes