13 Colorful Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

Parents, belonging to whichever place around the globe have one characteristic similar to each other; that is caring endlessly for their little ones (even after their so-called little ones have their little ones). This caring nature of every parent starts from the moment they feel the cute and soft little hands wrapping their fingers, if not even before that. Each parent, whether father or mother or any guardian, always wants the best for their lifelines. The best starts from choosing the most appropriate (which is best for us) nursery room. The search for the best, most financially suitable, best themed, and most appropriate nursery room for your gorgeous baby is usually a long and exhaustive one.

To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of 13 colorful themed Nursery Rooms for the baby boys. The boys in the nursery room should be able to communicate and link with the colorful nature and aspects of the room. There are a wide array of base themes to choose from; for example Victorian theme, transitional theme, traditional theme, Mid-century, Scandinavian style nursery, etc. Overall, the colorful theme of painting the room with different splashes of color under different base themes is the best way to make the baby boys understand and appreciate their love for colors in a room. Let us jump into the list of colorful nursery room ideas for the little guys.

1. Little Colorful Droplets Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (1)

This room is perfect for the baby boy who loves the idea of having little splashes of colors spread across every corner of the room. The basic theme of the room is a transitional type nursery. The room has light pastel fern-shaded walls that bring out the modern shades of the room. Whereas a soft flooring with a colorful mat indicates a mid-century style decor. The mat is one of our favorite elements in the room as it looks like little semicircular colorful drops have fallen on it. One of the walls is filled with colorful funny pictures and the bookshelves have colorful storybooks for babies. The wall of the mid-century-style crib has pictures framed on it. The little light-shaded sofa chair and the dark-shaded rocking horse bring out the perfect modern contrast in the room. Overall, this also adds to the cuteness of this colorful nursery room. 

2. Animal World Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (2)

This room is a perfect fit for your baby boy who loves to be around animals all the time. If your little braveheart is fond of being near lions, dinosaurs, and other big animals, then this is his ideal nursery room. This is a traditional nursery room that colorfully screams simplicity. The room has a traditional roof design, more like a semi-attic look. The spotlights on the ceiling bring out the warmth in this traditional nursery room. The colorful images framed on the wall and the storybooks on the shelves are one of the best elements in this room. Our favorite element in this room has to be the colorful animal soft toys of medium size. From the lemon yellow lion to the fresh green dinosaur, the range of beautiful and cute soft toys in the room is indeed a rare collection. The wooden furniture mixed with white walls and floorings stands in a contrast with each other in this traditional room. What more are you waiting for?

3. Into the Woods Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (3)

This is a contemporary-style nursery room. Having said the base theme is a Contemporary one, it is important to note that the clever play with colors in this room is widely appreciated. The walls of the room are of pastel grey shade and this brings out the boyish charm of the room. The furniture in the nursery is all white and distinctly marks a contemporary touch in the room. The wall of the traditional white crib has woods painted on it. The incorporation of pink birds on white woods over a grey background seals the deal! To add to the monotone effect of the room, our favorite element got introduced? The colorful and patterned rug is spread over a huge part of the soft flooring. The colorful nature of the room does justice to the theme of the room and we couldn’t be anymore happier!

4. Crazy Stars Moon Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (4)

This room is perfect for the little guy who has long dreamt of dancing with the stars and riding the crescent moon. This room is a Contemporary one and has designs that would surely inspire thousands of parents over the years. One of our favorite elements has to be the colorful and fun ceiling fan with an attached light. The blades of the fan have colorful moon and stars painted on them and the light attached to the ceiling gives perfect warmth to the room. The fan-cum-light on one of the corners of the ceiling describes a perfect Contemporary contrast style. The walls of the room have a perfect guys’ favorite pastel blue shade that would scream the phrase “perfect guys’ room vibes”! The white furniture and brown wooden huge window pane bring out the contrast in the Contemporary style. The bookshelves and the cute toys add to the charm of the room. 

5. Peachy Pink Mix Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (5)

This room is everything that your sensitive little boy might have wanted since he got the faintest idea of colors and color play. The room is a lovely example of keeping scope for gender-equal shades. The idea of mixing pink with blue in a boy’s nursery room is a wonderful mix of shades that we appreciate and truly love. The floral wallpaper on the wall of the crib has shades of pink mostly and a little bit of green. The contrast in texture of furniture and flooring elements in the room does justice to the eclectic nature of the nursery room. The contrast in blue and white choice of furniture is a fantastic eclectic design idea that would steal your heart right away! The different patterns and texture of cushions and pouf once again add to the eclectic decor idea of the room. The incorporation of pictures and warm lighting make the room perfectly suitable for your little guy to spend most of their initial years in a happy and safe environment!

.6. Funny Monsters Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (6)

This Contemporary style nursery room is all about crazy and funny monsters. If your baby boy enjoys looking at funny, and colorful faces with curvy bodies, then this room is perfect for him. If the boy loves how colorful and funny the little monsters look, and if he enjoys staring at them in awe for hours, then this is the most suitable room for the little devil. The room has to stick brown walls except for the one with the wall of the crib. The Contemporary design of the room is encouraged through the vivid mix-ups and texture contrast. The wallpaper of colorful yet funny monsters on the wall of the crib brings out the best and funniest version of the baby. The modern crib stands in contrast texture with the jute storage bags and other furniture. Just jump in and enjoy yourself playing with the pillows or staring at the wall of the monsters for hours. 

7. Black and White Play Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (7)

This room has mostly every color splashed in every corner of the nursery. This Contemporary design room has the actual theme of ‘colorful’ nursery ideas instilled in the best possible way so far! The room does a nearly impossible play of colors and designs that bring out the Contemporary art of the same. The triangular checkered black and white floor of the room stand in a contemporary style contrast against the striped sofa chair that has probably every shade of a rainbow. The wall of the traditional brown crib has geometric color patterns on the same and this is another favorite part of the colorful nursery room. Apart from these, the soft toys and books add to the baby charm of the colorful nursery room for the little kid. 

8. Minimum Space Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (8)

This room is also a contemporary-style nursery room. The nursery room has been designed to get rid of the space problem in typical apartments or apartment-style rooms. The room has been designed with a few contemporary ideas and the most colorful shades. The shades are mostly pastel and are lined towards being lighter shades (more towards being white). The minimalistic approach toward a contemporary design of a room is showcased in this design. The space-saving idea of building bookshelves and cribs against one corner of a wall is a great way to increase space in a small and cozy little room. The colorful images on the wall of the room and the huge windows scream creativity as well as breeziness in the room. 

9. Blue Breeze Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (9)

The title of the room wouldn’t seem so vague in the next few lines! The otherwise white modern style nursery room does a sudden color burst with a royal blue sofa chair. The room also showcases huge windows that bring the baby close to nature along with making the room airy enough for the baby to not feel stuck somewhere. This justifies the title of the room the sudden splashes of color in this otherwise white textured room adds to the elements of a perfect colorful nursery room.

10. White and Wooden Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (10)

This contemporary-style room has a beautiful charm to it. The combination of white and wooden furniture is a classy mix to behold. Other than that, we assure you the baby would love the space and breezy nature of the room. The pastel white walls and the beamed ceiling with a gorgeous chandelier pretty much do the magic in this nursery room!

11. Colorful Ceiling Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (11)

Every baby boy who loves the idea of being around colorful objects and loves the generous play of various shades and patterns will surely fall in love with this room. This is a love at first sight kind of room and we assure you that the little angel would never trade it for anything. One of the iconic and interesting facts about this room is its ceiling being colored with shades of patterned pink. The baby would keep staring at the ceiling all day and still be in awe of it almost every day. The beautiful chandelier brings out a contemporary style in the nursery room. The gorgeous teal green traditional crib is another favorite element in this small cozy room. The patterned pictures on the wall and the just storage bag filled with soft toys are other favorites in this beautiful nursery room!

12. Hot Air-balloon Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (12)

This nursery room is for the little guy who loves flying around in colorful surroundings. Though the above idea does justice to both the themes of the room, we must discuss the local points about this room. One of our favorite elements in this room has to be the hanging of hot air balloons from the corner of the crib. This along with other factors in the room reminds the baby of accomplishing his dream of traveling. The baby would love the colorful round mosaic system showcased on the floor of the room. The extra books and soft plushies in the room enhance the effect of the room. 

13. Every Texture Nursery Room

Colorful nursery idea for boys (13)

This room has a contemporary as well as a modern approach to it. The nursery room showcases the clever use of several textures that make the room more beautiful and a great place to spend his initial years, learning the various little things that make one feel happy all the time. One of our favorite elements in this nursery room is the incorporation of a cute little elephant soft toy and a sitting deer near the crib. The mix of jute textured chandelier gives a modern feeling along with the fuzzy white carpet on the wooden floor adds to the Contemporary finish of the room. The white furniture and the pastel paintings on the wall make the room appear prettier than usual. The use of various little plants and heart images and other things contribute to the showcasing of different textures in this contemporary style nursery room.