12 Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area

If you are a music lover or your career, you will need to have a room or studio. When you have space in your home gives you the pleasure of honing your musician skills. The more you practice, the better you become. If your room has extra space or you don’t worry less, we provide you with home ideas for music decoration in this post. When you look at your home, the first thing you need to know is how much space can accommodate your musical instrument? It is recommendable to have an excellent environment to make your home look bright. That is why you need to decorate your interior music area. When you design, don’t forget about soundproofing to avoid disturbing other people around you. Continue reading below for more ideas on the living room music designs.

Factors to consider before setting up your music room

Before deciding which ideas to use in your home, read those factors first.

Furniture placement

How you decorate your home furniture matters a lot for the living room and people willing to use it. Your furniture selection and design should keep with the music room decoration. If you want your room to look smart, you have to consider choosing a musical instrument with an idea of your furniture.

Family music room

Is it for your leisure with your family or do you want music for which purpose? Keeping those ideas in your mind will help you know the type of music to install. Know where to display the guitar in your room to avoid children playing with it.

Once you have identified the primary purpose of music, the rest of the step will be easy now.

Let see those living room music ideas:

1. White color room with library

Unlike other rooms, there is enough space left for the dancer to enjoy, and the window is oversized to allow natural light in. Music instruments are designed in the living room corner next to the library shelves. A giant piano and tool you can sit on when playing inside your beautiful living room. The fireplace was designed on the wall to help you during the cold season. You will feel the warmth as you play your music. The roofing and wall are painted white, identical to the sofa and carpet used in this living room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Kari Pearlstein

2. Natural light Idea

The ceiling was painted with white color to give the room a bright. You could breathe in fresh air while playing the music because the window is oversized and decorated with blue curtains. Its door is made of empty glass and decorated with black woods. The space is enough for you to play your music while sitting on your couch or chair. The best area for music placed is on the corner, and this area is also decorated with the picture on the wall. It would help if you made it clean and beautiful all the time.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Michele Bitter Designs

3. Art ledge over sofa

White painting on your room can make your room look beautiful, and even if you don’t have enough space and want musical instruments in your home, it is possible. The music can be designed near the window for natural light during the day. Celling decoration with gold light can make your room appear. You can have a few coaches in your room if you don’t have ample space in your home.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Megan Grehl

4. Art music design

A music room with a nice ceiling decoration can give you the passion for playing your music in the comfort of your home. If you have ample space like this one in your home, then you can turn your room into an entertainment music area. Wood board painted with red color and has some of the arts makes your living room beautiful. It would help if you chose black music equipment that is medium for you when playing. Decoration of the house matching the music area can give you a good overview, and you need comfortable sofas. The wood table is best for a music room like this when dancing, and you cannot break it.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Maui Architectural Group Inc

5. Solid scheme

Do you know you can turn your library living room into a music area? Reading in a relaxed environment and having some of the music sounds gives you a chance to stay in the room. Painting your room black with small bulbs on the ceiling can give you access to relax in your living room. Bookshelves are also the best place to keep your musical instruments like guitar.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

6. Big space for dancing with wood ceiling

Music instrument deserves a good place and spacious where you are free when playing. Open space and natural light in your room bring enjoyment for most music lovers. The ceiling wall is made of wood. It makes your room cool. A black piano is the most incredible instrument you can play when relaxed in your room. The good thing about the spacious room is that you have the freedom to dance even if you get visitors. You need to organize your room to look smart. Even if you are playing music, you feel comfortable. It would help if you sat in an environment that is clean. That is why using white color in your room plays a significant role.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: R Brant Design

7. Comfortable sitting with instruments

To balance the color, you need to have the exact color of the sofa for your room’s appearance. The space can be small, but it all depends on how you decorate our living room. You can set your musical instruments in the corner of your living room. Make sure to look for a significant and sizeable window that is transparent, and you can open the window during the daytime for fresh air. The space might be small, but it fits you during your leisure time you can lessen to some fantastic music. You can train your kids to play drams during the holiday.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: The Interior Edge

8. Wood interior design

If you want to make your house into a music decoration, try to decorate your living room to look smart. The white ceiling of your roof and fireplace makes the room bright, and when you decorate it with the black piano, your living room will look bright and attractive. Make sure that you stay in a clean environment so that when listening to your music, you enjoy it yourself. Lighting can also make part of your room attractive. The best thing for you is making your living with some woods, preventing sound barriers for your living room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Houzz

9. Modern apartment with instruments

The space might look small, but the way this house was decorated can give you a gloms to stay inside. One side of the wall was decorated with glass for transparency. Using white ceiling decoration on your house can make your living room more appealing. This living room is classic, and the musical instrument is placed in the corner of the house where no one person can reach. Adding black wood to your room for partitioning will make your living room different from others. The design used for this living room is best for louder music because the roofing height cannot disturb you.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Darcy Bonner & Associates

10. Classic music living room idea with grey sofa

When playing music in your house, you need to sit in a beautiful environment, which matters a lot. The grey sofas also make the room appearing to be innovative. And you need to make sure that you have decorated the ceiling with beautiful bulbs to make it more appealing.

Breathing fresh air when playing your music is appealing, and you need to make your effort. The view of your living room matters a lot, and that is why this living room wall is decorated in different colors with sofa and music instruments so that even your visitor can enjoy it while sitting in your room. This is the modern type for the music room idea. You can have a fireplace in your living room to help you feel the warmth during the cold season. The picture on your music area makes the house decoration look beautiful.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: 27 Diamonds Interior Design

11. Small living room with picture

Even if your space is small, that does not matter. You can still make your dreams come true if you love music. Small space like this, you can hang some musical instruments on the wall, and you need to ensure that your wall is clean and have some of the hangings were to put a guitar. Make sure you design the ceiling and paint it white to make the room beautiful. Designing a wall with a picture for your living room can make some changes.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: Megan Grehl

12. White ceiling room ideas

The color you choose for your living room matters a lot, and you will need to ensure that you are in a clean area. White color makes your living room super attractive, and you will need to ensure that all are designed well. Wall is supposed to be painted white and has some of the pictures. If you have a big table, it is the best choice for a room with music so that when dancing you will feel comfortable.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Music Area
Credit: M.S. Vicas Interiors


The above mentioned are some ideas for a contemporary living room with music. You can follow those designs to make your room decoration smart even if you have ample space. Making your sitting room clean and beautiful gives you the moral of dancing and enjoying yourself.