15 Contemporary Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Adding blue colors in your contemporary kitchen can elevate the look of your kitchen. You can add solid blue or any other color combinations with blue.

Blue is a color that represents the sky or ocean to bring calmness and a cooling effect. It is interrelated with confidence, harmony, and youthfulness.

It can bring down blood pressure, and you will feel relaxed while working in your kitchen. You should carefully decide the shade of the blue so that you can decorate it beautifully with lighter shades, and you will get a new aura from your kitchen. You can add multiple windows to your kitchen to create an illusion of big sized kitchen.

You can mix warmer colors with blue to avoid sadness and distant vibes. Use wood to balance the look. Primary Colors like yellow and pink brings calm vibes in the kitchen, whereas darker shades like brown give it a rich look.

1. Blue one wall kitchen

You will save a lot of space and energy by constituting every kitchen part in a single one-wall kitchen design. The upper cabinets are white and have translucent doors.

There is another set of tall kitchen cabinets with a separate microwave and an oven section. One island is in the middle of the room with a white countertop that serves as a better preparation area.

There are white tiled countertops and teal-colored lower cabinets, and the one-wall kitchen is blue entirely. You get a recessed ceiling and wooden floors with blue stripes.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 1
Designed By- Divine Design + Build

2. Marble backsplash with dark blue cabinets

The upper cabinets are blue framed with transparent doors and a metal handle whereas, the lower cabinets have multiple drawers and a cooktop and oven.

The backsplash, as well as countertop, are white marbled. The backsplash marble has some blue line pattern running over it.

The Cabinets are in an L-shaped Layout with an undermount sink in the countertop.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 2
Designed By- New York Woodwork, Inc.

3. Royal-blue kitchen cabinet design

You will be amazed by the results when you will introduce royal blue color to your kitchen. Adding blue color from lower to the upper wall cabinets, chimney to tall wall cabinets will help achieve design integration.

The cabinets are dark blue with multiple cabinets and metal handles. The separate unit of upper cabinets has blue frames with transparent doors.

Additional cupboards are present. The backsplash and walls are white-tiled in a brick pattern. This kitchen is medium-sized yet very efficient in terms of space utilization and comfortability factor.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 3
Designed By- Crafted Interiors

4. Grey-Blue Contemporary kitchen design

Experimenting with colors gives a wide range of options to select from. You will discover new ideas and hues in this process that will become a trend in no time as it looks unconventional and is pleasing.

Grey and blue complement each other and by adjusting proper shade of the two, you get a new impactful color.

Here, it is a closed type, L-shaped layout kitchen with ample space. The ceiling is recessed and the floors are wooden.

The walls are grey-blue or cool- grey in color coordinating with the color of island.

It is a big- sized kitchen with white lower and upper cabinets. The countertops are black tiled and the island countertop are white marbled.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 3
Designed By – A-List Builders Inc.

5. Greyish blue interior in kitchen

When you increase the grey contrast in cool grey, it will give you a rich greyish-blue color. It delivers neutral and calm vibes throughout the year.

The backsplashes used have grey prints, and the walls are in the greyish-blue shade.

You will notice the lower and upper cabinets are white with tiled countertops. It is an open big-size kitchen with an island in between. The floors consist of white wooden sheets.

Contemporary Blue Kitchen Design 4
Designed By – Bella Casa Design and Build

6. Cool Blue wall kitchen design

The kitchen is medium-sized with cool blue color walls. The backsplash and floors have grey tiles that complement the color of cabinets.

If you notice the color of cabinets and countertop, you will find it light turquoise.

The doors of cabinets have been raised, which gives it a vintage look. Overall the interior has cool tones used all over that look well balanced.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 6
Designed By – Boone Creek Cabinetry & Design

7. Light Navy Blue kitchen interior

You will feel like to inside a cube of ice when you opt for this color purely. It is an open kitchen with white frame transparent door upper cabinets.

The lower cabinets have multiple flat-paneled drawers. The countertop is black tiled, whereas the island countertop is grey tiled that coordinates well with the stainless steel appliances like the refrigerator.

The ceiling is simple-recessed, and the floors are wooden. When white light falls on the walls makes your kitchen heaven.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 7
Designed By – Naylors Kitchen Bath & Interiors

8. Light-Blue multiple island kitchen

The light-blue color on the walls and island unifies the entire look.

It is a one-wall kitchen with white upper and lower cabinets. The eye-catching part is the coffered ceiling with ceiling light brings a noticeable change in the kitchen interior.

Here, You got two big islands with old design carvings and a light blue marble countertop.

The kitchen floors have dark woods, and that matches the color of chairs. The kitchen seems to be in the middle of the room, and two doors are present on both sides of the kitchen wall.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 8
Designed By – Courtney Thomas Design

9. Navy-blue kitchen cabinet design

As you know, the shade of color is crucial so that to avoid dull or depressing color. You should know that the color you see affects your mind.

Thus when you introduce navy blue to your kitchen interior, it will always be an amusing color and has feel-good vibes like other shades of blue like indigo, dark blue, and cobalt.

Here, you can see a closed kitchen with a navy blue island cabinet and white countertop. The upper and lower cabinets are white.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 7
Designed By – Anna Butler Designs

10. Ocean-blue kitchen cabinet design

The shade ocean blue in the blue color palette is many common nowadays. Ocean blue color in kitchen interiors has been in use for quite a long time.

Here, you can see the lower and other wall cabinets in the same ocean blue shade. The upper cabinets are wooden and have flat-paneled doors whereas, the backsplash tiles are pistachio.

The countertops are white. The wooden upper cabinets complement the island cabinets in this small size kitchen.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 10
Designed By – FMA Interior Design, Inc.

11. Navy-blue double island kitchen design

In this picture, every kitchen component is white. The marble backsplashes, white countertops, and cabinets sync well with each other.

The first thing you see as you enter the kitchen are these two navy blue kitchen islands. Its presence elevates the entire look of the kitchen.

For user convenience, the island contains multiple drawers with a metal handle.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 11
Designed By – Luxe Remodel

12. Dark Blue and wooden kitchen interior

The interior of the kitchen consists of dark blue kitchen cabinets with raised-paneled doors.

The refrigerator is painted blue in this small size kitchen with a low ceiling.

There are wooden ceilings, doors, floors, along with thick black marble countertops. This design is easy on your pockets and sync well with other kitchen components if placed wisely.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 12
Designed By – Tiny Heirloom

13. Glaucous shade for the kitchen

Glaucous is a color that features tints of blue and grey where the blue part is most visible and resembles the color of some plants with pale color. The shades of grey have been used so wisely by people nowadays in their interiors.

There are lots of plus points in adding shades of bluish-grey. It gives a modern and unconventional look. It is a dynamic color that is neutral as-well-as has the desired color contrast that is neither too bright nor dark.

Here, the glaucous shade in island countertops and walls looks lovely. The layout of the kitchen is U-shaped, and the cabinets have flat-paneled doors. The backsplash wall is in a warmer shade of grey that complements the wooden tone of floors.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 13
Designed By – Rudio Designz

14. Cobalt-blue cabinet design

You would be wondering this design is unique, a bit different from what we usually post in our blogs.

The difference is the addition of a separate window section inside the kitchen that can be used as an island or sit and dine place to soak some sunlight in cold winters or moonlight on cool nights of summer.

Here you have dark blue flat-panel cabinet doors and white countertops. The backsplash tiles are also white marbled.

The separate window section consists of a wall inscribed slab for siting. The walls are yellow and have brick patterns.

The floors are wooden. Overall it is a lovely design and brings a smile to your face whenever you spend some time here.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 14
Designed By – Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

15. Dark-blue cabinet design

The entire cabinet in this U-shaped kitchen cabinet has a dark-blue shade in it. The wall cabinets cover the wall to provide extra storage and space for appliances like a refrigerator and oven.

There is a glass ceiling in roofs meant for natural sunlight to enter during the daytime.

It is a medium sized-kitchen and has an island in between with a grey marble countertop. The floors are wooden, and chairs are steel meant for coordinating it with stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Blue contemporary kitchen design 15
Designed By – Toby Zack Designs