11 Beautiful Small Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Are you reading this post because you are looking for small living room ideas? Then we got you covered here. We spent more than 5 hours researching the best home ideas in this article. I hope at the end of this post you will like those ideas. You first have to look for the space before planning how to arrange your house. Making a good display for your living room plays an important role, and you have to find out how to arrange your furniture. You have been struggling all those years with how to make your small living room look beautiful. We have explained to you all those ideas below.

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Big?

You might need to increase your small living room into a big one if you follow the right path. It happens you want to buy something big like 60 niche tv, but you don’t have space. Actual to decorate your small living room to become large is something you can do like the middle one. The challenge is how to arrange it well. Here are some minor mistakes maybe you are making; let us check them, and you avoid them.

Things You to Avoid in Small Living Room

  • Bulk furniture
  • Bad layout
  • Huge center table

Here are the best small modern living room design ideas you can consider.

1. Luxury living room with white

You can add small chairs to your room that are comfortable to sit on. Arranging furniture in a proper way like this makes your living room beautiful. You can paint your wall with white color and tv cabinet that fits on the space provided. Mounting tv on the way can create space for you to keep other things on the cabinet. Adding pictures on the way is one way of decorating your living room. To balance your living room with the white, ensure a white carpet.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Basicwild

2. Nice looking wall unit with fridge

Having a small space does not mean you cannot buy oversized items like tv or anything you want. It’s possible to arrange your room correctly. You can decorate one side of the room with wallpaper like this one using different colors. The sofa is designed well to fit the space provided and put next to the wall. The carpet on the floor has a mix of colors that resembles wallpaper. Ensure it fits well in the sitting area and place it on a large coffee table. Behind the sofa, there is the kitchen and a fridge that can serve you.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: RemixLiving

3. Choose beautiful wallpaper and floor lamp

There is a variety of wallpaper you can use to make your living room super beautiful. Your room will look attractive with natural light, and you have to design the room with big windows made of glasses. There is a wall cabinet designed for tv and brown. When adding carpet on the wood floor, make sure the color matches your room. A round coffee table on the floor is decisive for the small living room. Brown sofa is comfortable for you to sit on it when viewing inside the room.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Cantoni

4. Choose a dark living room

Colour is one of the most significant factors you will need to consider for the small living room. You don’t have to fill your room with so much unimportant equipment to you. Applying the same color to your living room and sofa makes it beautiful inside. You can look for a small carpet the same size as your coffee table that can fit perfectly. Use a glass door and have a curtain on it. The ceiling decoration also plays an integral part in house decorations.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Stocki Design LLC

5. Modern living room with glass coffee table

Constructing your ceiling and painting the same color with the wall make your living room high possible. Big windows on the wall allow in natural light, and you don’t have to worry about switching your lights on in day time. The kitchen space is small but well arranged with shelves on the wall to store some cooking utensils. All are designed in the corner. The sitting area has a beautiful sofa that is medium in size and can fit into your living room. If you have a small space, the solution is to arrange your room well for the essential household things you have.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Drewett Works

6. Use of picture with red color

Most of the apartments, when you arrange them correctly, you will not realize it was a small room. Additionally, the wood on your wall can add beautifulness to your living room. There is a big picture on the wall for New York City. Another thing you will have to look for is a medium sofa that can fit a maximum of three people to save space. Red curtains and cloth are used to decorate your living room—natural light in the room results from the open window made of glasses.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Houzz

7. Choose the blue color on sofa and brown

The living room with the blue sofa is essential for your living room. There is a floor lamp that is used to bring light inside your room. Inside, the room looks decorated and painted with white color. The roof does not have a ceiling, but bulbs are arranged clearly in the room. Its carpet has a mix of colors, and the coffee table is that of glasses. A small window is designed on the corner to bring light inside your living room. A small chair is used for you to relax on it. Another thing there is a tree flower that brings fresh air into the room.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: P H Designs

8. Dark living room interior

The interior of the living room is designed simple compared to any other living room. The wall is painted white and has some pictures. Additional of the carpet makes the room beautiful. There is dark light because this design does not have big windows. Green flowers are a result of decorating inside the room.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Sklar Studios

9. Use Stands to store your items

With a small living room, you can decorate it to look more beautiful as you want. The use of the zebra hide makes the living room beautiful, and that is why you will have to design your floor. The wall you can paint with white color is another advantage for you because it increases lightness in your room. Additional of the stands on the wall helps you store your items inside. A small, medium sofa can hold at least two people. You need to avoid so much furniture in your house and many other things.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Kriste Michelini Interiors

10. Use of yellow color

The orange color in the living room makes it appear attractive. In this room, the wall and floor have the same color; it looks small, but the decoration inside makes it beautiful. The blue sofa matches the color inside the living room. There is a standard fireplace on the wall, and above it is a big picture. The green tree is used to decorate a living room, but there is a musical instrument in the room together with other things making your small living room look beautiful.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: Lauren M. Levine Interiors

11. Lighting up the room with natural light

Natural light in your living room makes the display of your entire room pleasant. You can use simple chairs inside black, which is the same as the sofa. Replacement is placed in the front of your living room, and there are some pictures on the house wall. The other side of the wall is transparent. You can easily see what is happening outside your living room.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas
Credit: CIRCLE Design Studio


If you are looking for a small living room idea, this article has explained everything you need to know above. Those ideas can help you develop some of the best room decorations among many others in your modern home.