13 Modern Green Living Room Design Ideas

Interior house designs are constantly experiencing massive changes in recent days. People are overly minding how modern artwork can perfectly tie a room to appear more futuristic and appealing with shiny and smooth surfaces achieved by superior architecture and minimalistic style to color and inside design. The movement towards warm tones and natural elements is being adopted to help in making your room look more authenticated. Check out more on the formal living room design with other designs. To learn about the modern era interior home designs whose artwork and arrangement focus on nothing but elegance and attractiveness, you have found the right material that will give you insights on popular modern interior designs with massive adoption around the globe.

1. Choose Family Living Space

Modern green living room ideas
Credit: Priscilla Fenlin Interiors

Everyone will want to see their room look appealing and comfortable to inhabit. The Philadelphian Modern Family Room is square-shaped with outstanding furniture arrangement. The wall is painted Liddy-green while the ceiling is whitish. One large window allowing a natural view of the outside with sufficient light penetration is fitted on the right-hand side of this magnificent room interior. Two one-seater modern sofas with a metallic blue color are facing each other with a brown wooden square table with a Liddy-blue upper casing at the center. A pale brown three-seater sofa on the front side with two partly white and partly green paintings and one blue metal one. A relatively large-sized sky-photo cardboard is placed on the wall. The house floor is concrete and brown rooms to blend with the table and the three-seater chair.

2. Use Green Flower in Floor

Modern green living room ideas
Credit: Modern Craft Construction, LLC

The Dallas Modern Living Room is futuristic. The room is arranged with low-light indoor plants, which enhance the general beauty of the room and are also associated with mood-boosting, stress reduction, and, most essential, serve as pollutant sink to give the entire room a lasting freshness. The Dieffenbachia, green-yellow variegated, are grown in attractive seafoam growers just a few inches from the dining area and adjacent to the shiny black sofas rounding up the living room area. The dining room is arranged with a bright yellow color table with dark polished stormy colored dining chairs. Additionally, the dining table is placed with the Boston Fern plant, which displays a gorgeous outlook owing to its bright green, arching fronds. A vast part of the wall is bricked with camouflage desert painting with wall extensions marking foyer entry into other parts of the room painted with seafoam color. The floor is dull white, while the ceiling is dark-colored. This room’s interior design might be compatible with nature-lovers whose love for plants is unending.

3. Eclectic & Colorful Living Room Idea

Modern green living room ideas
Credit: Jessica Dauray Interiors/Elements Of Style

The room is relatively large and can perfectly accommodate a relatively large family. The wall is painted white, sharing the same color as the modern sofas. The architecture of the ceiling gives it square shapes, with each square consisting of light bulbs. As you enter the house, the overhead wall is two painted pictures. One relatively long table with yellow, red, white, light green, light blue strips. Two black chairs appear aside from each other, separated by a glass stool with long metallic and center-round curved legs. Different colored long dining chairs surround the dining table occurring far extended end of the room that will appear overhead on your entry. Three hanging light squares are behind the two black chairs. Each of these chairs has yellow pillows, while the other two long chairs have one yellow pillow and one zebra-cased pillow. Unlike the dining area, which is left not carpeted, exposing the floor’s gray-brown color, the living room square is carpeted with dull white carpet. Form the look, yellow color dominates the room, and for those who like yellow color, this is probably their best room modification to turn out more modernized.

4. Use Flowers on Shelves

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Target Home

Minimalized living room in Minneapolis is well decorated, and it has adequate space. The room walls are painted white with Liddy green cardboard in front of the room, having some flower bottles arranged on the wall shelves. The room has two white sofas sitting of two people with two pillows, one yellow and another blue, placed in front of the room beside a cactus flower. The floor is wooden with a carpet.

5. Modern Living Room With Space

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

The modern living room in New York has ample space for the whole family, and also you can have a meeting inside the room. The room has glass windows and doors, and the wall is painted white, and wooden stairs. The five sitter chairs are well arranged rectangular, cool blue, and cool blue pillows. The table is in the middle of the chairs, storm in color, with two wooden chairs beside it. The room has a well decorated and arranged dining table pale rust in color with storm dining chairs.

6. Decorate on Your Ceiling

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Dezign Inspirations/ Home Design Resource

Modern home theater room design is a large spacious room well-arranged in a modern manner. The room walls are gold in color with cool blue on the wall, and on the sealing board, the carpet is gold in color with two one sitter meadow in color chairs and one sitter sofa with three sitter sofa metal blue in color.

The windows are of glass in design with cool blue strips. The tables are made of glass, one placed beside each sit and the other in the middle of three sitter sofa sit. This room is large enough to accommodate all your family and visitors.

7. Modern Living Room with Open Glass

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Tall Pines Farm – Stoves & Fireplaces

Large minimalist formal and enclosed carpeted family living room design in New York with green walls and no tv. The two two-sitter sofas sit white with white pillows with a wooden-sized table xstorm in color. The room has a wooden storm floor with a wall picture and a green flower placed at the corner of the room.

8. Use Staircase in Living Room

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Homes By Josh Doyle

This inspiration modern family room is well decorated with meadow green color below the stairs and in some sides of the room and another side =s of the walls is painted white. The two modern sofa setters are white with a meadow green pillow and zebra strips in color. The table is leather in design with a white cover on top. The floor is tiled and has well-designed wooden stairs. It also has a wall cabinet. It has a spacious bathroom, kitchen, and dining room adequate for your family and visitors.

9 Choose Glasses on Wall

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Travis Price Architects

this room has a minimalist open concept light wood floor living room design with white walls and light wood sealing board, and windows are in glass design. The table is grey dark in color is in the middle of the from with two li8ght wood chairs and minimalized dining place having two metal chairs and two sitter sofa sit red color placed on the other side of the room.

10. Greenwood Village Room Design

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Design 5 Seventy-One

minimalized modern living room with two sitter sofa set grey with gold wall picture in front of the room. The living room how it is arranged matters a lot that is why you will need to check out some of the modern design like the one in this picture above. Glass table with wooden legs with flower bottle on top, the floor is tiled with blue strips and yellow, the walls are painted white all-round.

11. Turkel Design Living Room

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: Sierra Cedar Corp

Turkel Design Inc designs this gorgeous modern living room for Lindal Cedar Homes, and it has been built all over the United States and Canada. This room is a large space that can hold all your family and visitors; even if you have a meeting still, you can have it in your room. The room is painted white on the walls with table and dining metal chairs. The sofa seats are meadow green in color with white pillows with a white table in between them. The floor is wooden overcast in color, and the room also has a big kitchen and bedroom that are spacious for the whole family.

12. Choose Green Sofas in Your Room

Modern Green Living Room Design deas

This room is attractive and cozy, as it has a three-piece sectional sofa, and it is an addition to update your home. A new modern design shows a lovely curved low back with a warm hue for a stylish appearance. Comfortable high-density filler in the velvet seat also has a back cushion; it gives you incredible comfort that you can’t help sprawling out on. The floor is carpeted grey, and a wall picture is placed in front of the room. This modern design is an example of a minimalist living room design in Los Angeles.

13. Use Pictures on Wall

Modern Green Living Room Design deas
Credit: MIG Furniture Design, Inc.

Romeo B534 by Natuzzi Editions. Stylish your home using style with elegance, providing signs of comfortable sitting space to accommodate the whole family with visitors with the assistance of the Romeo Sofa Set collection by Natuzzi Editions. B534 sofa will be enough for your guest at night, and they will show an excellent sleeper mechanism with a memory foam mattress inside. The good thing about this sofa-bed can be compared with that a regular bed gives also.

Romeo collection has Sofa-Bed, Loveseat with Chair. Premium Fabric with Genuine Top Grain Italian leather is provided in a vast selection of various colors with grades to find the upholstery you like. Features: Designed by Natuzzi Editions Seat with Back cushions fixed to the Wooden frame legs in either Wenge or Walnut finish Sleeper version that comes with Queen Size memory foam mattress.


Modernization is taking the centermost position in our everyday living. Everyone will want nothing but the best in their very own perspectives when it comes to living rooms. And modern designs in the outlook of living rooms deny no one this autonomous requirement. Several modern living room designs highlighted in this article give everyone the freedom to make a bold choice of their favorite house arrangements.