12 Amazing Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas with Bar

Do you love drinking but are afraid to mix with other people and love to drink comfortably in your home. This article provides you with the living room ideas you can use to design your home to look like a bar and drink well you are in your pajamas. The idea of drinking into your home came when people were facing lockdown during covid19, and people used to stay home; no one was allowed to walk freely. Therefore, this comes as a surprise to those who built their living room with a bar inside because you could buy a stock that you need to keep you the whole of that time. Below we shared some of the Living Room Ideas with Bar. Then, you can decide to choose the best option for you.

1. White living room bar idea

The first modern living room idea with the bar on the list. The bar decoration set on the wall is super amazing, with a black cabinet to place in your drinks. When you want to relax, the sofas are comfortable to give you the comfort you want. The room has a flower to make your living room looks attractive, and you enjoy drinking when you are in the home. There is a small glass on top and inside of the cabinet. The room is spacious to allow you to celebrate with your friends also.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Cherie Stein Interiors

2. Classic room bar design with woods

The living room has enough space for entertainment because it shares the same space as the sitting area but is separated a little. The basement of your room is the first thing you would like to consider when roofing your room. Ensure that you have big windows for natural light and a woods door for security reasons. You can transform part of your room with a nice bar area and sitting position next to the drinking alcohol. The fireplace in the room provides warmth during the cold season, and you will feel much comfortable inside your home.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photography

3. Beach living room bar design

Make your home bar bright with natural light. You can decide to design the wall with glasses to receive direct light from sunshine. The floor made of tiles is the perfect match for your living room, and you need to make sure that sitting. The bar section is designed with dark color and has shelves for storing in your drinks. A small blue balloon is hanging on the roofing specifically to decorate your living room. The bar bench faces on the wall near the ocean, and you can drink and enjoy the ocean’s breeze. Sitting chairs are white in color and comfortable.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Karen

4. Let natural living room bar design

Regarding the type of bar you want to make for your home, you can get a good designer. The sitting room sofas are black, both with chairs and carpet. You can create a different section of your room for your bar. The design of the bar is made of wood and petitions with glasses. You need to make sure you get fresh air and natural light when you design your wall with glasses. There are small black bar chairs placed for you to sit on when having a drink in your room without going outside. Your room can come true with this decoration like any other modern bar out there.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Newport

5. Wood shelves living bar design

Here is an amazing living room bar idea that is simple but worth it. The room wall is designed with shelves to keep your drinks safe. Wall cabinets built for storing your drinking glass are left open, and you can take any that is best for you. There is a tv for you to watch while in your room. However, you might not get the bar chairs, but you can still sit on your sofa and relax as your drink.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: LABLstudio

6. Small living bar design

When you want to decorate your house with an idea of the bar inside, then this is the best design you can get today. Inside the room, there is a comfortable sofa for you to sit on and relax. The blue sofa and a small glass coffee table make the living room look beautiful. There is a carpet in the room for you to step on bare feet. The roofing for this living room is super attractive, and you will love the design used for decorating bulbs. There is a small cabinet used to store your drinking alcohol. If you are looking for a small bar idea, this will be your choice.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Design Intervention

7. Modern living bar with TV idea

If you are a homeowner who likes decoration, this type will be your option. You want to make sure that the bar matches your living room style. It would help if you made sure that the wood material made for the bar shelves and storage is similar to the sitting room. Some of your furniture resemble the same color for matching your decoration as you want. For example, bar stools are made in the size of woods which resembles the decoration of this living room. The bulb’s ceiling decoration is designed the same as those of the bar. The room is spacious and gives you can watch even football during the weekend as you drink. The windows of the room are large and transparent for natural lighting.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Jeri Koegel Photography

8. Stylish living room design with woods

If you are looking for a home bar with classic decoration, you will need to spend some money on it. The ceiling roof for this bar has wood crossing and is white, matching the wall. The sitting sofa is comfortable and has a matching color, same with the bar decoration. The wall is painted white and designed with bar cabinet stores for glasses and alcohol. You will store all your drinks on that cabinet, and when you feel drinking take the type you want and relax in your home without disturbance from other people. Bar chairs are black and comfortable to sit on when you are in your home drinking.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: PB Built

9. Family living room bar design

If you have a spacious room in your house, you will need to consider this type of bar idea. First, decorate your living room the same as the bar area with the same color. The L shape sofa, which is similar to that of woods, makes the living room attractive. The ceiling roof is designed with the woods and painted with a white color similar to the wall. This bar is separated from the main living room woods, giving a nice homey feeling. The bar ceiling is decorated with nice bulbs, and there is a chair for you to sit on them. The corner of the room is where you can design your bar without having issues with other people. This bar is big, and you can invite your friends to make a party inside your room bar.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar

10. Contemporary classic living room bar with natural light

If you have a space for your living room and need a modern professional bar, you need to as your designer to create something attractive like this one. The matching of the color inside the room is beautiful, and you will love it. In addition, your ceiling design plays a significant role in house decoration. The spacing left for this bar decoration is large, and you use it with your friends. The shelve is made perfectly with white woods, and there is a fridge to put in your drinks. The stools for the bar are made of metal and are comfortable to sit on. The bulbs used for the decoration of the bar make the bright, and your room looks beautiful with a bar inside.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Design West

11. Go for basic living room interior

If your living room does not have enough space but you still need one in your room, you can try this idea. A bar cabinet can be placed anywhere in your room and decorated to match the living room. Painting your cabinet with white is another essential idea for you to try. It is designed inside the cabinet with bulbs that make it look brighter. Roofing has decoration of the bulbs which make your bar idea fantastic.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: Prime Renovations

12. White and large living room bar idea

When you are thinking of the home idea, this could be the best option for you to try out. However, if you are looking for bar ideas that stand out with royal white and orange, you will need to get an exact designer like this one. The carpet floor is grey and its sofa L shape which you can relax on when you want. The room is big, and you can separate the bar area from the main setting with woods and a cabinet. The bar chairs are white. There is a tv mounted on the wall for watching as you drink your alcohol.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas with Bar
Credit: MJ Home Development


If you are looking for a living room bar idea, this post has explained it well, and you can pick the best idea according to your budget. Your living room is supposed to look attractive, so when choosing the living room idea, you might need to match both of them to make the living room beautiful.