12 Coastal Nursery Room Design Ideas for Girl

Nursery room ideas for babies have always been in demand. With every passing interval, new themes and color palettes are introduced to the world, and being parents, the instinct would be to prepare the best for our babies. In an attempt to help y’all get the perfect idea of such nursery rooms for the little girls, we have introduced a collection of Coastal Nursery Rooms.

Coastal theme is always welcome in every bedroom, especially for our babies. Getting a range of different color shades, from coral blue to turquoise to flamingo pink, the shades are literally meant for the girls’ rooms. The elements of beach and coastal areas just seem to add to the ‘good vibe, good life’ mood and we couldn’t help but drool over these amazing ideas. Let’s directly jump into the coastal nursery room ideas for our little girls.

1. Black and White Coast Nursery Room

The beautifully textured grey wall and the patterned architecture on the white wall of the crib create contrasting looks to the room. The multiutility crib with black and white striped bedding and the black and white patterned sofa add to the classy look of the room. What makes the room look more coastal and contemporary is the modern chandelier and huge windows with contrasting walls. The shades of the wall in the room accent the coastal vibe and we love it!

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl

2. Minimalist Seaside Nursery Room

This cozy room is for those who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The white furniture with rose-gold minimalism brings out the minimalist approach. The calm portrait of the wide blue sky with beautiful floating clouds helps enhance the breezy beachside look of the room. With minimum goods to compliment the room, the spaces create the actual vibe.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Studio McGee

3. Macrame Baby Shoreline Nursery Room

Let us begin with the Oxford blue single-seater sofa in the middle of the pink nursery room with cute pink elephant wallpaper. The sofa strongly brings out the ‘into the blue sea’ vibe. The combination of Macrame wall hanging and chandelier along with a classic gold-rimmed round mirror adds to the coastal sense of the room. The little girl who is a fan of soft animal plushies will feel at home here.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: LA Design Build

4. Bright Nordic Seaside Nursery Room

The Cantaloupe stripes on the wall brush a reminiscent memory of coastal, beach days. The room has shades of red and orange and we love how every bit of it reminds us of golden coastal days. The patterned carpet, or dotted curtains, and beautiful flower patterns on the wall with the name of the baby add to the glow of the room. The white furniture based on an orange palette will engage the baby in more ways than one.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Interiorspanache

5. Little Ballerina Nursery Room

This one is sure to sweep the ground off your feet. The majestic appearance of the room speaks volumes about the kind of empathizing woman your little girl will turn into. The little mid-century white tent crib is meant for queens. The colorful portraits of the ballerina will inspire your angel to groove into a little dancey dance. The accessories in the room add to the dance theme as well as accent the cool coastal comfort every baby craves for. A mix of furniture from different times in a royal-icing shaded room with soft lighting simply brings out the coastal coolness.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Paschall Design

6. Straight into Victorian Age Nursery Room

If you like the Victorian Era classic ideas along with a breezy cool coastal bedroom design, this room fits perfectly with the requirement. The classic Victorian furniture and the oh-so Period Drama crib on the wooden floor with a pink background are what your innocent angel would love. Along with that, the cool breezy lay-off of the room brings out a peaceful, on the side of the coastal vibe and nobody would want to get away from such serenity.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Lakeside Studio Staging & Design

7. Stripes ‘n’ Pattern Mix up Nursery Room

The room brings out the beauty of dark stripes in a coastal background. The little Abacus with colored balls is put up on the right spot, just above the one-sided open crib. The otherwise simple crib has black and white stripes bedding with a cute flamingo. These elements along with the jute bag and tool enhance the modest appearance of the room. The moderately huge pale green leaves wallpaper on the wall brings out the pattern and coastal side of the room. The modern chandelier-fan is expected to complete the appearance of the modern coastal theme nursery room.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: CM Natural Designs

8. Shades of Blue Nursery Room

This small cozy nursery room has almost every bit of pastel blue in it. The teal blue pattern on the pastel blue walls gives a minimalist coastal vibe and the little angel would surely feel at home here. The antique-style crib that sits on the soft flooring has antique furniture that has pastel blue as the predominant color. The modern state-of-art chandelier just adds to the class of the room. All these features make the room cozy enough for your coastal baby to explore more. Let your Pink Coastal Princess get the nursery room of her future-teenage dreams.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Susan Manrao Design

9. Too Pretty for the Coasts

The room gently purrs of sophistication and royalty with a hint of modern chic. This room is perfect for your little princess who would bathe in the sea, fly to the moon in a unicorn, and come home to host this amazing little pink tea party. The blush pink walls have beautiful European-style cages on tree branches and pink little birds painted on them. The balcony attached to the room is what makes the room feel all sea-ready. The white-brown furniture along with the gorgeous accessories bring out the A game of the room.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Interiors by Maite Granda

10. Colorful Palette Coastal Nursery

The Contemporary-Modern culture of the room brings out the best of the sea vibes. The room has all major colors from the rainbow and it is this very nature of the shades that bring out the vibrant coastal charm. Apart from the seahorse, crab, or the beautiful flamingo bathing suit the blue and white combination of furniture on medium-shaded wooden floor ace the magic. The pale-shaded wall and the colorful pictures contrast in a manner to bring out every bit of color in the room into the sea. We bet the baby would be happy in this room, always.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Sarah Greenman

11. Classic Boho Beach Nursery Room

How do the combination of Coastal areas and Bohemian twist sound? Amazing right?! We bet your little girl will never want to leave the room with such soothing elements. One of the best features of this room is the beautiful green wreath wall hanging placed on the wall of the rather tall rose crib. The green houseplant in the jute plant holder accents the charm of the room. The usage of jute braided pouf and the Bohemian rug enhances the effect of the room. We assure you the black-and-white portraits on either wall adds to the classic coastal green vibes.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: Matt White Custom Home

12. Promises of the Blue Nursery Room

Bring out the coastal feel to the maximum with the help of a little Bohemian culture. This room gives off a major coastal vibe, especially with the wall painted in beautiful Light Turquoise shade. This room silently wants to make you admire the pretty Macrame Lampshade and the handwoven rug that levels up the beauty of the room. The traditional crib and the creative picture on the wall along with the jute storage bag and little soft toys bring out the beach vibes. The room maintains a white furniture base. Overall, this room promises the baby of big blue skies.

Coastal Nursery Room Ideas for Girl
Credit: AE Design