15 Beautiful Transitional Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girl

According to psychology, the environment stimulates our observation and senses. Nursery design by transitional interior can instill the positivities of both present-time and the early-century in your baby’s mind. It teaches the children to adore the past while keep changing with time to upgrade constantly.

A transitional nursery room is exhibited by a fresh vibe created by light tones of cream, white, pink, or beige along with elements from both the old times and the present. Chandeliers and timeless Bohemian art pieces pertain to the middle ages while present-day elements can very well be portrayed by modern day DIY decors, graphic elements, canopy beds, and multifunctional yet designer furniture. A correct blend of both will complement each other in terms of colors, texture, and placement in the room – creating a transitional effect.

1. Cream crepe kids nursery

Best for twins, the room is spacious enough to keep enough room even after fitting two wooden cribs. A gender-neutral nursery draped in neutral cream color is a very classic element of the transitional decor. A divided ark-like storage unit placed on the designed rug accompanies a modern-day pouf chair. All the elements in the room have been carefully placed to portray the minimalistic vibes involved with transitional-themed rooms.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Touijer Designs

2. Playhouse nursery

The structure of the playhouse is beautifully custom made containing a cozy bed, minimalistic side table, and a fur rug. The few elements included in the decor blend with each other and have a pastel theme. The furniture, chairs, tables, sofa, and even the shelf books paint the picture of a jolly kid’s room with a vintage chrome chandelier. The messy wall fixture is also a unique element not seen in typical nurseries. Bold furniture choices with classic leather touch accents for a minimalist look.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: PureHaven Homes

3. Fairy canopy nursery

The very first thing that catches the eye is the gorgeous European era canopy that is modified into modern-day style by the use of tulle yarns. The nursery is transformed into a transitional-themed space by the diverse creamy hues in the wall fixtures, crib, fur rug, and windows. The crib design is quite stylish and pertains to modern-day choices with an attached baby safety stip on the rough edge of the crib.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: DesignbyRuchi

4. Classy grey abode

Beautiful imprinted wall sticker gives off early century European vibes that are complemented by a glass chandelier. The overall colors and tones used to talk of the transition era – having a monochrome look yet having an equal number of modern elements like the white-leaved plant piece at the corner. The classic lounge, wall-mounted wardrobe, vintage rug add an ethereal touch. You cannot miss the cute grey ribbons added to the crib – definitely a classic transitional element.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Henry Kate Design Co.

5. Ivory serene kids room

Blush pink coated walls softer than cream, darker than eggshell add an elegant touch of a mid-century vibe. A timeless Panamanian wall fixture well with Benjamin Moore’s shade of First Light. Florence’s modular crib matches with the cloudy white rug and rocking toy, all of which just look dreamy with each other.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Design Shop Interiors

6. A dreamy nursery

Milky white decor is a common trend in the modern day and this room definitely wins the award for best white decor portraying a transitional theme. The blend of wooden color and white portions is correctly showcased here through the jute planter and wooden stool. These two elements take away the otherwise monotonous look of the room while the ruffled mirror frame is every bit retro. The white pouf, multifunctional storage wardrobe, wall lamps, and intricate side table are some of the modern elements blended perfectly with the wall shelves on the right that give an old-century vibe.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Thayer Design Studio

7. Coffee and pink hue nursery

A contemporary traditional look is consolidated by the coffee-colored wooden flooring. It looks contrasting with the pinkish hue of the walls and ceiling and the sprinkles in brown shade further beautify and complement the floor. An antique white coat of Benjamin Moore on the crib pairs perfectly with the minimalistic center table and wall fixtures. The spacious and airy large room adds an accent to the Turkish rug that portrays a high taste in life.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Timber Trails Development Company

8. Lavender dream girl’s room

A spacious nursery room built on a lavender theme is every girl’s dream nowadays, especially with the lavender color in so much trend today. The room gives a natural and soothing vibe. Cornered windows give fresh rays of light, enlightening the whole room with hope and positivity followed by a cushioned sofa next to a dreamy top table. A small dining space included with a perfect-sized table and chair is perfect for your kid’s playtime. The center chandelier is placed in the best position so that the whole decor can glow in its light.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Jeanne Campana Design

9. Seasalt minimalistic room

This compact nursery room is themed in a combination of sea salt and baby pink and comes with well-positioned twin cribs. The cribs are divided by a dreamy white wardrobe table containing several compartments and gold outlined knobs. The wall above the table is filled with a Bohemian round mirror outlined in a gold plated design and round elements. The ceiling of the room features an old-age chandelier that is perfectly centered to highlight the prime elements of the room. The cribs are accompanied by a combination of floral and solid-themed cushions, and the floor is covered with an Iona medallion rug.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: I & I Homes

10. All-white transitional style nursery

The spotless white-coated Victorian look of the nursery becomes an eye-catcher portraying the elephant wall fixture as a Nouveau art piece. The sleek crib and all other white elements in the room create a monochrome look – something that was quite common in the olden times. However, the golden elements on the wardrobe and grey printed pillow over the sofa balance the modern design look. The modern pendant light is also a classic choice that is soothing in its own way. If an all-white transitional decor theme is on your mind, this should be the ideal way to go about it.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Thayer Design Studio

11. Minimalist artistic bloom nursery

Gender neutral room featuring a stunningly artistic piece from the world of flora dominates the cozy corner of the wall, contrasting the milky white curtain and crib beautifully. A tall and wide window facilitates adequate light to come in letting all the colors shine through. The graphic printed and solid colored pillows look like they are straight out from a Pinterest wall and represent the modern elements in contrast to the stunning European-age chandelier.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Little Crown Interiors

12. Cloudy lavender hue nursery room

A holistic transitional-themed nursery with gender-neutral shades of lavender and white touches you softly with a dreamy vibe. A phenomenal decor with the right combination of modernism and old-age is portrayed by the furry and cloudy rugs against the age-old design of the curved crib head. The chandelier is also shrunk to a small size which portrays minimalism while keeping the original European vibes intact.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: GDC Home

13. A Color’s tale nursery room

Welcome your baby to a happy and cozy space filled with freshness and creativity. The wall is coated with off-beat white and is decorated with artistic elements that elevate the decor to the next level. Two spacious windows enlighten the room with positivity and let the vibrant colors of the decor shine beautifully. A super comfortable bed is also placed along the crib making this a parent-cum-kids space. The beautiful pillow designs and fur toys add to the transitional theme and look too Pinteresty to resist!

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Natasha Jansz Design

14. Cosy library-themed nursery room

A tiny yet well-lightened nursery room cannot look any better than this and is specifically designed to give a best-of-both-worlds vibe – both modern and early century. The walls are decorated in a library shelf design and solid grey color while the pink curtains match with the wall decor to give a complete look. The crib is placed at one side of the room with a mobile hanging from the top, adding a playful element to the baby room. The room also has a soft grey relaxer accompanied by a round white side table.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Christen Interiors

15. Vibrant boho heaven

This is the prettiest room a child can ever have – you will find all kinds of fun elements that amuse children. From the funky numbering with the curtain, the tiny little canopy bed, funky wall fixtures scattered here and there, every element in the room seems to be beautifying it to an unimaginable level. The cloudy rug is placed in an iconic position to give a dreamy look to the small bedside tables, the treetop, and the modern wooden crib. The designer wall, seamless window blind crafted by wooden floral plant, mural paintings and canopy style bed add accent to the entire space.

Transitional Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Touch Interiors by Bronwyn Poole