12 Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girl

Mid-Century might not sound as interesting and speedy as ‘modern’, but nothing can possibly go wrong with a mix-up of early and mid-times. The bright modern shades mixed with the mid-century architecture give out the best nursery rooms for little girls. From early Victorian designs to modern pop art, everything falls under this category of mid-century modern art. The modern space with sophisticated mid-century pastel décor always creates a peaceful yet fancy atmosphere for the babies. The wholesomeness of the room gets multiplied with vintage furniture picks among a modern setup or vice versa. Let us dive further and explore these amazing mid-century modern nursery room ideas.

1. Mid-Century Minimalist Nursery Room

The first one would be the one that captures the essence of a mid-century room. The traditional simple white crib stands on a wooden floor that has a minimalistic rug on it. There is a jute basket filled with some of the baby’s favorite soft toys. On one side, a basic single sofa keeps up with the overall minimalistic decor in combination with the simple artistic pillow on it. And on the other side, a mid-century modern wooden cabinet complements the look. The cream-colored walls and the pastel-shaded curtains indicate a warm, cozy comfort of the room.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Welcome Home Design Group

2. Evolutionary Thinker’s Nursery

This room is a perfect fit for a naturally curious baby girl. The white tree-shelf that holds books at its branches would provide answers to some of her questions. The crib on the dark wooden floor is placed next to the impeccable vintage lampshade. The most interesting part is the beautiful wallpaper. It has the right blend of color contrast using the shades of brown on a blue sky. There are numerous drawings of vintage hot air balloons – an image that is very much resonating to the old revolutionary times.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: DD Ford Construction

3. Little Green Serene Nursery Room

Set in a Turkish theme, the room brings out various Turkish flavors that put little minds at peace. The white crib with vintage white bedding stands on soft flooring and a handwoven Turkish rug is spread in its front. The wallpaper has neutral shades of stripes. Beside the crib lies a cream colored jute holder that has a tall plant giving a serene appearance to the nursery. Other than that, the Turkish gem hanging lights add to the cozy vibes of the room.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Lindsey Frank Design

4. Off-White Symmetry Nursery Room

The wall of the room has symmetrical shades of pink like Coral, Taffy, and Rogue contrasted with a huge portion of off-white. The off-white crib stands on a printed Boho rug. The picture of grey cactus in a pink background on the wall is to give off a mid-century look. What seems to sit next to the crib is a beautiful furry white Rocking Unicorn Chair. The wooden wings of the fan with attached center light are very modern indeed.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Milliken Design Studio, llc

5. Mid-Century Bubblegum Nursery Room

This is a dream nursery room for every little pink-lover. The pop design of the room set the on-point modern mid-century backdrop of the room. The walls represent a pink patterned wallpaper, the white crib with translucent glass stands from the rest of the bubblegum pink furniture. The furry bubblegum chandelier on the ceiling and the beautiful modern art on the wall assures the fact that the little girl will not be less of a pink glam fashionista in the future. The star and doughnut-shaped pillows add to the modern look of the room.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Romina Furniture

6. Colorful Macaws Nursery Room

In a simple white décor, adding little colorful baby elements is both simple and a unique idea. The crib of the baby isn’t a traditional one. Rather classy, the white crib has drawers in wooden texture that could be used to store necessary items. The multi-utility crib lies on the wooden floor on a huge off-white handwoven rug. Adding a little bit of fun to the room, the wall of the crib has numerous little colorful macaws painted on it. Additionally, the windows sprung across on either side of the wooden ladder shelf uplift the mood of this simple nursery.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Mahle Design, LLC

7. Mini Rainbow Nursery Room

Wondering how to re-create an attic into a mid-century modern nursery room? Well, here’s the solution. This cozy attic-style nursery radiates the perfect amount of warmth needed by the baby. The purging surface of the wall is decorated with little rainbows which are in the shades of red or maroon. The rainbows in the white wall give a wholesome look to the minimalist appearance of the room. Lastly, the white shelves constructed on either side of the wall for storing the baby’s essentials blend perfectly with the decor.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Michelle Thill Interiors

8. Tiny Green Nursery Room

This nursery room is a perfect example of letting the little angel grow in the Boho greenery. The white wall has a beautiful wall décor with silver rings and green leaves. Other than that, the wooden ladder shelf at the corner is well decorated with a string of leaves placed in a spiraled fashion – something that was a hyped trend during the mid-’70s. The mid-sized tall classy steel crib with clean white bedding gives a mid-century vibe. The rug on the wooden floor and little plants set in various spaces make this room a special one.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: New Arrivals, Inc

9. Clean Nordic Wooden Nursery Room

Characterized with a bright wooden floor, the room is inspired by Nordic design. The mid-century design of this modern room creates enough space in the nursery of the baby to crawl around and play. The wooden cabinet and other furniture add to the symmetric Nordic vibes. It is in such a modern setting that the kid’s imagination comes into play. The white and light blush-pink walls with peachy wooden furniture and a modern chandelier are a perfect blend of modern with vintage.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Impressions Flooring Collection

10. Floral Classy Border Nursery Room

The otherwise uncomplicated nursery room has two major attractions. One of them clearly is the wallpaper. The wallpaper is filled with continuous floral art on a light green background. Another idea that sets this room, several classes, apart from other girls’ nursery rooms is the French white wall border designs. Though the design could be a mix of Victorian and French art, the border adds sophistication to the room. The salmon pink crib aligned at the center of the wall, with a lavender rug and wooden floor, describes a nursery room idea perfect for little princesses.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Marion Alberge

11. Modern Flamingo Nursery Room

The dotting white furniture with inner wooden lining in this built-in wall-to-wall cupboard reflects a stylish and functional side of the room. Other than the excellent color combination of the furniture, the multi-utility cupboard speaks highly of modern thinking. The medium-sized crib on the light colored wooden floor is made to look even prettier with wallpaper. The beautiful wallpaper of pinkish-white flamingos standing in the peacock blue river gets all the hearts for this room idea.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Olivia de Revel // 02R architecte d’intérieur

12. Simplicity Pink-Gold Nursery Room

The above words put together in a classic mid-century nursery setting can never go wrong. The soft pink walls and the copper-gold lampshade, and furniture accessories seem to do justice to the otherwise humble nursery room. The floral craft on the mushy pink wall enhances the simplicity radiated by the room. Additionally, the classy and versatile-looking crib on a medium-toned wooden floor gives out a warm feeling which is essential to the basic needs of little girls.

Mid-Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Dona Designs