14 Modern Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girls

As parents, we want the best for our children. From spending days creating the best cookie recipe for your little ones to spending hours on the internet jotting down the names of the best schools for your toddler. Now, the gradation of best is different for different people. What you might think is best might not appeal to others as well. But one gradation of best is the same for every parent, and it would be the best nursery room theme for little girls.

While there is a range of themes starting from Mid-Century, to Traditional, to Victorian, to Farmhouse themed nursery rooms, the bestseller of these themes for a classic modern household would be the Modern Nursery Room for your little princesses. The modern type nurseries are the rooms where color pop meets simplicity and excess meets sophistication. With several elements to play with, the Modern Nursery rooms are the ideal sort to keep your angels engaged in their early years. Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous ideas for the Modern Nursery Room for little girls.

1. Cozy Starlight Nursery Room

This is an attic-style room with a mini black crib. The wall of the crib is decorated with a dewy starlight galaxy wallpaper. This room is for the little curious scientist baby girl. The white room is set up beautifully with wall-to-wall white furniture on both sides and the placement of cute storage bags. The cotton storage bags, the hanging fluffy moon, and other elements add modern as well as cuteness to the room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: YouthfulNest

2. All Sweet Pink Nursery Room

This classic room is best for the little princesses who love everything in pink. For the little angels who were born with instant love for a bubblegum pink, they will love how modern art meets pink in this room. The classic French crib is sleek and with colorful patterns. Other than the flamingo pink walls, one of the major elements that add a modern touch to it is the velvet-looking candy pink and white armchair set. The additional ceiling fan with light adds a warm glow to the room. The other pink accessories are classic add-ons and the modern shade of the room is gorgeous.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Rick Cooper Photography

3. Excess but Modern Nursery Room

This room is perfect for twin little angels to spend their happy days. Filled with an amazing giraffe figure and other photographs of cute animals, this room could make up for a Jungle Book scene. The charming three-tier chandelier adds elegance to the room. The beautiful metallic pink décor and rose-gold steel furniture add to the modern ambiance of the room. Accessory elements like a pillow or other toys might make the room look a bit extra but it adds a modern edge to the look of the room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Interiors By McCall

4. Little Lamb Lullaby Nursery Room

Every room tells a different story. Each story gives the baby a different moral lesson. This room has a furry cream carpet on the wooden floor. The double bedding of the multi-utility crib has a beautiful crystal charm hanging from the top and it gives an almost magical vibe. Something that adds to this vibe is the modern art of floor lamps. The modern style of the lamp along with the cozy grayish furry rocking lamb tells us a different story. This warm peach rug and the scattered coffee-shaded ceiling create a magical atmosphere.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

5. Peachy Craft Nursery Room

This room could practically sing beautiful lullabies to the little baby. The little white standard crib stands on the wooden floor. The butterscotch wall has a few crafts stuck to it. The little peachy butterflies on the wall of the crib will keep the baby engaged for a long time. The peachy wall hangings have tassels and the little angel will love to be in the room for as long as she wants to. The little wooden hangers by the side of the wall have little shirts and dresses hung on them. The translucent white curtains with white furniture add to the look of the gorgeous room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Inspired By…Designs

6. Soft Shades Only Nursery Room

This room does justice to the title of the idea. One of the first things that cross our minds while building a room with modern style is the incorporation of soft tones. The soft shades give a wholesome feeling and the little angel can feel warm all the time. A little spark of creativity is added to the room with a beautiful snow cream artistic chandelier. The beautiful blue and cream-colored patterned wallpaper in front of the white sleek crib adds elegance and warmth to the room. The white furniture with the curtain with dark shaded pompoms at the edge adds extra creativity to the modern room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Cameron Getter Design

7. Gray Sliding Modern Nursery Room

This gray room does not look as sad as it sounds. Moreover, quite opposite to that, this room radiates a happy vibe throughout. The room has minimalist furniture which is a key feature of the modern style of décor. The standard white multi-utility crib rests on a cream-tiled floor that is accented with a simple violet and white lined handwoven rug. The handwoven strawberry pink pouf adds sudden color to the room. This spark of sudden shade brings out the classic Gen Z vibe. Apart from that the double ring cream-colored modern chandelier undoubtedly adds class as well as modernity to the room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Mod Punch Designs

8. All White Textile Nursery Room

This little room speaks of fuzzy royalty and major textile mix up. The ideal nature of modern rooms these days is the incorporation of white and other such soft shades. These soft shades make the room look bigger and give out a feeling of comfort. The white and cloud grey patterned sofa chair with an ottoman set is one such example. The really soft white flooring along with the crystal chandelier accent the status of the room. The wooden and white cabinet and the white crib with pink soft bedding sides beautifully depict the modern design of cribs and furniture.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Romina Furniture

9. Fuzzy Cozy Nursery Room

This room is full of fuzzy elements that would bring out the warm vibe of the room. Modern décor today demands comfort and warmth. Unlike the heavy traditional or early European style, the modern art décor is all about creating cozy spaces and this suits the little angels. The walls of the room have classic rectangular architecture. The cream-white crib has royal ruffle bedding that adds class to the room. The fur top table and cream white wing chair enhance the room décor. The Candy floss little storage pouf and the portraits on the wall are a beautiful addition to the room. One of our favorite elements in this room has to be the transparent crystal chandelier. The chandelier brings a class to the room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: ALMO Premium Appliances

10. Silver Lining English Nursery Room

This room brings out a classic English touch to it. The wall of the flint gray crib has been painted with a silver-gray shade. The artistic branches and little birds on them bring out the modern English nature of the room. The fuzzy white carpet on the medium-shaded wooden floor makes it look very pretty. The huge brown bamboo basket to store the baby’s essentials enhances the modern interior. Additionally, the white furniture brings out the simplicity of the room.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: EFB Designs, LLC

11. Colorful Dabs and Pretty Flowers Nursery Room

This room should be a favorite among our little angels. The color of the room, the creativity on the wall, and the simple furniture décor have elements only found in modern themed rooms. The shade Lavender has become popular in the Modern age and pairing it with classic cream, the walls look beautiful. The dots have been painted in clusters of colorful dots in different shapes spread across the walls. The dots have a minimal artistic effect on the décor. There are little bunches of flower stems stuck on the wall. This room brings the baby close to nature and she would love it here.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Outline Interiors

12. Grey Minimalist Nursery Room

This cozy room has the perfect minimalist modern approach to it. The warmth contained in the cloud gray walls of the room is sufficient for the baby to spend her happy days in peace. The coin gray tall crib lies on a floor with colorful patterned carpet. The black floor lamp with transparent shade speaks of the new-age thinking. The four photographs of colorful blooms are the essential elements that bring out the peaceful nature of the room. The black and white contrasted furniture is well appreciated as modern nursery ideas.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Cure Design Group

13. Colorful Freckles Nursery Room

No, the baby doesn’t have colorful freckles but the room’s carved-out walls have. The ideal modern nursery décor would have warm-colored rooms that bring out the minimalist nature of it. Although the pearl white room with soft flooring does half the work, the large spaces in the room enhance the modern theme of the room. The major attraction of the room would be the modern way of using several pop colors splashed into little patterns on the wall that make it appear like little freckles. The tiny colorful pom-poms lined in a sequence at the side of the white curtains set the vibe for a little girl. Other baby elements seem to work like a plum cherry on the cake.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: YDC design

14. Artsy Little Space Nursery Room

This room is a perfect fit for every little girl who is born art enthusiastic. If the baby craves creativity and art in every aspect of her life, she would love to spend her initial days in this little room. The room has its wall painted with the abstract art of various animals. Mostly outlines of them, the eye region of the animals have patches of pastel shades. Other than this, the colorful pictures framed right above the flamingo pink traditional crib enhances the creativity of the room. What makes the room a classic example of a modern nursery is the presence of the oval white floor lamp with blue flowers and leaves constructed at the lampstand region. Along with the white base furniture and colorful patterned pillow, this room brings out the classic modern art from every corner.

Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Eastwood Development