11 Art Themed Nursery Decor For Boys

Every parent worries throughout their life about their children and making the right decision for them. The worries are never-ending and honestly, it is a cycle. However, what we can do is to take one sector of the worry away from you; that is the tiring process of choosing the theme and style for your baby boy’s first nursery room. Every first thing matters and the first room where the baby would spend his initial years is the best. It is here that the boys dream big and it is in this room where faith is born. So, there is an array of beautiful decor themes for the nursery room, like the modern theme, the Mid-century one, our favorite Victorian-style interior decor, or even the classy Scandinavian style, the list goes on forever. One of the classiest and most common sub-theme is the Art themed one. The room idea with an art theme is for the baby boy who loves his room to be inspired by his favorite singer, pattern, animal, or anything that captivates his soul. From crazy barn animals to colorful splashes to sailor or pirate themes, every art style is unique with a sense of baby element for your little guy. Let us now directly jump into the various nursery room ideas with art-themed for your baby boy!

1. Bohemian Love Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (1)

This room is a perfect fit for the little guy who loves being surrounded by nature. Nature is a mystery to a child and they are always in awe of it. Your baby boy will love this modern theme nursery room that has his favorite art smeared in every corner of the room. The room brings out the classic modern design of the room through the wooden style of chandelier that gives an industrial effect along with the use of a silver fuzzy rug that denotes the soft domestic element. The beautiful floor lamp adds to the modern nature of the room. The wall of the crib is filled with the art of gorgeous fresh green leaves that bring out the baby boy’s love for the Bohemian look. The color combination of silver and leaf green is a classic bohemian color as well as a typical modern combination. The use of steel gold rims and leaf green furniture add to the Bohemian look of the room. The wooden furniture and wall hangings are a bonus indeed!

2. By the Lake Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (2)

This room is best suitable for the little guy who loves to sit by the lake and admire the beauty. One of the most beautiful elements in this transitional nursery room is the beautiful transition between the luxurious Victorian style and the minimalist modern style. The crystal chandelier on the ceiling is a typical Victorian element whereas the white seating sofa in front of the crib is classic modern style furniture and the mix of both brings out the perfect transitional effect in this beautiful room. The wallpaper of the blue lake on the wall of the crib showcases the art of the room. The tapering ceiling is another art in architecture that we all love! The circular mirror with defined edges brings out the classiness in this room. The neutral shades add to the transitional glow in this art-themed nursery room.

3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (3)

As a kid who did not like watching Mickey Mouse? We all rooted for Donald Duck- Daisy and Mickey Mouse- Minnie more than any other couple. If your baby boy likes watching that show as well as enjoys the peaceful beach view, then this gorgeous coastal nursery room decor will be his favorite! The room has sand yellow walls and a beautiful clear beach sky-colored ceiling. The entire room screams beachside love. What makes the room perfect for a baby guy’s nursery is the Mickey Mouse-themed mat on the soft flooring and the same themed throw in the crib. The large windows make the room airier and thus perfect for the baby to spend hours in the room.

4. Into the Woods Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (4)

Your baby loves the woods and is curious about the various animals in the woods. The little guy will absolutely love to spend his time surrounded by the idea of being in the woods. This nursery has an eclectic theme that induces colorful play with neutral and dull shades. The gray, white, and black shades have done a wonderful job in bringing the eclectic nature of the room. The gray furniture and the white crib have finer lines that create the perfect ambiance for being in the mysterious woods. The mix of textiles also a great role in adding charm to this room. 

5. Minimalist Art Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (5)

Art can mean several things to several people. It is a matter of developing a perspective that is different for each individual. This is a Scandinavian design inspired. The wooden floor white walls give a clear indication of building a typical Scandinavian-style nursery room where the kid will appreciate the minimalist art of the same. The cozy little nursery room helps build a warm ambiance in the room, something that the baby appreciates. The beautiful picture on the wall of the crib depicts art in the purest form.

6. Fly little Birds Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (6)

This transitional nursery room is a blessing to the eyes of the little guy who loves to be surrounded by little birds. If your baby loves to bird-watch and has a little something for the birds, then this is his dream nursery room. Otherwise painted with peach, the wall of the crib is painted with clouds and little birds flying high up the sky. The use of finer lines and skilled edges bring out the transitional effect in this room. The beautiful white wall mirror is an art itself along with several other little features in this colorful and bright happy nursery room. 

7. Blue Elements Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (7)

Every room speaks some sort of language of art to the baby. In this case, the room speaks words of blue. The room is smeared with shades of blue everywhere. The walls have a patterned wallpaper that brings out the transitional nature of the room. Other than that, our favorite element is the beautiful chandelier hanging from one of the corners of the room that emits rays of warmth in the room. The dark wooden floor and the blue jute pouf add to the art of the room. The dark-shaded furniture adds glory to the artfully beautiful nursery room. The pictures on the wall seem to add to the charm of this blue art nursery room. 

8. Seaside Fun Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (8)

The little guy will love it here in this beach-style theme nursery room. The room is painted sea blue or a medium shade of oceanic blue. Several beach elements aptly justify the nature of the room. The large windows with blue blinds add extra space to the room by promoting airiness in the same. The little sea elements like the animals on the wall or the green pillows and sofa chair sets are among our favorites. Speaking of art, what better way to express the fun nature of the beachside than with colorful pictures, soft toys, and plushies. To add to the extravaganza, we have seaside theme furniture and we assure you would go gaga over them!

9. Flight Evolution Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (9)

We bet each of you would agree that the term evolution doesn’t go with the theme of a nursery room for a baby boy. But what if we argued and said that this room is all about having fun with flying and learning about the steady evolution of flying methods. From the early airplane models to the coolest hot air balloons, nothing seems impossible to your little pilot! If your baby appreciates the art of flying, this room is sure to enhance this enthusiasm and make him fall in love with the world of flight. The walls of the room have a traditional style of painting the various models. Overall this room is a traditional nursery room that has large windows to facilitate air passing as well as make the baby come in contact with the sky. The room has sleek furniture that adds to the traditional look of the room.

10. Modern Aspect Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (10)

This room has a typical modern outlook with a minimalist approach to the understanding of art. The otherwise cream palette room has a large painting in shades of blue that bring out the true art in the room. The idea of setting white and wooden furniture adds to the modern aspect of the room. Overall this room is suitable for the little guy who likes it simple yet classy.

11. All Things Fuzzy Nursery Room

Art-Themed Nursery Room Decor For Boys (11)

This room is perfect for the little sensitive guy who loves to be surrounded by soft and fuzzy things. Starting right from the comfortable and soft bedding to the extremely fuzzy carpet, your angel will remain warm and cozy in this cream-shaded room forever. The little colorful hanging on the wall of the crib is one of our favorites. Other than that, the pictures and the floor lamp add to the contemporary art of the nursery room.